Sex in the gym

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So when I was 17 I caught my girlfriend having sex with my sister I didn’t know what was more shocking that my gf was having sex with another girl or that the girl was my sister anyway they got very angry and told me to leave the next day at school there was a new gym teacher she was only 20 and very hot the moment I saw her I knew what I would do after class I volunteered to help pack up and whilst doing so I set up cameras around the room when we were finished I asked her if she had a boyfriend she said no and seemed quite embarrassed I then asked if she liked me which made her blush bit she still said yes so then I kissed her she was shocked at first but started kissing me back I grabbed at her ass and she stopped she didn’t want to get caught with a student I told her no one would ever now so she started to take off my shorts I helped her with her own and she then started to suck my cock I lay on my back and spun her around so I could eat her pussy about 5 minutes and a lot of moaning later she told me she was close I kept licking her pussy and nibbling on her clit and she squirted in my mouth after that all she could do is apologize for cumming all over my face I swallowed and told her it was fine and that I really liked it the next day I showed my now ex girlfriend what I had filmed she was really angry and told me she never wanted to see me again which would be hard as we had a lot of classes together but I had a feeling that I would be taking a lot of gym class. I hope u enjoyed this story pls be kind as it is my first I’m a 15 year old guy and I love reading these kinds of stories

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  • Reply The 15yr old ID:5tz7a6yd4

    Hey guys and girls I’ve written a pt2 which should be out soon hope u enjoy them ?

  • Reply The 15yr old ID:5tz7a6yd4

    Thx Bea

  • Reply Bea. ID:30rzguer40

    Mm very hot!!

  • Reply The 15yr old ID:5tz7a6yd4

    Thanks for your comment dirty old man I’ll take that into consideration next time

  • Reply The 15yr old ID:5tz7a6yd4

    Hey i hope u like it if u have anything you want to talk to me about my email is [email protected] have fun

  • Reply Dirty Old Man. ID:15ey28gh20c

    You should have gotten naked and fucked your sister and your girl friend.