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Use me, Share me, Fuck me

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I just turned 19 in March of 2018 and I’ve been married since I was seventeen and I’ve been fucking since I was 12 and just about to turn Thirteen. My real name is Amber, and I have the same kind of body type as Amber Blank, so since she and I have the same name and she’s my biggest sexual influence, I decided to use the pseudonym Amber Blanc, with a C, not with a K. I am petite yet full bodied and perfectly proportional, I am only five feet two inches tall, with one dimple on my right cheek, a dimpled chin, and a slightly upturned nose with a slight dimpled slit in the middle peak of it. I am a straight haired blondie, with crystal blue eyes like a Husky. My breasts are actually perfectly round and small, I AM NOT FLAT CHESTED AT ALL, I have a full bubble butt.
That’s my physical preview, and now my personal preview. I’m a whore, I loved watching porn with my cousin Brett, his best friend Freddy, my brother Gregg and his boss who is also his best friend Brandon. I’ve always written, especially in my diary and journal, and have always done well, actually very well in school, but I’ve changed schools 4 times since the seventh grade because of my trouble in school with other girls calling me a whore or boys who couldn’t keep there mouths shut after fucking me, so yeah tons and tons of issues
I love men, and love that guys want to fuck me as soon as they see me. I’m the kind of girl that is very flattered by men whistling and making sexual references toward me. It makes me feel sexy to be approached, where all the attention is focused on me which makes me want to reciprocate the affection back to the men showering me with all their attention. After a week of watching porn with my brother, he and I would rub my ass on his cock as he grabbed my small hips and forceably ground me to an orgasm while he came in his shorts, we started to do that for a month until I agreed to do whatever I saw girls do in the movies. It started with grinding, they all took turns with me, either sitting down on the couch, bent over the sink, bent over the couch, then it led to 2 or 3 weeks of all day blowjobs and swallowing pints of cum, even drinking cum by the shot glass full around 8 to twelve shot glasses. Three weeks before my Thirteenth birthday I was getting butt fucked everyday all day, seven days a week, by four young men intermittently throughout the day, especially by my big brother and my cousin because they both lived at home, with my cousin who lived in the basement, and my brother and I shared a bedroom so we fucked without restriction and our room was outside above the garage which was turned into a shed because our parents parked their cars outside.
My brothers best friend who is also his boss, tried to secretly manipulate me, and I fell for it because I was frightened, so I fucked him and his buddies and lied to my parents that I signed up for a 6 month indoor trampolining class. There was no class, I was just being fucked by Brandon, who was 20 years old and his four buddies who were all older than him, the oldest was 26, and he was a manager at the Marriott. No condoms, just pure raw cock, and being used and borrowed and loaned, I had a great time until Brandon got jealous that I let his uncle fuck me on the side, he was gorgeous and he still fucks me from time to time, his name is Mr. Dennis. So Brandon beat me during sex, I liked it but he gave me a black eye and it hurt a lot, my brother asked about it, I lied, but the following week Brandon beat me again and I told my brother the truth and he almost killed Brandon, which ended their friendship, and Brandon went to jail for 3 months and Brandon had to stay away from me by law. So for the next three months while my brother was in jail, my cousin and his friend made sure to be home everyday, all day and I would be traded, shared and double teamed in every position imaginable, and it was a lot easier to get fucked downstairs in the basement because it’s sound proof and very private. We even had orgies with Brandon’s friends, not with Brandon though, my cousins friends and his best friends, friends. By the time I was thirteen and a half I had been fucked by 31 guys regularly, and was fucking my Brother, Cousin and his best friend daily.
My neighbor got married to a beautiful woman, who was a single mom, and her son Steve, who I would later marry, and who quickly became my secret boyfriend, when I saw him I instantly became wet. He was 17 years old and from Brooklyn NY, and was the coolest kid in town, and was and still is the most attractive man I’ve ever known. I tried everything I could to seduce him, but he still had a girlfriend in NY and remained loyal to her, but for only a month, until he couldn’t turn down all the pussy being thrown at him, from adult women and high school girls, he fucked them all, even my mother, he fucked my mother every time my dad left for his trips to repair medical equipment in all parts of the country. She would sneak him in, and I would go to the bedroom door to listen in on them. He stopped fucking my mom when she got pregnant, and the guilt was killing her. I would make sure to wear skimpy panties and low-cut tops, and fake talk on the cell phone about me fucking my cousin and brother. He took the bait, so by the time my brother came out of jail, I was really close to getting Steve to fuck me or at least to get him interested in me. My brother had access to my pussy, ass and mouth 24/7…we fucked like lovers, even till this day. I felt loved and protected especially that he fucked up his best friend to defend me was so sexy that I had to reward him, by being the biggest whore he would ever know or want. My brother and I became more like girlfriend and boyfriend and he taught me to be shared and to want to be shared, and that’s what I love even till this day. My brother took control of who could fuck me, and we started sleeping in the same bed together all the time, just like husband and wife, there are some nights that he would send me to fuck my cousin and to spend the night with him, I loved it, I loved him taking control, I love the weight of a man between my legs. Anyway, after being shared in an 8 guy orgy, my brother had developed a friendship with Steve, so I showed off for him to see me in all my sexual whorish glory, I would eventually admit to my brother that I had a real attraction to Steve and wanted him as a boyfriend, my brother was happy, agreed and began to scheme a way to get Steve to fuck me and date me, so I dressed in a specific way, I behaved in a specific way, I learned to cook Italian food and learned to clean properly, to stop hanging out with guys, dressed in dresses, skimpy shorts, and gym tights. I got my hair done, got a job, and started behaving more maturely, because my brother said that Steve was very mature for a Seventeen year old and wanted to go back to NY as soon as he graduated, so I developed more of a NY maturity and it worked, even-though I was almost 14, he started rubbing his cock on my ass, just like my brother used to do during our porn movie sessions. Steve and I were fucking secretly, because he was concerned about getting in trouble because I was underage, but he didn’t know that in the state that we lived in, it was legal for me to get married and I could have sex, lots and lots of sex. Steve was shocked, he researched it and as soon as he was comfortable with the truth, he started fucking me regularly, and asked my parents if he could date me, but we had already been fucking for months with my brothers blessing, he dated me, we traveled to NY and back, went to the movies, we just did everything together so my parents and actually all of my relatives could see that he was serious about me. Steve asked me to marry him and I said yes, this was on my 15th birthday, he asked my brother and he was thrilled and gave his blessing, he then asked my parents and they reluctantly said, “Yes, but you have to take care of her financially.” He agreed and made sure to let my parents know that his love for me was not about sex, but about my maturity, kindness and loving personality and they fell for it, because in reality, this man was ass fucking me with his huge Italian cock every fucking day, and was sharing me with my brother and cousin as much as he could. My father loved him and my mother hated him, and wanted him to herself, and she resented me for a long time, so when he asked my father if they could live together when we got married my father said, “Sure, just take care of my baby girl.” He agreed, he graduated and started working at the bank and building websites for a company in town, but was able to work from home, so we moved into a rented house just outside of town and he drove me to high school everyday and to help with my relationship with my mom, I told him that if he wanted to fuck my mother, he could, but not to let her think that he’s cheating on me. My mother had his child and my father thinks it’s his, and Steve fucks my mother from time to time, whenever he’s available, she has feelings for him, but I’ll write about that another time. Our agreement to our marriage was for me to always be a whore in bed and a lady outside, to be a nurturing woman and to never turn him down for sex and to always be a shared-wife.
I have been a used wife for 5 years straight, meaning my husband, and brothers friends can use me at will, I am a shared wife meaning that my husband shares me, in front of his friends, within their presence, in orgy fashion at his choosing, not theirs, and I am also a part time whore wife or Hotwife since my husband and I have agreed that anytime I get the urge I can fuck who ever I want, but I have to limit the urge to less than 10 times a month, which means I can cheat on Steve with anyone, without him being upset or wanting to divorce me. My high school had a school day closing due to an electrical fire in our old gym, which spread to the lunch room, which is all apart of the older side of the school. I got a ride from Mr. Dennis, if you remember he is Brandon’s uncle, and Brandon was my brother Gregg’s best friend, until he raped me, which I don’t consider rape, and my brother nearly killed him. Mr. Dennis saw me walking to the but stop, and offered me a ride, I quickly said, “yes, of coarse,” and we headed off. We spoke of everything but sex, he me about school, and my marriage and my family, it was very cordial and lighthearted, I jumped out of the truck as pulled up to the side of the road and let me out, I tongue kissed him goodbye and he was in shock, but as soon as I ran to the house I heard my mothers voice, my husbands voice so I quickly looked up at the kitchen window to see him fucking her, I stood there and watched while standing on the wrap around porch, when a hand touched me on my shoulder and a voice said, “I’m sorry, is your husband cheating on you, with your mother?” I quickly turned to see that Mr. Dennis never left, and he handed me my purse, which I left in the car because I was in such a hurry to spend time with my husband, that I simple left it behind. I thanked him and said, “no, I asked him to fuck my mother, actually my step mother, because she’s in love with him, had a baby with him and was fucking him before he was with me, also it made my relationship with her better because she was jealous of me, I just didn’t think it would hurt so much seeing him fuck her, I hate it, you know what I mean?” I really was hurt, I heard my husband compliment her, stating “your pussy is so much better than your daughters Mrs. Alder,” call me mommy, she said. “that little whore is not my daughter, now please, put another baby in me with all that cum, I love cucking my husband for you.” Steve kept complimenting her skills, and he was right, she was incredibly skillful, so although I was seething with anger, I studied every move, I instinctively placed my hand on Mr. Dennis’s shoulder and lowered him down to my pantiless pussy, and never looked at him once, I just stared and studied my husband and step mom fucking, it was the most heart breaking, yet sexually satisfying feeling I ever had, at that time. My step mom fucked my husband like she was an artist, painting the Mona Lisa. I vowed to fuck like that, to make every man I fuck feel like I was in love with him, to make every time memorable, but I would do it with the talent of a whore, I would be a NINJA WHORE, I joked to myself.
“Am I better in every way than Amber?” “yes, you are, when I fuck her I think of you.” “Do you love me and want me more than her?” “of coarse I do, you know that, I’ve always told you that, but your a married woman and I didn’t want to break up a marriage, that’s why I’m so glad that Amber agreed that I should still fuck you, because now I don’t have to cheat on her.” That broke my heart, and for a split second I thought of divorcing him, but I knew I still loved him, I was just truly dissappointed in the both of them, especially him, and I wouldn’t want my dad to find out the truth, so I held it in, and continued to enjoy the heart wrenching show, as she grabbed his cock and shoved it in her ass with one consistent move, it was artistry, how she looked at him seductively, enticingly, and with swaying movements like she was partially dancing or better yet, grinding, on a stripper pole. I was like watching the perfect porn star, but it was my step mom! I wondered, “is this the kind of sex daddy was getting,” and the answer was, no, because I saw them fucking a few times and just like most of us women, she just laid there getting fucked.
Well, I made a promise to myself immediately, that I will practice artistry when I fuck, and that’s exactly what I did. I called Mr. Dennis “Daddy”, I told him to eat his daughters pussy, and gave him deep eye contact, with every word coming from my mouth, as much as my step mom told Steve to call her mommy. Every move, every position, every word coming from her mouth, I copied and made it dirtier, sluttier, nastier, but I never broke eye contact with my, Mr. Dennis, “my daddy!” Steve kept complimenting my step mom with every word that came from her mouth, that asshole had never stopped fucking her, no wonder my mother was jealous of me, he was fucking mother and daughter simultaneously, fucking asshole! I vowed to the be the best lover, but also to open up my feelings to other men. They moved to the stairs, he ate her pussy and she squirted in his mouth and he drank it like he was dying of thirst, I was floored and hurt, so fucking hurt! I looked back over and saw her giving him the most amazing blowjob I’d ever seen, It was like watching real live porn, really! They went upstairs, to my bedroom and fucked for another 4 hours, until he told her that he had to drop her home and then go to pick me up from school. Mr. Dennis and I ran out of the house and he brought me back to school. I told Mr. Dennis, that I wanted to fuck him whenever he needed me, and he gave me a passionate kiss goodbye, and I knew he felt my pain. I waited for my husband to pick me up and he was a half hour late. He was apologetic, we barely spoke as he hummed a tune and stroked the back of my head with his right hand. I loathed his touch, but said nothing, he would later tell me how much he loves me, I said nothing and gave him a half smile and jumped to another topic of conversation, where my need to fuck this guy I saw, that I needed to see if he would fuck me. He said, “okay, where do you want me to drop you, baby?” We went home, and I told him that I would call a classmate that knows him, and I would talk to him first. I lied, but I didn’t want my husband’s cock in me, so I acted like I was going to meet the new man, and my husband gave me a kiss goodbye and said for me to be safe. I wanted to kick him in the balls, but I moved my head and he asked if something was wrong, I didn’t answer, except to say that “I’ve been thinking about fucking him for months, and I’m a little nervous because I don’t want to be rejected.” I left quickly and did nothing but walk around town in areas I knew he wouldn’t be in, just in case he decided to follow me. While walking Steve called me and said his little brother is coming to visit us and he’s gonna put him in the spare room in the basement, I agreed, then hung up quickly as Mr. Dennis pulled up, jumped out of his truck, hugged me then picked me up, turned me around and lifted me onto his cock by stuffing his cock up my ass with full force as he walked me into the truck with me sitting on his lap with his huge dick, stuck up my butt. “Daddy” fucked my ass while driving, and we fucked all night at his office, which is in the municipal building at the end of my block. Mr. Dennis and I spoke for hours after our wonderful fucking and he gave me a few great Ideas.
I called Steve and told him that I would be coming home Saturday afternoon, he said, “great, honey,” and I picked up one of Mr. Dennis’s binoculars to see him making a phone call in the bedroom. I knew who he was calling, so I called my step mother and asked her to bring over some of my clothes and Steve would receive them for me because I wouldn’t be there until tomorrow afternoon. My mother arrived in twenty minutes, put my clothes upstairs and started fucking my husband almost immediately. I called my father and asked for her and he said she went to drop my clothes off to me and was going to stay the night at her bff’s. Lying bitch, I was going to get them, and I would bide my time. I saw them fucking in my bedroom all night from the municipal building office and was fuming. In the meantime Dennis and I made love like a married couple, with lots of kissing and caressing. He became my test subject to becoming the best lover I could be, so I drank his cum, stared lovingly into his eyes, gave him my ass, pussy and breasts for his pleasure. I would stroke his cock every chance I got, just the way he liked it, and took his cum directly in my eyes or slowly onto my tongue. We practiced for a month and I learned to entice, seduce and control. I seduced a few members of Dennis’s family and let them fuck me as often as possible, they all fell in love with me along with Dennis too. I even started letting Brandon fuck me again, but I decided to stop because of my brother going to jail for defending me against him. I became a force of will and I loved it, but during this time Steve’s brother Tony, which is really his half brother came to visit again, and WOW!
He was gorgeous, an Italian and black mix, fucking beautiful, he left at five feet, eleven inches and returned to visit his brother, at 6’ 4” and muscular, he’d joined the football team, and worked out as a full back. He was an ADONIS, a real live Adonis, holy shit, I’d never known a human being could be that beautiful. Well, I’ll write about how I seduced him in another story, but I fucking seduced him. He and my husband share the same father, and his father remarried a black woman and they produced Tony. Tony and I are the same age, and I seduced him at our summer barbecue in his room in the basement, I was his first and I showed him everything he would ever need to know. Remember my cousins best friend, Freddy, well he and I were reminiscing about the past and he gave me a kiss, as a thank you, I stuffed my hand down his pants, stroked his cock and told him that I missed those days and wanted to start up again, but this time I wanted him to be my boyfriend, because I missed him so much and I would cheat on my husband with him. Freddy, stammered and agreed, then he tenderly kissed me, and that’s when I saw Tony staring at us through the garage door. I pulled my hands from Freddy’s pants and broke our kiss, then told him to wait 5 minutes before coming out, I caught up with Tony and we spoke in his room, and I told him everything, he apologized for his brother but also chastized me for being a whore, and that it was also my fault, I liked his honesty and didn’t take offense to it.
Tony pushed me up against the wall and lifted me above his head, I spread my legs and he ate my pussy like a hungry cat, it was terrible, but I would teach him. Freddy walked in on us, unexpectantly, and Tony was embarrased then put me down. I motioned for Freddy to come over and fuck me while Tony watched. Freddy and I fucked every day for the next three months as Freddy watched and learned. College classes would start in September, so Tony would later fuck me from July until the day he left to go back to NY. Freddy would also leave to go to NY and work for Tishman Construction Company in Manhattan. When I had sex with them, I realized how much of a better lover I had truly become, I had learned to act sexy, to properly grind, to look deeply into the eyes of my lovers, showing how much I cared for them, caressing them during sex, wearing the right outfits at the right time, or wearing no outfit at all, being a whore with one lover, but being a skank or a slut with another and letting them use me as a prostitute and pay, versus being a whore and letting everyone get a turn for free. I mastered the art of being coy, shy, bold, aggressive, sexy, slutty and even cheap. I would push my breasts up to their chests, or slightly let a man brush against my breasts or ass, while passing through a tight space, I gave eye contact, slowly, shyly, with piercing stare, or with multiple stares, like I didn’t want to get caught, but yet wanted the man to see that I was interested or curious in him, I mastered the art of flirtation, with bending down to pick up something while wearing the perfect length skirt or dress that would show, either too much, just enough or not enough, depending on the guy I wanted to entice and finally I perfected the art of talking dirty, where I was being fucked by Daddy, Uncle, brother, cousins, Grandpa, friends, friends of friends, then I progressed to girls, girlfriends, dogs, horses, shemales, rape, Animation, fantasizing, role play, prostitution, wife sharing, girlfriend sharing, Hot-wifing. I did it all, and I was excellent at it.
Tony and I developed a one way love affair over the summer, he loved me and still does, my husband doesn’t know. I fucked every man in town, that wanted me, I was used and taken as many orgies as I could fantasize about, and everyone kept quiet because they didn’t want to ruin a good thing, and neither did I. Dennis and I ended our affair a week before leaving for Yonkers, NY. I made love to him, alone for the entire weekend, as I told my husband I would be with my girlfriend for our going away party, he bought it, so I was truly making love with Dennis and I swallowed all he had to give, he never came inside me once for the weekend, not even in my ass, and he didn’t want to rape role play, we just fucked and talked until early Monday morning. I thanked him for teaching me everything and that I’d really grown to love him in a special way, and that whenever he needs me, to just call and I would always make myself available to him in every way. Nevertheless, Tony had to live with us, and still does because we save money on the mortgage and he saves money living outside of Manhattan while attending New York University. I get fucked everyday, except when my cycle arrives. Dennis also taught me about that too, I never talk about it with my men, I never say that I have to pee or number two, I just excuse myself, I really learned to be a lady as-well-as a sexually advanced lady with the many lovers in my life because of him.
Anyway, Tony and I have been making money in private chat rooms and private online cam shows, where I invite all my lovers back home to pay and view, while I live out there sexual fantasies one by one. Tony is the jealous type and never wants to share me, and when Steve goes back to spend time with his mother, which is usually from two weeks to a month, then Tony has me all to himself and fucks me silly, as he sleeps in his brothers bed and fucks his brothers wife. I already know why my husband spends so much time back home with his mother, it’s because he’s really fucking my mother, they go away together as lovers. I’ve called my father, to speak to my step mother and he tells me that she’s gone on a girls trip with her friends for two weeks, or three weeks or a month, and it’s always at the same time that my husband is gone, so I’m still upset, but I get to fuck his brother, my brother in law as often as he can. I’ll elaborate more about my affairs in other stories, but for now, I’m just having fun while still nursing a broken heart.

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