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Sext Ed

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I got his number off the restroom door, and typed in the number. #TryBi #UnderAge #Porn

I hit Call and Save by accident with my thumb, but he picked up right away. “Hello?”

“Oh, uh. I’m supposed to text.”

“Who’s this?” I hung up, blushing, and switched to MSG, but he had a really deep voice. [What RU Wearing?] I read that off the door to the stall, too.

[Who did U get this number from?]

[I found it, in the girl’s restroom. The handicap stall all the way on the end.]

[Girl’s room where?]

[At school.] Junior high.

[How old RU?
Don’t lie, I know you probably can’t wait to be older.]

[12.] He must talk to a lot of tween, and young teen girls, if he knows that. [But I’m really developed, and I’m already wearing real bras.] I almost said 13, before he sent that.

[What size?]

[28A] I held the phone out sideways, and tilted it down. So, my face wasn’t in the picture, but I had to reach back, and pull my top tight. Even then, the way I had my arms, you could barely see any curve out one side, but I took it, and sent it anyway.

[No pictures. I have to tell you that anything that suggestive is technically child porn. I know you’re not a child, and you’re almost a teenager, but the law doesn’t see it that way.]

[Oh, does that mean you’re not going to send me any dick pics?]

He sent a picture of his crotch, with his tight jeans still zipped up, but you could still see the big bulge underneath the fly.

[I’m 18, so it’s legal for me, but if you get caught with these pictures, you can’t tell anyone where you got them. Deal?]

[Deal, but only if you unzip your pants, and pull it out.] “Huh!”

He did even more than that, and he must’ve already got started while I was typing, because in the next one, he had his pants open. Holding his shirt up to show me his tight tanned abs, and even his hairy balls hanging out the bottom.

[U like what UC?]

[Yeah, I’m getting all hot, and wet, just looking at it. Now stroke it, and show me a picture of it in your hand.]

He sent 2, one at the bottom, and the other one all the way at the top, so I could switch back and forth, and hold the phone up. Just imagining him standing up, over me, and jerking off, right in front of my face.

“Uh?” Somebody came in, and I bit my lip. Pulling my feet up just in case she looked under the stall doors, until she tried pulling on it.

“Somebody’s in here.”

“Huh,” she sniffed real loud. “Well, you’re stinking up the whole bathroom. So, does that mean you’re sexting Ed?”

“You can really tell that, all the way out there?”

“Unless there’s another girl lezzing out in there with you, yeah.” I looked around, but the only way another girl could hide in here would be if she got up on the handicap bars on either side. “What’s he wearing?” That would mean spreading her legs, right in front of me, which I regretted thinking about right away.

“Snh?” Am I really stinking enough to smell me all the way out there? “Jeans, and a teeshirt.” I mean, it’s only a couplefew feet, but this is the extra-long stall. So there’s room enough for a wheelchair in here, with the door closed.

“As per usual. Boxers, or briefs?”

“Uh,” I checked, but all I could see was the waistband, tucked under his nuts. “I can’t tell. Uph!” I covered my mouth, because the last photo said [All 8 inches.] Like that’s even close to 8 inches. With his hand around it, I could tell he didn’t have room for both hands, even if he did put down the phone, so that’s not even 9″. What did he say about middle school girls, lying about our ages, because we can’t wait to be older?

“Well,” she called back, “He change his number again?”

“Again?” I looked up, at the dark smudge. Where somebody’d rubbed out the number, it must be dry erase. Because it left a little on the sides, but other then that, it wiped right off.

“Yeah, he uses burn phones. Duh.”

“Oh, smart.” If you’re going to play porn star for middle school girls. “Well, it’s:” [###-####.] And pretend you’ve got a real porn star cock. Because us middle school girls can’t count, dontcha know.

“###-##, ##.” I read it out to her, and she said “Thanks.”

“Uh, can you leave me a little privacy now? He’s busy with me anyway.”

“Uh!” I could practically hear her eyes roll. “Fine.” That already killed the mood, so I pulled up my pants, and underwear, washed my pants, and went out to the hall.

“Finally,” Claire went in, and came right back out, before I was even all the way down the hall. “Hey, Edith. Wait up!”

“Uh!” I held the door, “What is it now?”

“Well, you walking home?”

“No,” I checked the time. “I told mom I had to talk to the teacher after class.” Back in contacts, I scrolled down past [Ed] to [Mom.]

“Well, I can give you a ride.”

“You don’t have a car.”

“No, but my brother does, and he’s coming to pick me up. Come on.” I looked down, to check her shoes, and sure enough it was Claire that walked in on me.

Sexting Ed. “So, you uh. Wait how did you know he uses a burner phone?”

“He told me, when I asked why he’s always changing his number.”

“Must be expensive, getting a new phone every week.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“So, that’s why you had to go back, and check if I gave you the right one?” I shook my head.

“Did you get off?”

“No, not after you walked in.”

“I’m sorry, just bad timing. I didn’t know anybody was in there, because you pulled your legs up.”

“Well, it’s kind of embarrassing.”

“Oh, I know, but it’s a lot safer than letting guys pick you up off the street. You never know what they’ll do if they get their hands on you.” I could imagine, believe me.

“Yeah, and what’s with some guys getting violent?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged, “I guess they don’t want to risk getting caught. So, they get scared, and rid of any witness that might testify against them.”

“Well, that’s dumb.” I counted on one finger, “For one thing, if you want a steady girlfriend, then it’s better if you don’t hurt them, let alone kill them. So then, you have to risk talking to another girl, or kidnapping them. I guess. Oh, and for another thing, there’s no statute of limitations on Murder.”

I nodded, when she turned back around. “Wow, you really thought about this a lot?”

“Sexual predators? Yeah, the better you know them, the better you can avoid meeting them in real life.” Like she said, it’s safer online, but you know the kinds of guys that want to chat with elementary school girls, and send you dick pics. What? I’ve been doing this a couple years, okay?

“Oh, there he is. My brother, I mean. Don’t worry, he’s cool.”

He pulled up, and said “Sorry it took so long.” Loosening his tie. “I had to stay late.” He pulled it off over his head, while we got in the back. “Who’s this?”

He said, in his really deep voice. The exact same way he did over the phone, when I accidentally dialed him, then hung up to sext.

“Oh, this is Edith.”

“Uh,” my phone was still in contacts, so I went back up, and hit [MSG] quick. “I better tell my mom that I got a ride.” She set her bookbag down, while I texted: [Peek a Boo.]

His phone buzzed, and he said: “Hang on a sec.” Pulled his phone out of his jacket to check his messages.

[ICU.] I giggled. “So, what kind of scam is this? You talk your sister into writing your number in the girl’s room to flash them, and how did you change clothes so quick?”

Claire laughed, “He didn’t change clothes. He really was at work. He just recorded those pictures, and that video a long time ago.”

“Oh,” I thought, “So that’s why you had to go back, and erase the message in the restroom. Oh, and also how you knew he used burner phones.”

“Wait, what video?”

Still driving, her brother didn’t look back. He just said “i sent it,” under his breath. Real quiet, but since I got in the back seat first. I scooted all the way over, behind him, so I couldn’t see his face. I still hadn’t really gotten a good look at him, but I still had my phone out. So, I checked.

“Oh,” like 5 minutes ago, “I still have it on vibrate, so it doesn’t ring in class. You must’ve sent it while we’re walking, so I couldn’t feel it.”

“Vibrate?” She giggled.

“You want to see?” I held it out between us, but she turned away, to look out the window.

She took a deep breath, “Huh, I’ve already seen them,” she shook her head. “All.”

I wasn’t a bit surprised that he was jerking it, so hard that the camera shook in his other hand, but then he slowed down, so it steadied, and I could see the cum shoot right up his panting tummy. “Huh! A little too late, but can I keep this?”

“Yeah, of course. He is 18, so it’s legal for him to take them, but you can’t show anybody, or tell them where you got them.”

“I could get pics, and vids like this off the internet.” I saved them, and cleared the chat. “So now what? You going to take me over to your house?”

“Oh, no.” Claire giggled, “We can’t even risk that, but we’ve got a car. So, we can go somewhere else.”

“I don’t know if I should trust you, after you tricked me like that.”

“Don’t worry,” finally, he said something. “i don’t have to be in the car. i can just get out, and watch.”

“Watch what?” Suddenly, I remember something she said earlier. “Us getting lezzy in here?”

“Well, it’s not really lesbian if you’re bisexual.” She didn’t try to touch me, like I expected her to, but you know what? I’m actually pretty interested in sexual predators, on an intellectual level, and the best way to find out more about them is to talk to them. I sure never heard of a brother sister team like this before, but already, I’m starting to think that she’s the one calling the shots?

He’s so nervous, while she’s confident, and does most of the talking. He just drove us out to the highway, but then he turned off of the cloverleaf, before we even got all the way up to the overpass. On the inside, there was a little dirt road that curved in between the trees.

A sign on a fence that said [Department of Transportation] with trucks on the inside.

“What’s this?”

“Oh, it’s just where they store the salt for the roads. When it snows, and they ice up.” He unhooked his seatbelt. “The overpass ices up first, so they can salt it right away, then plow the rest of the loop before they come back.” He got out, and locked the doors, before he shut his.

“Huh, there.” She dug under the seat, “Now he can’t get in, unless we unlock the doors for him when we’re done.”

I looked out, but he was just unbuttoning his cuffs. “Done what? Look, I’m flattered, but I’m not bisexual, at all. Not even a little curious, but is he going to take all his clothes off?”

“Yeah, probably beat off all over the window too. Is that okay?”

“Huh, yeah.” Now, he was up to his collar, and working his way down the buttons.

“Here.” I tore my eyes away from him, long enough to see her holding up a wand.

You know the Hitachi Magic Wand, “Back Massager?” That’s what they sell it for, but really it’s just a big old vibrator.

She laughed, “You ever used a real vibe before, or even your phone on vibrate?”

“No, but.” I took it. It wasn’t a Hitachi, it was the same type of massager, but this one came with a bunch of caps you could stretch on over the head. “Is that a buttplug?”

“Well, you don’t have to use it for that, but it’s also really good for loosening up. You don’t have to take the whole thing, just the tip, or as deep as it’ll go.”

“Huh, okay.” I finally got started on my pants, but she looked up.

“Uph!” She scoffed, and turned away. From her brother, shaking his hips, and slipping his pants down. Over his underwear, boxer-briefs. So, that answered that question, and I felt the door handle. The button for the window. “Uh, can I roll this down?”

“The keys are in the ignition, but first.” She stopped, with her arm between the seats. “What for?”

I blushed, but if I didn’t tell the truth, I wouldn’t get the chance to. “Huh, well I’ve already seen his dick, but I never got to touch one. For real, and maybe suck it? A little.”

“Huh!” She rolled her eyes, “Oh kay, but.” She shook her head, and tried to think of what to ask for, in return.

“I never licked a girl, in between the legs either, but if you let me blow your brother, maybe I’ll give it a try, deal?”

She nodded, and turned the key. So I could roll down the window, and he could stick his dick in.

“Okay, but let me take your shirt off, and feel your tits first.”

“You better fire up that vibe too.” I looked up, and pulled his dick down, cradling his shaved balls in my hand, but that was a mistake.

No wonder he didn’t want to show his face, and he was scared to talk to girls, without his sister’s help. I just shook my head, and closed my eyes. Maybe I could get a paper bag, and poke holes in it so he could see out with it over his face.

I wondered what he got that scar from, but I didn’t ask him until later. It wouldn’t be polite, with my mouth full, of dick. Sure enough, it wasn’t even 8 inches, but long enough to get one hand around it, with the head in my mouth, and even stroke it a little. Pulling his balls back and forth in my hand with the skin bunching up around my lips to kiss me back.

I don’t know when he shaved everything, from the neck down. He had a little face hair, but not enough to cover the scar yet. It looked painful. Not a big surprise, though. Again, not the first guy I had send me dick picks, and when I started talking to them on line, I was even younger. A lot of them like to shave, and want you to shave too, if you have any hair on it. To look younger, because there child molesters, if they ever get their hands on you.

Oh yeah, and his sister’s so gay. Duh, 100% predatory bull dagger, which is what she got out of it. A chance to break out the power tools, and bust my cherry, but I didn’t mind, so much. I even found out that she was hairy, and only shaved her legs from the knee down, so she could wear skirts, and dresses. She sure knew her way around a pussy with her toys, hands, and mouth. I got orgasm after orgasm out of it, so fair deal.

I’m sure there’s a fascinating story behind that, too…


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