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Our introduction into sex with a dog 21

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Our boy stuck his nose were he shouldn’t have but made a friend. And my girl made an offer. Will she end up our friend too?

It was probably a lot for her to take in. Hell it was a lot for me to take in. I think my girl did well with just laying it all out there. I had no clue what that girl was thinking. I’d imagine her brain was swirling with thoughts. It seemed like such a long time till anyone said anything.

She looked at her then at me and asked you’re both OK with that? Just, um, I don’t know what to say, she said and then, I can have today or we can have today then we all walk away? My girl said yes. She looked at me and I said yes. She then asked can I make decisions as we go? I said of course you can decide as you go. You can go further if you decide to and you can stop whenever you decide. There’s no pressure or expectations. It’s what you want it to be. She pondered the ideas and we started walking again.

Me and my girl made small talk until she said OK I have a thought but I need to ask something first because it will really matter. We both said ok, ask. She said you won’t make me feel weird or anything right? Even if you think I am can you not make me feel like I am? I could see she was nervous or maybe completely scared to death. It made me remember back to that time my girl sat on the bed so quietly rocking back and forth.

My girl reached out and took her hand and then leaned into her and whispered something in her ear. She never did tell me what she said but I could see the relief in the girls eyes. She said we don’t know for sure he’d even do it or do it to me. He doesn’t even know me. I know it’s not something you want to do but could you just for a second to see if he would?

Just give him the chance and if he goes for it you can stop him and then we can see what he does with me? She said I want to keep things fair for everyone. So far you may or may not have seen my butt and I have seen yours. If you see what he will do then I’d see your vagina. I’ll show mine before you even do anything. If he licks you, you quickly stop him and then I’ll try. If he does we’ll go from there. If he doesn’t and doesn’t want to I’ll let him do that with me and she looks at me.

My girl says let’s get off the path some but where we can still see that no one is coming. We got to the treeline and I lay her bike down where it wouldn’t be easy to see. When I turn around she had her pants and panties pushed way down in the front and her pussy in plain sight. She said you can look closer, so I walk to closer then arms length of her. She moves one leg out further as I stare at her. I said that’s very nice. She said I’m sorry it looks like a jungle. I haven’t been shaving since I have no one looking at it. I know it looks bad. She was so wrong. It wasn’t trimmed up but she didn’t have crazy thick hair and it wasn’t a huge 70s bush that was all over. I loved it.

She said ok and pulled them back up. I asked you still ok? She almost laughed and said yes that was kind of daring huh? I did laugh and said yes it was. My girl said I guess it’s my turn. She called our boy and he trotted to her.

She had jeans on so she undone them and pushed them down. First she wiggled a bit then bent over pushing them to her lower legs. As she was bending over he circled around to her backside but then she had them down and was standing so he circled back. She couldn’t really spread her feet apart so she bent at the knees and lowered herself some then put her hands to her pussy and called our boy by name. He went right for it and licked her about four times before she blocked him with her hand while pushing her ass out like she really didn’t want more and was trying to back her pussy away from him. She then quickly pulled her pants up.

The girl looked speechless. I thought maybe she was changing her mind. I was hoping if she was that she’d still follow through with her offer to let me.

She looked around and said can we get more into the woods and looked up into them. The other side had a slight hill then leveled out. I said how about that side? Well be able to see anyone way before they’ll see us and having the high ground would block their view anyways. We made our way up the small hill and she was up first.

She said ok it’s now or never huh? And pushed her pants to her ankles. He didn’t run right to her. I don’t think he realized she had her pants down. I was closer to her and said want some help? She said ya can you call him over or something. I called him and he came right over but still not to her pussy but to me. She had a look in her eyes. Like she failed. I said can I touch you so he may get he idea? She said yes so I put my hand to her pussy and said his name again but still nothing. Now I was getting worried. I said let me try something. I put my hand right up against her pussy and pushed one finger to her slit. I though maybe I could at least get her smell on my finger. Damn she was wet and my finger slipped right in her slit and almost inside her. I pulled it back and reached my hand out to him.

He immediately got the idea and started licking my finger so I lead him by moving my hand back to her pussy. He had the idea but when I reached it I spread her lips apart like I needed to do that. Then when he went for her I moved my hand. He started licking her like a champ and I saw her whole body tremble. Her feet were together because of her pants and I saw her legs shaking a bit and her arms. I wasn’t sure if it was cause it was good or she was scared or what. I grabbed her hand and held it. She squeezed it tight as hell.

My girl asked you alright? Want him to stop? She said ya. See if he will stop. She got him by the collar and an arm around the front and pulled him back. I thought oh fuck this is gonna go sideways in a hurry. I kept her hand and said you’re alright, we got him. It’ll be OK. She said omg I can’t believe I did that. I again said it’s ok.

She said that was a whole lot of feelings at once. I thought I was going to fall over because my foot wouldn’t move when I tried. My girl said so you’re good? You worried me. She said I’m sorry I’m good I really got kind of overwhelmed and tried to steady myself but my foot didn’t move and I kind of panicked. I asked so that’s why you said stop? I thought it was going bad. She said I’m sorry I worried your both. My girl said it’s ok. We just wanted to make sure you were OK. She reached down and touched herself then asked did you mean it when you said I could have him do things?

She said ya just ask for what you want. The girl said to show him something. She said ok. She grabbed my hand and placed it to her pussy using a couple of her fingers she pushed one of mine in her pussy and moved it around a bit then pulled my hand back with the biggest smile. I licked my finger which I don’t think she expected and said you liked what he did huh? She said it sure feels like it.
She asked can he do it more? My girl said sure if you want. She said ya but maybe I should lay down or something. Then she said maybe I should get in the doggy position and see if he’ll lick me like that. I thought oh fuck you might get more then a lick. I said let’s try the laying down first that would probably work well.

My girl said let her lay on your jacket. I said you can let him go. I laid my jacket down and she sat on it taking her pants and panties completely off. Then her little backpack. I said lay back and open your legs and she did. I said you can spread your pussy open if you want. By the time she got to that he was in-between her legs lapping at her. She was quiet but she squirmed around and tossed and turned like crazy. I thought I was gonna cum just watching. She took about 5 minutes of it then wiggled backwards like she was trying to get away so my girl once again grabbed him. She said he has a big rough tongue I’m not used to being licked like that.

Then she rolled over coming up on her hands and knees. Let’s try like this now. I looked at my girl and she knew what I was thinking. She asked her what if he tries to fuck you? She said would he try to do that? My girl said idk but in doggy position he might. She said is it OK if I don’t want him to do that? She said of course. Whatever you want or don’t want is fine. She said I don’t want to do that could you stop him if he tried? She said probably but idk for sure. She said can you both be ready to and then stop him. I said we can try but we have no idea what he’ll do or how he’ll go about it. She said I really don’t want to do that so idk. I said ok let him lick you and if he tries anything we’ll stop him. My girl looked at me. I mouthed. YES stop him. She let him loose and he went back to work licking her pussy and her ass. She just wiggle and wiggle. She looked so good. She had a little butt but it was nice.

He went at her harder and she couldn’t sit still at all. Wiggle wiggle wiggle. Then of course he did decide it was time. He quickly mounted her and we both grabbed him he was humping away as we were pulling him back and she was dropping to the ground.

She rolled over and said holy shit he wanted to fuck me didn’t he? I said told you. Girl you’re hot can’t blame him. She asked do you really think so? Ya I do I said. My girl knew I’d be hard by now and said show her so she’ll know. And besides it’s only fair. I looked at the girl and she sat there like she was waiting impatiently but didn’t say a word. I undid my pants and pulled it out. I was hard as fuck.

She reached over and felt it then wrapped her hand around it squeezing it. Then she let it go and that was it. I wanted her to take it in her mouth so bad. She said I better show you all of mine standing up and pulling her shirt and bra above her tits. She had little tits. Probably B cup but they were perky and she had nice nipples and they were poking out. Then she said want to see my down stairs better? She set back down and opened her legs wide. She did have a very cute little pussy. Tight little pink lips. It looked like it was brand new just out of the box.

I couldn’t look away it was so damn pretty. She asked do you really think I’m hot? I said you couldn’t tell? She said ya but can I hear it? I saw my girl to her side nodding yes and then doing the over there kind of head movement towards the girl.

She was still sitting so I took her hand and helped her back to her feet. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her ass as I pulled her tight to me then figured I’d leave my girl wondering what I said like she did me so I put my mouth right up to her ear and whispered, girl you are cute, beautiful, stunning, sexy, your body is banging, your tits are incredible, your ass is fabulous, your pussy is perfection. You’re funny, adorable, adventurous, witty, you’re everything every girl wishes to be, and oh ya you’re scorching hot.

She wrapped her arms around me and said thank you I’ve needed to hear even just one of those things, any one of them for so long now. I know it’s my decision but what would you do with me if it was yours?

I whispered anything or everything but what I’d want to do the most is to make sure you knew all those things were true and didn’t need anyone to tell you.

She held me tighter. Then she finally let go and asked if I’d lick her….

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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    A very very hot and interesting story. Excellent story telling skills. Delightful plot.
    Wonderful characters. Only one drawback. She or she, which one is talking. LOL. Tiny problem.
    Great story. I can’t wait to read the next part.

    • Red Bone ID:1ck6po9fopgr

      Ya I hear ya. I knew right away I wasn’t gonna use names. It felt weird from the beginning saying “my girl” so much but when I got to here with my girl and that girl it was feeling a bit ridiculous.
      Guess I could of used made up names to protect the innocent but hell we’re not innocent so….

  • Reply emjei13 ID:314kjyby8ra


  • Reply Stan ID:58fya9d9c

    Did she ever go the whole route??

    • Red Bone ID:1ck6po9fopgr

      Sorry, No spoilers will be given.
      While you’re waiting feel free to read and rate the other parts to our story if you haven’t already.