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Amy Tale/s – Friday Lights, Saturday Sights

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Jim says, if I go to hell for fucking this teenager, I hope I keep this memory. I lick Zoey’s asshole, and wished I had a longer tongue.

Me, Zoey, and Miranda enter Jim’s and I want us to shower. I walk to the back utility room and turn the lights on and look at Harold’s window, and their light is on. I see Harold, and I undress, and he watches me. I call for Zoey, and she says, whose house is this? I said, later, and I undress Zoey and spread a towel on the washing machine, and she jumps up on it. Zoey says, I have been sweating, and I am probably nasty. I push her bent knees flat on the washing machine and cannot believe how limber she is to do that. It makes her pussy and asshole look delicious, and her big ass and thighs, damn, I hate and love this girl. I say, I would drink your piss and eat your shit to fuck you, buttercup. Zoey’s butt is so hot, I just thought it was a good pet name.

I start to kiss her thighs and eat her pussy, and she was salty from sweat and strongly fragrant in her pussy, but I didn’t care, and I cleaned it with my mouth. I licked her asshole too, and I cleaned it out. I ran my finger in her asshole and hooked her rectum wall and rubbed back and forth with my finger bent. I licked, sucked, and rubbed her clit with my mouth, and she was moaning in ecstasy, and Miranda came in. I said, get naked precious, and eat my pussy, and I flipped a clothes basket to prop one foot on. Miranda started eating my pussy, and I focused on devouring Zoey. I could play her song all night as I face fucked her body all over, and she orgasmed and was loud. I started finger myself and kept licking Zoey, and I got off with Miranda eating my pussy.

The lights were off in Harold’s window, but he was watching, I could see his silhouette. I heard Jim come in, and I said, let’s take a shower. Harold’s house is less than 20 feet away, and with Jim’s backyard and the position of his neighbor’s house to the rear, the back neighbors can’t really see anything. The house on the other side of Jim is about 40 to 50 feet away with the driveways, and I really never paid it any attention, until tonight. Jim’s neighbor on that side is a married couple in their mid-40s, and she is fat, and she was watching too, on her back porch, with lights on. Fuck, well, it’s too late now.

Jim sees Zoey and Miranda and blows a gasket and says, Amy, you cannot bring students here. Zoey shrieks, Mr. Coach, I didn’t know this was your place! Zoey and Miranda are naked now too. I say, you girls get in the shower. I tell Jim to chill, these are not the first students he has fucked. Jim asks, are they spending the night, and I said, yes. Jim says, Beatrice is coming in the morning. I said, you better call and tell her no. Jim says, what do I tell her? I said, tell her there are students here, she will not come near this place even if it was on fire. Jim says, I can’t tell her that, she could tell on me. I said, dumbass, she is married to a rich lawyer that most definitely has a prenuptial agreement, she will not tell on you out of her fear of you telling on her. Whatever, tell her something, because if she does show up she will flip out worse than you.

I go to the shower, and Miranda is using the enema wand on Zoey. Zoey says, I love this thing, it feels so good, I was hoping we were going to your place tonight so I could use yours. They finish playing and I wash, and we dry our hair and get on the bed. I ask Jim about his neighbor on the other side, and he said, Molly? I said, yes, “Molly?” How well do you know Molly? I found out that Jim fucked Molly about 3 years ago for a few months. I guess Jim’s affection for Alyson’s big figure was founded on a truism when it comes to black guys and fat white girls. He broke it off for fear of her husband finding out.

I started eating Zoey’s pussy as she lay on her back. I was almost in a 69, but my knees were to the side, and I was straddling Jim who was eating my pussy. Miranda was straddling Zoey, and Zoey was eating her pussy. I told Jim to fuck Zoey, and he did not want to because she was a student. I made him kneel between her thighs and I spread her fucking bent knees until they went flat. I said, look at that pussy and asshole, you will never see a pussy and asshole combination that pretty for the rest of your life. Poon hound instinct took over, and he stuck his thick 10” big black cock in Zoey’s pussy. Zoey was grunting and verbal with oh god, oh god. Miranda was eating my pussy and I was still in an offset 69 over Zoey. I looked up at Zoey and rubbed her breasts and said, how does that cock feel buttercup?

Zoey said, it is a big cock, I want it in my ass. I pull Jim’s cock out of Zoey’s pussy and suck her cunt cream off his dick with my mouth, licking the shaft to get it all. I put lube on Jim’s cock evenly and do not use a lot. I spread Zoey’s bent legs with her knees flat again, and I say to Jim, have you ever seen anything as pretty as that before? Jim says, if I go to hell for fucking this teenager, I hope I keep this memory. I lick Zoey’s asshole, and wished I had a longer tongue. Her asshole is so soft, and her ass cheeks are supple too. I toy her opening with Jim’s 10” cock, and he pushes in so effortlessly. He cannot believe the ease, and his big black cock goes all the way in, and Zoey moans and says, oh god, that feels so good.

Jim fucks Zoey’s ass as I hold the back of Miranda’s hair under me and shake her mouth on my pussy. I let her head go and pull Jim’s dick out of Zoey’s ass and suck it clean, and I put it back in Zoey. I start eating Zoey’s pussy and moving Miranda’s mouth against my clit, and I orgasm, and fall flat on top of Miranda’s head and shake. I hold to Zoey’s luscious big hips and glue my mouth to her cunt. When my shaking subsides, I say, cum in her ass, and I agitate her clit with all I got. Zoey orgasms, and her supple thighs and ass cheeks are shaking, but she is so limber, that her legs are flopping to the side. Jim cums, and she moans louder. I am in love with this bitch’s body.

It is late, and I wash out Zoey’s ass with the enema wand, and she loves it. I have never seen somebody who loves anal sex so much, except Ken and Greg. We go to sleep with Jim on one side of me and Miranda in between me and Zoey. I wake up like 3 hours later, and Zoey is eating Miranda’s pussy. I say, what are you doing Zoey? Zoey says, I couldn’t help it, the way her pussy lips stick out, I just like licking them and sucking them into my mouth. It is nice, and if you don’t know, Miranda’s inner pussy lips stick out past her outer pussy lips. It’s really pretty, and they run from both sides of her clit all the way down. They’re very soft and fleshy in your mouth. Zoey was not trying to get Miranda off; she was just enjoying licking and sucking Miranda’s pussy lips.

I go back to sleep and wake up around 10am. Zoey and Miranda are still asleep, and in a love embrace. I hear noise outside the bedroom window, and I open the curtains, and raise the blinds. Son of a bitch, the side of Harold’s house across from Jim’s bedroom does not have a window, but Harold has attached and big plant rack with ferns and flowers in it, and he is attending to it. He is standing on a metal step stool, and he looks and sees me standing there naked watching what he is doing. I point to the back door. I walk back naked and open the door and say, wow Harold, you are upping the bar for me to perform for your voyeur pleasure. Harold laughs and says, well, I can only cut those red bushes so many times. Harold turns his head, and I look in that direction to see what he is looking at, and mother fucker, the fat lady next door is walking up and it looks like she is carrying a pie in her hand.

This 200lb bitch steps beside Harold and looks at my naked body, and she says, hey Harold, and he says, hey Molly. She looks at me and says, so you are Jim’s new girlfriend, I saw you last night with those two girls; if you ever need a fourth, let me know, my name is Molly. I said, I am Maria, and aren’t you married? Molly says, yes, but we don’t have to tell him. Molly says, I made you a cherry pie; I like pie, and I take it, you like pie, and Harold’s wife told me that you make a good pie, or at least that is what Harold said to her, so I just wanted you to sample my pie, and I have other flavors if you are interested.

I took the cherry pie as Molly looked at my hot milf body and bouncy supple 34DD tits, and my trim hairy pussy and sexy legs, feet and toes. I said, well Molly, I will eat this pie, and when it is convenient for me, I will sample your other pie as well, and let you use my cream filler attachment on your pie, how does that sound? Molly smiles at me and says, we are going to get along good neighbor. Someone rang the doorbell, and I said, well I need to go neighbors, so thanks for the pie, and I will see you later. I enter the hallway from the back utility room and Jim is in shorts and heading for the front door. I walk into the kitchen and put the pie down, and I hear Beatrice. I walk naked into the living room and say, hey girlfriend, I thought you were not coming today.

Beatrice says, I knew Jim was up to something, why won’t you let me come over anymore when you are here? I say, it’s nothing personal, I just didn’t think you would want too today. Beatrice says, you know I want to fuck you too, why would I not come? Miranda walks naked out of the bedroom and hugs up against me rubbing her eyes and says, Mrs. Miller? Beatrice’s red hair spontaneously combusts. Miranda says, Maria, are you fucking Mrs. Miller too? I kiss Miranda and say, yes precious, but it was a secret, but she can’t take a hint. Zoey comes in naked too and says, Mrs. Miller, it is Mrs. Miller? Zoey says, being around you Maria is the bomb, who needs high school kid’s drama when you have the best show around.

Beatrice starts in on child molestation, statutory rape, how can Jim (a teacher) be having sex with his students? Jim is scared, Beatrice is scared because the kids have seen her here. I tell Jim, you should have told her what I said instead of lying to her, now you see what happens. Beatrice says, why are you not afraid of what could happen to you if people find out about you and these kids? I say, well, your husband via Janet will make sure it stayed tied up in court postponements until they were 18. Beatrice says, no he wouldn’t? I say, yeah, and for a bonus, he will find out how much you like big black cock and eating pussy, and this will motivate him to get diabolically clever with his legal shenanigans.

Beatrice calms down and says, yes, but Miranda is only 16? I say, Miranda is a special case. She would not even be Miranda without me, so her parents would never support any legal action against me, so you are looking at a 6-month window before Zoey is of age. Good luck. Beatrice completely understands and wants reassurances from the girls that they are not going to say anything. Personally, I don’t give a shit, so I don’t even try and help her talk to them. I go to the kitchen and make some breakfast, and the girls come in and eat while Jim and Beatrice wring each other’s sensibilities. We had pie for dessert, followed by more pie in the bedroom after Beatrice left.

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