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Fever Dreams

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I couldn’t sleep, it was hot in my room, so I opened up my window. That’s when I saw the boy next door, in his back yard…

Now, when I say “Boy,” I mean he was older. A teenager, and I saw him in the yard all the time. That night, what caught my eye was he had a pair of binoculars, and his pants fell down.

Since my window was already open, and it was cooler outside, I decided to go out on the little roof. I had a gable window, on the side of the roof. So, it was like a little doghouse on the roof, with a window instead of a door.

I put on my slippers, and climbed down the gutter in my night gown. Then, I went over to the fence, and climbed up the boards across from it. Curious, but by the time I’d done all that, Benjamin had pulled his pants up, and he lit a cigarette, but he didn’t see me.

“Hey, Benji. You couldn’t sleep?”

“Oh,” he looked over in the corner, “I didn’t see you there.” He shook out his match, and dropped it, so his face was dark.

“Me neither, what were you looking at?” I had a little brother, who sometimes got to play with him, but since he was so much older, not often. He really looked p to him, though.

“You want to see?” He pulled the binoculars off his chest, and the strap over his neck, and handed them to me. Over in the corner, I had to lean up on the fence, on my tippy toes, holding onto the board in the middle.

I wasn’t really that much of a tomboy, I don’t think. I didn’t wear overalls, and a ponytail, which is what I looked for, in a tomboy, but I knew one. Kelly liked to climb stuff, not just trees, but she’s the one that showed me how to climb up fences. On the boards, along the back, they’re like a ladder, but it’s much easier of you have a post to hang onto, or in the corner was the best place. Especially the corner right next to Benjamin’s yard.

He pointed down, at a car parked up at the end of a road. We had a fence all the way around the side of the neighborhood, up on a hill. So, you didn’t kick a ball over the fence, and lose it down the hill, if you’re careful, but he called it “Lover’s Lane. Teenagers like to park on it for the view, and make out.”

“Oh,” they had the light on, in the car, even without the doors open. So, you could see everything through the back window, and they were in the back seat.

“What’re they doing?” I set the lenses on top of the boards, like I saw Benji do, and shook my head.

“I can’t see, it looks like she’s got her head down in his lap, but she keeps nodding her head.”

“Huh, yeah.” He rubbed my shoulder, but he was so tall, he could put his arm up over the fence, standing on the ground, while I had to climb up. “She’s still sucking his dick.”

“Huh!” I couldn’t see it, but she had her top off. So, I could really see her back, and his fingers running through her hair. Ben combed his fingers through my hair too, and I remembered his butt sticking out under his shirt. When his pants fell down, I couldn’t see it, but I could see him shaking. With the binoculars up on the top of the fence.

My little brother dropped his pants sometimes to pee, but that’s when I realized that Benji wasn’t taking a leak. He was playing with himself, watching the teenagers on lover’s lane, and that ment she had his penis in her mouth. Nodding her head, faster and faster as if to say yes yes. More more, with her mouth full.

“Hhuh,” I shivered, but I didn’t feel cold.

“How does that make you feel?” He asked, but even his voice sounded. Weird, but arousing?

I’d never felt aroused before, so I said “My hand hurts.” And handed him his binoculars back. So, I could drop back down, and wiggle my feet back in the toes of my slippers.

“Wow, you look great in the moonlight.” He looked over our fence, but the binoculars disappeared. I couldn’t see anything but his eyes, and the top of his head, but I could almost feel his eyes on my face. My ears burned, and I felt even hotter then I did upstairs, under the covers with the window closed.

Before I opened it up for some fresh air, and snuck out to see what Benji was doing, but I didn’t know what to say. “Uh, thank you.” I tried to swallow the lump in my throat, and now my voice sounded funny too. I couldn’t breathe, and I remember him asking me how it felt. To have his fingers comb out my hair, from tossing and turning on the pillow. “I think I have a fever.”

“You’re hot, that’s what happens when a girl gets turned on, you get hot, and wet.”

I stuck my hands under my armpits. “I’m not sweaty.” I shook my head.

“Well, check between your legs.”

“Oh,” I pulled up the front of my nighty, but I didn’t mind showing him my legs. I liked the cool night air on them, and felt my undies, between my legs. Just like he said, but my undies weren’t damp at all, either. I wasn’t much of a sweater, that young.

How young? Too young to watch teenagers making out on Lover’s Lane, and expose myself to Ben for attention, but once I started. I liked the way he looked at me, and the way it made me feel, once I got used to it.

“Well,” I pulled down my nighty, “It’s a school night, so I’m going back to bed.” I had to take my slippers off, and leave them in the side yard to climb back up the drainpipe. I’d never done that in front of a boy before.

Yeah, Kelly, but she was a Tomboy, not a real boy. She wore panties just like any other girl. So if she saw mine up under my skirt, or dress, it was no big deal. We got dressed to go out exploring, so we saw each other in our underwear all the time, but I didn’t think anything of it. Because I barely even heard about teenagers making out, grownups sleeping together, and how they went about doing it. That was pretty much it: “They’re doing it.”

I fell back asleep, with the window open, and the covers kicked off until I woke up shivering. So, I pulled the covers back over me, and snuggled up, instead of getting up, and closing the window. It turns out, I did have a fever in the morning, when mom took my temperature. So, I didn’t have to go to school, but I saw Benji walk past in the morning. Heading for the bus stop, to go to school, I didn’t have anything else to think about all day.

In bed, running hot, and cold, all day. Kicking off the covers when I felt feverish, then snuggling up when I got the cold sweats. Napping off, and on, dreaming mostly about him. In a car, so he could drive me around to the road. Down into town, it switches back, and forth, but there’s a turn-off early on, for the scenic overlook.

On a ledge, not right below us, but close enough to see through bird-watching binoculars. It turns out his mom was an avid bird watcher, but I didn’t know that at the time. I did get hot, and sweaty. Even in my underwear, but I just started drying myself with the crotch of my panties.

Under my arms with my nighty too, but then again. Touching myself through my panties made me feel like I did when he looked at me, told me how great I looked in the moonlight, and the damp sweaty cotton rubbed me the right way. While I imagined getting in the back seat, on lover’s lane, and taking off my top.

Being a teenager, so I had something to show topless. I couldn’t really imagine having those things, hanging off my chest, but I knew that being a boy, and a teenager, that’s what he’d want to see. Then, he’d touch my leg, and feel up it. My skirt (I imagined a skirt, and top) slipping up my legs until he touched my crotch, molested me, and did all the stuff I’d heard about.

Well, strangers. He wasn’t a total stranger, I knew his name, his family, and of course where he lived. Right next to me, but I also knew that he was a boy, and it was naughty to sneak out on a school night. Look at his bare bottom hanging out from the back of his shirt, and he just touched my hair, but also I’m pretty sure he got to see my underwear.

When I pulled my nighty up to check, he saw a lot of leg too, and I definitely shouldn’t be showing boys that. Any of that, and the 10 commandments expressly mentioned coveting your neighbor’s wife, but not your neighbor’s daughter. I started making up excuses, and praying not to be sent to hell, but the fever coming back scared me.

It wasn’t like the hotness of sexual arousal. I flipped back and forth so many times throughout the day that I could easily tell the difference. The fever didn’t feel like his eyes on me. The way my hands felt on me, imagining they were his, and my brother’s penis.

Okay, I’d never seen Ben’s, so I didn’t know what to expect. I guess in my head, I just cut, and pasted the one I’d seen the most, but not hard. I didn’t know about those, or orgasms either. I knew the rule: “If you shake it more than twice you’re playing with it,” when dad told my little brother that, but just rubbing my damp sweaty panties in to my crotch felt good enough that I could keep that feeling. Turned on, all day, in between passing out and having wet dreams to wake up to, but I couldn’t connect the dots. I didn’t have all of them, to fill in the gaps, so I just thought about what little I knew.

That girl, from the back seat, bent over topless so I could see her bare back, nodding her head, and sucking dick. ‘oh ben,’ breathlessly, sucking my thumb, and wiggling it on my tongue, while my fingers kept rubbing the sweaty cotton in, but I couldn’t get an orgasm if I tried. I was too young, just like getting wet. I could sweat, because I was sick, and feverish. Mom was in and out with Orange Juice for Vitamin C.

Chicken Soup for whatever it is, in Chicken Soup that’s good for a Cold. Herbal Tea she bought especially for this while she was out at the store, but she left me all alone, to pick up stuff for my cold. Grandma remedies, she learned from her grandma, and so on, and so forth, but it turned out I didn’t have a cold at all.

I wasn’t coughing, and I didn’t sneeze once. I didn’t even have to stay in bed, and I got up to go pee several times, but mom sent me right back to bed. Forcing fluids, and wrapping up in the covers when the fever broke. I did have a fever, I don’t think that just having the hots for the boy next door could fool a thermometer, and I didn’t use any of the tricks I knew. Like rubbing it on the blanket to heat it up with friction before I stuck it back under my tongue.

I had the hots for Benji too, and I was glad for the fever, because I got to stay home all day. thinking about him, and that’s what kept me up all night in the first place. I couldn’t get comfortable, and that’s why I went to the window for some fresh air. If I hadn’t, then I never would have seen him, looking over the fence at lover’s lane, and playing with himself so his pants fell down.


Lorelei (gg)

My fever broke, and I went to school the next few days, but I didn’t really see Ben. I talked to my friends, mostly about Lover’s Lane, and they heard of it, but none of them had ever been up there.

One of them had a big sister, a teenager, who had been up there, and told her about it. Also, Kelly and me had gone out for a walk. Since she lived in my neighborhood, she rode the same bus, and we got off early at the top of the hill.

So, we could walk down to the turn-off, and I could tell her what I saw down there. On Lover’s Lane, the overlook had a nice view, but she said “That’s gross” when I told her about the teenager, sucking dick. Again, that should have been a clue that she wasn’t just a tomboy, but I was still too ignorant to know what a lesbian was.

“Well, I didn’t think it was gross,” but I didn’t tell her about Benji at all. I didn’t want him to get in trouble, for playing with himself, so I left him out of it. “Huh, you remember when I missed school, because I was sick?”

“Uh huh?” She looked at a rock she just picked up, then turned, and chucked it over the side. As far as she could throw it, which was pretty far, because she threw rocks all the time. If we had a lake or pond, she probably could have skipped them too, but I wanted somebody to talk about this stuff.

So, I went on. “Huh, well it wasn’t just a regular fever, and it makes me hot just thinking about his eyes on me. Especially, but not hot, and wet. I think that was just the cold sweats, from the fever.” I kept rubbing my panties in, at night. Dry, because I didn’t get sweaty again, but the cotton was so fine, it wasn’t rough, and it didn’t rub me the wrong way. I just fell asleep, and dreamed about Ben before I rubbed it raw, but then Kelly turned around, and looked at me.

“Wow, you’re really red, and” She picked up my hair, and smelled it. Then, she closed her eyes, and took a deep sniff. “Huh, you smell really good too.”

That made me feel really good, just like Ben looking at me, and telling me how pretty I look in the moonlight. “Oh,” I hugged her, and smelled her hair too, but I couldn’t smell anything but shampoo. Then, she pushed me back, and felt up my neck from my shoulders. My face, and as soon as she turned her head, I knew that she was going to kiss me.

So, I closed my eyes, puckered up, and thought about Ben. I liked Kelly as a friend, but she was a girl, and even though she was a tomboy, a lot like a boy, and also gay (Though I didn’t know that yet) my heart belonged to Benji, so I thought about him the whole time.

We practiced kissing, me so I’d be a better kisser for Ben when I got the chance, but Kelly just to kiss me, because she was gay. “Huh, why don’t we sit down over here?” On the guard rail, she took my hands, and pulled me back, but I shook my head.

“We could fall,” I was cared, and nervous.

“Yeah, we could fall in love,” she joked, but let go my hands, and felt up my legs, on both sides. Sitting down, while I was standing up, but I said “I’d rather just keep practicing,” so I bent over, and kissed her that time.

She really felt me up good, almost as good as I did, imagining Benji’s hands on me. Up under my skirt, between my legs, and she even got inside my panties when she pulled the crotch out of the way. So, I stood up, and backed away.

“That’s too far.” I shook my head, but she held her fingers up, and sniffed them. Just like when she smelled my hair, she closed her eyes, and took a good deep breath through her nose.

“Huh, I’m sorry.” She grinned, and shook her head.

“It’s okay, but I hadn’t even gone that far myself,” I took her hand, and pulled her up. “Come on.”

She hugged me and kissed me again, but that broke the spell. I couldn’t imagine she was Ben, and she was a girl, so that wasn’t really a turnon for me. The first person I really got to make out with, but she didn’t go too much farther, once I told her to stop.

That first time, but I was the first girl she kissed, so she kept seducing me. She really knew how to press my buttons, so even after I told her I wasn’t in love with her, I was in love with Ben. She said “Think about him then,” but she got me wet.

Okay, she told me how she could get me wet, just for an excuse to pull down my pants, and underwear. With her tongue, she licked me out real good, and even got her tongue in as deep as it would go, but then we just lay back, and masturbated together.

She asked me if I wanted to get her wet, but I said “Ew, no.” She reminded me that I did it for her, but I said “It’s too gross, just as gross as if you stuck a pisser in your mouth.”

So, she said “Okay,” and spit in her hand. The same way she did before she climbed a tree, only instead of rubbing them together, she rubbed it in her crotch, but she was just as young as me. Neither one of us even had a hair on it, nor our periods, so we couldn’t get wet or orgasms, either.

We could still masturbate, it still felt good, and filled us with love. I was just full of love for a boy, while she was full of love for me, but we kept it at that.


Lori (gm)

“Huh!” It turns out, he waited for Friday, and Saturday night, because the older teenagers did too. I guess the night I had a fever was a fluke, but Ben could see down over the fence from his house.

I heard that from my friends, they mostly went out on a weekend, when they could get a car. Also, for the sunset, because that was “Romantic,” so I asked mom early “Why can’t I stay out after dark? It’s not a school night.”

“Because it isn’t safe,” she was getting ready for movie night. Because they showed movies on friday night, but I wasn’t interested in that.

“It’s just out in the back yard, and we have a fence. So, I’m not going to trip and fall down the hill in the dark.”

“Oh,” she thought. “Okay, no. I don’t want you out in the neighborhood, after dark. The back yard is fine, as long as you stay in the yard.” It hadn’t occurred to me either, when she said “Out after dark.” That she ment out of the Yard after dark, instead of outside, in general.

Sure enough, some cars pulled up before the sun even started really going down. The teenagers got out, and started smoking. Some of them had beers to drink, and they had a little party, of sorts.

“Oh, hey Ben!” I waved, and they all looked up. He saw me, but he said something to his friends. I couldn’t hear it, but they didn’t laugh at me. “Huh!” They just hung out, and talked until the sun started going down, and then they got in their cars. They started making out, but Ben, and a few other guys.

He wasn’t the only one from the neighborhood, that walked down to hang out with the older teens. Okay, he was a freshman, I think. He wasn’t old enough to drive, but I couldn’t tell you where they got the beers from. All I know is he scored one, because I saw him drinking it. I even smelled it on his breath when he walked back, but bye then, I’d climbed over his fence.

Normally, he went out to smoke on the back porch, before bed. I guess he smoked on the way back, because tonight, he went right up to his room, and turned on the light. I had to find some rocks to throw, and get his attention, and while I wasn’t as good at it as Kelly, I practiced a little. While we’re looking for a place to practice making out during the week, but it was all for this.

I broke the corner out of his window, but when he opened it up to look out. “What the hell?” He sounded mad, “What are you doing out there?”

He had his shirt off, and while he was still kind of skinny, I didn’t care. He was tall to me, and I cared more about his eyes on me than anything. “I just wanted to see you, can you come down, to see me?”

I was nervous, but already getting hot from waiting. Thinking about him, and finally getting his hands on me. Kissing him, and maybe even sucking his dick? Because that’s what boys want girls to do for them, right? I wanted to please him, so he’d love me, and marry me, and get a car to drive out, and make love to me in the back seat. Whatever that ment.

I wasn’t in love, I guess in my own childish way I was in lust, because he was the first person I ever saw turned on by anything. Of course it wasn’t me, it was the older teenagers, getting laid, and jealous of them. Having cars, and girlfriends, and just getting to watch. So, he settled for me, because I had a crush on him, and he struck out again.

He wasn’t drunk on 1 beer, but he put his shirt back on, and came out. He turned on the back porch light to see me better, and I wore my prettiest dress. Brushed my hair carefully, so I asked him “How do I look?”

As soon as he shut the door, he came down off the porch, and said “Pretty.”

Nervously, but that just gave me a thrill, because I made him feel as nervous as me. I told myself that, he felt the same as me, but I said “I know it’s not the same as in the moonlight.”

“What?” He shook his head.

“Well, you said I looked good in the moonlight, the other night?”

“Oh yeah. Well, your nightgown was really shear?” He asked, “I think that’s the word for when you can almost see right through it?”

“Huh, yeah.” I just crossed my arms, and pulled my dress up. “But I don’t have to wear this, uh!” I got stuck in it, “Can you help me?”

“Yeah,” he pulled it around, and untwisted it, which is funny because I always crossed my arms, without getting twisted up, and stuck, but I giggled, and he laughed too. “Uh, we better come over here.” he looked around, and turned me to push me around the corner, and rubbed my back in the side yard.

I turned around, and hugged him. Burying my nose in his shirt, and taking deep breaths of his sweat. I still remember that smell, even with all the stale smoke, and beer breath, I could still smell his sweat. He didn’t kiss me. Instead, he stuck his hand between my tummy, and his legs, then he unzipped his fly, and fished around in his pants.

“Huh, you remember what Lisa did for Wyatt the other night?”

“Yeah,” I didn’t know their names, but he did since they’re all teenagers in high school together. “Huh, pull down your pants,” he had to move my hands to unbutton them, but then I grabbed his underwear, and pulled them down, so it popped up. “Huh!” I looked up, and he grinned. Pulling his shirt up one handed, then slipping it off his arm.

“Pretty big, huh?” He held it out with his thumb, and pumped it a couple times.

“How come it’s sticking up like that?” I’d never seen a boner before, in fact I’d never even heard of one, but it wasn’t that big. I mean, he had to be about 13, or 14, being a freshman in high school, but it certainly was the biggest one I’d ever seen, fully erect like that.

“That means it likes you.”

“You like me too?”

“Yeah, I like you too.” He patted my head, and gently guided me down, face first, but I knew what he wanted me to do. “Huh, don’t just suck on it.” He moved his hands, to hold my head, and pump it in and out of my mouth. So, I remembered how Lisa nodded in Wyatt’s lap, I just couldn’t see much besides her back.

“Ugh!” he bumped the back of my throat. “Gugh gack!” So, I gagged, and coughed. “Not so hard, let me.”

“Okay.” He patted my head, “Just suck it. Yeah, suck it good and hard. Faster. Faster. Hhuh! Yeah just like that, uh. Huh!”

“Ughl? Gugh sptooh! What the heck is that?” Of course, since I’d never even heard of an orgasm before, I had no idea what would happen when he got his, but he just waved at the wall. Until he caught it, and leaned over to steady himself on his elbow. “Uhn!” he hunched, like somebody kicked him in his nuts, but he was too breathless to tell me.

His dick jumped, and twitched, so the next shot swung around like a lasso, and fell down on the ground. “Uh,” He stopped holding his nuts, and gripped it to jack off the rest, but it was a lot. At least it looked like a lot to me, and I couldn’t help giggling. He moaned, and made such funny faces, I couldn’t help it, but soon enough he was done.

“Huh!” He stood up. “Huh, you did pretty good, for your first blowjob.”

“So what is all this stuff, you peed out everywhere?” I sniffed my fingers, but I still had the chalky aftertaste in my mouth.

“Huh, it’s Jizz. That’s what’ll make you pregnant, when you’re old enough to fuck.”

“Oh,” I giggled a little, but he was also the first person to talk to me, about dirty stuff, and use the dirty words, like fuck. “How do you do that?”

“Fuck?” He shook his head, but with his pants fixed up, he pulled out his pack, and a lighter. “Well, I stick my dick in your pussy, and you know.” I shook my head, so he held the cigarette in his mouth to hold it, make the Okay sign, and stick his finger in the hole. To “Fuck,” it in and out.

“Oh, like you fucked. Hihihn!” I can’t believe I finally said it, correctly in a sentence, “In my mouth.”

“Huh, yeah, but you can’t get pregnant that way, and I don’t have herpes, or anything, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

“What’s herpes?”

“You better go. Put your clothes on, and I’ll help you back over the fence, but can I trust you?”

“Of course!”

“Good, then I don’t want you telling anybody what I did.”

Well, all he did was let me suck his dick, and cum al over the place in front of me. “Cross my heart.” I turned around, and threw my dress over the fence. “Help me up?” He didn’t have boards on this side to climb up, so he had to pick me up under my arms, while I tried to get a grip with my sneakers. At least it wasn’t my slippers, so they could get a grip on the boards, but I got a splinter. “Ouch! Oweyouch!”

I stopped at the top, and sat on my dress, to bit it, and pull it out. Then, I turned around to climb down, but he was already gone. He didn’t even kiss me once, but I still smelled the beer on his breath. Then, mom called “Lori?”

“Oh shit!”

I tore my dress, pulling it down off the rough board tops, but before I could even get it turned around, the right way, mom said “Lorelei! What do you think you’re doing out here in just your underwear?”

“Nothing mom. It was just a nice night.” I pulled it back on, but hit the tear in the back, and the side from where it caught.

“Well, it’s late, and don’t run around the yard half naked like that, what if someone saw you?”

Of course, that was the whole idea, but I just hung my head, to hide my dirty little grin. “Sorry mom.”

“Well, don’t be sorry, just get inside, and go to bed. Honestly, you could catch cold again.”

“Okay mom.” But that’s not what made me feel hot, when I got in bed. Now, I had a whole lot more stuff to think about, and remember, playing with myself in bed. Only this time, I pulled out my panties, and stuck my hand in there. Even farther than Kelly went, the first time I made her stop, but I didn’t even imagine it was her. Nor my fingers, wigging in to fuck me in and out.

It was his dick, of course. Benji’s, now that I knew what to do with it.

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    the lesbian stuff is always a turn off and lately it rally start to piss me off because i notice its showed way too much in media and they try any stupid excuse to show it like in shera tv cartoons reboot they made her lesbian instead of rebooting he-man and making him homosexual, shera was created after heman to sell toys to girls so heman was first and many onsidered as homosexual and shera was never considered as lesbian and also Batwomanthat is straight was created x years ago to destroy the image that pepol had of batman and robin being a homosexual couple but today they decided for no reason taht shes a lesbian. I am totaly ok for showing same sex couple but god damn it 90% of the time its lesbian only and most of the homosexual caracter i have seen in my life was show as a comics caracter and not as a sexual, sensual caracter like they do whit lesbian.

    • Psiberzerker

      Okay, but why air that homophobia here? That has nothing to do with this fantasy. Maybe you should write your own?

    • Johnny Ray

      Yes I agree write your own story I thought it was damn good