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My friends dog

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This is a story when I was on a sleepover at a friends farm. Where she had 2 big dogs. Cats. Horses. Sheep’s and so on.

When i was 13 and had a sleepover at my friend’s farm, She had two big dogs that was with us on the backside of her house and I was laying on my stomach whit just a pear of string underwear in the sun on a sofa when all of a sudden one of the dogs jumped up on the sofa and started humping my leg.

First I he did that got scared and pushed the dog away but he jumped up again but this time he took his tongue and shoved it in-between my cheeks. I freaked out and shouted and sat up.

She asked me watch happened, and when I told her she said that they do that when they smell a wet pussy. I got confused and said witch pussy? I don’t got one haha. She smiled and said that her pussy was soaking wet from watching my almost naked body in the sun and got all red in her face I was shocked.

She asked if she could tell me a big secret and I ofc said yes.

She then told me that when she takes the dogs for walks around the farm or out in the forest so she can be alone whit them, she lets them lick her pussy and ass and sometimes she sucks there dicks also. And sometimes she sucks of her horses in the barn.

My eyes where wide open and my dick now stood straight out in my small string underwear from her telling me this. She looks down and understood what her story had done. She leaned forward and grabbed my dick in her hand and started stroking up and down. She then let her bikini fall to the ground and pushed her pussy strait on to my face and started grinding.

I just opened my mouth to let her use my whole face as her toy. When i was drenched from all her juices all over my face she got down and sat on my dick. She then kissed me hard and got up again so she could let me lick her until she filled my mouth with her orgasm.

She got down and pulled down my underwear and with no hesitation she took my 7.5inch dick all the way down. It took me 10 seconds until I exploded in her throat.

After all that we talked and I told her that I like anal stimulation just as she does. And that i wouldn’t say no to let her dogs lick me. And if she wants I could join her sometimes. But sadly i moved the day after so i didn’t get the opportunity to join her and try this things out.

Ever since then I have fanticed and dreamed about meeting a girl that is in to beastiality. And whould love to have toys. dogs. horses and so on to have with us when we play.

Maybe sometimes i get the opportunity who knows 🙂


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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    Girls and women love their animals. Lots of them regularly have sex with their dogs. I hear stories of women with other animals, but have personally seen them only with dogs. Finding these women and girls is easy, they are everywhere. Getting one to feel secure enough with you takes patience and a good understanding of what it feels like emotionally with them, before they open up to you and talk about it.