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How my family made me a cumslut pt 1

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My family have been making me a cumslut since age 11

Hi, my name is chloe im in my mid 20s now but this is how i became a cumslut when i was 11, i lives in a pretty big house with my whole family 2 brothers ryan and jake, and 1 sister sara, my mom and dad, and a maid, hes kinda a dick but he was hot asf, this all started when i was 11 and i had just started masturbating i did it everynight
one morning when everyone was supposed to be gone i decided to masturbate in the living room for once while watching porn on the tv, the houskeeper came in while i was going and he didnt say anything just wipted out his cock and put it in front of my face, it was huge! Mabye 9 to 10 inches, i was excided to have a dick to have fun with but before i made a move he grabbed my head and shoved his dick down my throat, he fucked my face while i gasped for breath after 5 mins he pulls out and spreads my legs, he lined up his cock and rammed it up my pussy in 1 thrust breaking my hyman into pieces, i moaned as loud as i could before he coverd my mouth, he rammed me for 10 at this point i have came 5+ times
he filps me over and pulls and before spreading my cheaks and placing the head on my tiny asshole, he lets a small chuckle before pushing it in in 1 thrust he fucked my ass for another 10 mins before pushing in balls deep and releasing his seed deep into my ass, he left me there full of cum and went back to cleening.

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