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my grandpa raped me

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My horrible experience with my grandfather

When i was a child i was really close to my grandpa, my parents didnt really pay attention to me so i looked gor comfort in him. I even slept in the same room with him, but he never showed any sexual tendencies back then. I remember turning 10 and when i was scrolling through his phone i saw so many porn vids and most of them are fake porn vids. I was innocent, didnt understand what are the people doing and he told me it was porn, and the girls enjoyed being raped. I stupidly think he was right and from then on, he started to send me rape porn vids everyday and made me watch it, and I thought it was all normal.

One day when i was in his room, he locked the door and started taking his pants off, I was so confused anard i asked what is he doing. He told me to come and touch his cock, just like in porn. I stroked his cock and i thought it was all fun and games until he forced his cock inside my mouth. My tiny mouth can barely fit his huge cock and i remember starting to choke and almost threw up. He kept thrusting back and forth until he cums down my throat. I immeadiately threw up because i was disgusted, he slapped me and told me to lick it all up again. I was so scared I cried and refuse to lick it. He got angry and picked my small body up and threw me on the bed. I still had all my clothes on so i desperately try to run away but he was way stronger than me. He pulled down my pants and panties and started to lick my privates. I was crying so hard and screaming but no one was in the house except for me and my grandpa. He inserted his tongue in my hole and i hated myself for liking the feeling of it…

He stopped and i thought we’re done with it but then he lined up his cock to my pussy and pushed in roughly, it hurts so bad and I passed out from the pain. I woke up to him rutting into me while stroking my small nipples and kissing me, i cried and begged for him to stop this game and he went harder and harder until he cummed inside me.

I havent reached puberty so i couldnt get pregnant.. but after he raped me he made me promise him to not let anyone know or he will rape me ever harder next time.
Thankfully he only did this once and now I’m 16, still traumatized and scared of my own grandfather.

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  • Reply Not alone

    I feel sorry for you Alissa 16, i was raped at age 9, i am 42 and even today i let it affect me sometime, the first 1 to know i was raped ws my mom when i was around age 30. I hope you will get beeter and become stronger then me.

  • Reply Samantha

    Way too short!


    The girls on here never answer back there to scared to answer but there not scared to post there stories that’s alot of b.s.

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  • Reply Kimberly

    You know ! He put his nasty dick in your ass when you passed out . That’s what happened to me when i was raped .


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