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My first time playing with my sleeping

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after realizing how deeply Linda was sleeping, I started to play with her body

This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I do not promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is WRONG. Those who commit rape are despised everywhere
How it all started
I have been a voyeur for as long as I can remember, as an 8 year old kid, I remember hiding under my 14 year old sisters bed one day and peeping at her as she changed from school. I have spied on my mom and other members of family. I really became a regular peeping tom when my folks started running a holiday lodge. Guests came and went and I was able to spy on many of them through curtains that either did not close adequately, or were see through. I can’t say I understand what made me that way, but I can say that before I was old enough to know it is wrong, I was hooked.
It was with that background that I met Linda. We were both 29 at the time. and married to other people. I was a manager in the same company Linda worked in, but had never met her until we decided to disband the typing pool and the existing staff were transferred to become secretaries of the various managers. Linda became the secretary of one of my colleagues who had the office with the only kitchen on our floor. I saw Linda for the first time when I went into the kitchen area to put my lunch in the fridge. I was immediately smitten, or rather in lust. She was gorgeous, tall for a woman at about 5ft9in with a slender build and legs that seemed to go forever. Brunette, sexy school teacher type look, with awesome hand sized tits. From then on I told my secretary not to make my coffee, but that I would do it myself, all to be able to ogle Linda more of course.
Being the pervert I am, I used ever opportunity to try to get a look at her most private places, which proved successful as she was the most careless woman I had come across. At first I thought it was exhibitionism, but soon realised that she just did not think of men in that way so never thought to prevent her top from drooping when she leant forward or wear a petticoat, or that when wearing a tight skirt, sitting with your knees together pretty much ensured that someone in front of you could see up the tunnel made by your skirt to the little panty triangle.
I vividly recall the 3rd day after meeting Linda, I walked into the office and went to the back section where the kitchen area was partitioned off. Linda was wearing a dark blue loose dress that came down to below her knees. At first I was disappointed as I was hoping for a shorter dress to give me a better chance of seeing up it. Linda was busy at the counter making her manager a cup of tea so I went and sat in the only chair in the kitchen. Once the kettle had boiled Linda walked to the fridge to get the milk and as she walked in front of the window, I noticed that the bright sun light streaming through not only outlined Linda’s body showing that she was not wearing a petticoat, but the sunlight made the blue fabric of her dress see through allowing me to clearly see her tanned legs all the way to the juncture of her thighs where her pussy was hugged by a skimpy high cut pair of white panties. It was glorious, every time Linda got near the sunlight it was almost as if she was not wearing a anything but panties from the waist down. My cock was so hard and leaking pre-cum that I thanked my lucky stars that I was wearing dark pants otherwise the wet stain would be impossible to hide.
This was the beginning of months spent perving over Linda, getting to look down her top, and glimpse up her skirt as she crossed her legs. Of course all this time in her company could not be spent just ogling as that would have given the game away, so naturally I would chat to her. I found her very easy to talk to and we became more and more friendly. We shared many stories and confessions of our lives. I would go visit her in the office less to perv and more because I enjoyed her company and started having feelings for her.
Being the realist that I am, I admitted to myself that Linda was way out of my league so I did not even attempt to flirt, which is why I almost fell over one day when she told me that she had feelings for me. We spent more time talking to each other. We used the internal phones as it would have looked suspicious if I spent hours in her office. I often worked late and for a 2 week period while her husband was away we spent all night talking on the phone. We shared how unhappy we were in our marriages. Linda told me that she had been with her husband since they dated from school at the age of 16. She had not been with any other man and she did not enjoy having sex with him, and had never once experienced an orgasm.
It was not long before our respective partners suspected something was going on, and although we had not yet had sex (just the occasional kiss or grope when opportunity allowed as Linda was quite religious), we decided to tell our partners that we loved someone else. Soon we divorced and not long after that, we married. I was in bliss, that goddess body was mine to enjoy as much as I wanted. Sadly it turned out that Linda didn’t like sex with her previous husband, not so much because she did not love him, but because she did not like sex. She had a none existent sex drive, and considered it more a wife’s duty than something to enjoy. She thought it would be different with me and she tried and obliged every time I wanted sex, but I could tell that she felt uncomfortable and was not enjoying it. This of course destroyed my self esteem, which was already fragile as I felt very insecure due to her beauty. This was compounded by knowing how the rest of the guys in the office felt about her, my confidence suffered and I started to feel guilty every time I “forced” her to have sex.
As the months past our sex became less and less regular and I became more and more insecure. This insecurity led to my jealousy, which raged as I knew that Linda was careless with her modesty and that my colleagues and other men at work got to perv the same as I had. I tried to raise Linda’s awareness of how a “lady” should walk around in public, trying to get her to wear longer dresses and petticoats, but my casual suggestions were scoffed off as she found the idea that men would deliberately try to look up her skirt, down her top or get turned on by being able to see the silhouette of her body through dress, ludicrous. This led to my comments becoming less subtle and my accusations of exhibitionism more insulting. This had the obvious effect of harming our relationship so that Linda became less obliging to my sexual needs, which in turn led to more insecurity, and so the vicious circle continued.
After a couple of years of marriage we seldom had sex, I got off by voyeuring her whenever I could, which was often as I was still obsessed by her, and she was ridiculously naive. Whenever I wanted to satisfy my lust by watching her naked, I just left the blinds of our bedroom slightly open and watched her bath and change in the en suite while I jerked off outside. Not as good as being inside her pussy, but better than jerking off to porn in my mind. My favourite was when she did the washing. The washing machine was in the bathroom and to make sure we washed all the clothes, she bathed before doing the washing, and insisted I do the same. She would do the washing in a dressing gown while I lay in the bath, and when she loaded or unloaded the washing machine and bent forward, I got a perfect look of her pussy and ass from below as I lay in the bath with my face less than 2 feet from her. I would have to raise my knees and strategically place the face cloth so that she would not suspect something. I would drink in the view of her pussy, my eyes greedily exploring the perfect folds of her cunt while she was obliviously packing or unpacking the machine.
It was on one of my infrequent attempts to get her to have sex that I discovered something that led to the next level of my perversion. We had been out at a social and were both a bit tipsy and in a good mood. When we climbed into bed I started to caress her, but she quickly stiffened and just lay there looking at the ceiling. In a huff I went downstairs to watch TV. After a while I decided to go to bed and give it another try by being extra loving and not so lustful. My bedside light was still on and she was laying on her right side facing away from me in the foetal position so I started to gently stroke her hair and neck. She didn’t move away so seeing this as a good sign I stroked down her back and timidly onto her backside expecting her to snap at me any moment. When she still didn’t react negatively I whispered in her ear that I wanted her. When she didn’t respond I turned her head to face me and started trying to kiss her. There was no response other than a short snore. That’s when I realised she was asleep and decided that there would be no sex for me again.
After a few moments lying there feeling resentful and sorry for myself, I decided to jerk off rather than try get to sleep feeling horny. Of course it was best to jerk off to my favourite “porn star” so, knowing that Linda was normally a deep sleeper, and hoping that the few drinks she had had made her sleep even deeper, I gently pulled the covers off Linda’s legs and eased her nightie up so I could admire her panty covered ass while I jerked off. Once I exposed her I got up to get a towel to cum on. I came out of the bathroom and put the towel on the floor at my side of the bed, then knelt on the floor over the towel leaning onto the bed. I was able to lean forward and get my face close enough to her to actually sniff her backside and pussy . My cock was in hand and I was gently rubbing my pre-cum over my cock head while gazing lustfully at the spot where Linda’s panties disappeared between her legs. Linda never wore gee-strings as they were uncomfortable. but she did wear high cut panties or tangas which left a lot of her ass exposed. This night she had on a pair of light pink cotton tangas which had a triangle of cotton covering the ass and pussy joined by a strip of elastic around the hips. As I slowly stroked my rock hard cock, I daringly placed my left hand on her ass cheek and started to gently caress her ass in circles slipping my fingers just under the cotton triangle covering her ass. I was ready to duck down below the bed at any sign that she was waking up, but she continued to softly snore oblivious to my actions. My caressing had shifted the sides of her panties further up her ass exposing more to my lustful gaze. I could not stop myself. I let go of my cock and using both hands carefully gripped the side of her panties on her ass and pulled them up until I was giving her a wedgie.
There she lay, on her sides, knees up to her stomach, ass pushed out, with her pink panties forming the first gee-string I was likely to see her wear. Her whole ass was exposed and the only panty you could see was the remainder of the triangle above her ass crack, and the small tight bulge around her pussy. Linda’s pussy was in my mind perfect, it was not too inverted with the clit and pussy lips hidden inside the slit, and not too pronounced where the clit and lips protruded excessively. The only criticism I had was that Linda never went brazilian. She did keep her pussy hair trimmed and shaped in summer so she could wear a bikini, but for the rest of the time she let it grow natural, and she was a fairly bushy brunette in her natural state. It was not quite summer so it was full bush time, and you could clearly see her pussy hairs escaping the sides of the cotton pink bulge I was drooling over. I leant forward onto my elbows and stuck my nose between her legs. She had not bathed after coming home from the social so I enjoyed the musty sweet scent of her cunt and ass as I struggled not to cum.
Becoming more daring I converted my sniffing into gentle licking over the panty covered bulge while listening for any change in her breathing. When her snoring continued, I started sucking the bulge and luxuriated as the slightly tangy taste of her flooded my mouth. As I was sucking I used both hands to spread her ass apart and continued my sucking and licking up into her asshole over the rolled up panty gathered there. Despite being obliging in her duties early in our marriage, Linda had never let me anywhere near her asshole, so this was new territory for me and I enjoyed it to the full, sucking and licking until her panties were sopping wet. I hardened my tongue and forced it around the elastic of her panties until I stared to enter her pussy. The taste and feel was amazing, and something I had not experienced in years. Linda had allowed me to go down on her, but had never been into and considered it “yuck”, so the infrequent sex had been restricted to plain missionary, in and out and go wash. I was forcing my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy while taking deep sniffs with my nose which was embedded in her ass, when she suddenly twitched. I almost went through the window at my side of the bed when I launched myself away from her. I lay on the floor hidden from her view with heart pounding waiting to be discovered. After what seemed forever, and after realising that she was still gently snoring I raised myself back up to see that she had not moved other than to draw her knees further up so that she was curled in a ball.
I stood up, my cock throbbing and leaking pre-cum trying to decide whether to blow my load, or try and do more. By that time, what little will power and moral resistance I had was severely tested and as I stood drinking in the site of the panties between her legs that was sopping wet and pushed to the side showing just a hint of her cunt lips, I felt the rest of my will power crumble. I decided I wanted to see her cunt and ass without hindrance, so returning to my position kneeling next to the bed, I carefully gripped the elastic of her panties on her left hip and started easing them down. They came down easily until the right side of her panties lodged under her side preventing me from pulling them down. I tried to stretch them to at least get the left hand side off her ass, but that did not work. I exerted steady pressure to try and dislodge her panties but without success. Eventually, throwing caution to the wind, I moved my hands to both sides of her body, gripped the elastic of her panties as far under her body as I could reach, and while pushing my weight down on the mattress, jerked the elastic down under her continually until they came free of her body weight.
Once I had the elastic down to below the swell of her ass, it was easy, I moved them all the way down to her just above her knees, and sat back, drinking in the sight. She still lay curled up in a ball, snoring gently, but now I could see her pussy and ass unobstructed by any panties. My bedside light left her pussy and asshole in shadow, so with her snoring making giving me confidence, I got up and turned on the overhead light flooding the room with brightness making everything clearly visible.
After switching off the unnecessary bedside light, I knelt at the foot of the bed and for the first time was able to stroke my cock while looking at her pussy to my heart’s content. Linda had always felt self conscious whenever I tried to spend too much attention on pussy or any part of her body for that matter, consequently whenever we did have sex, it was normally under the covers. Now I had all night to explore the folds of her pussy and ass with cock in hand, unlike when in the bath watching her bend while doing the washing. Even though my cock was dripping pre-cum and crying out for release, having handled Linda fairly roughly getting her panties down without her waking up, and considering the tongue bathing I had already given her, I felt confident that I could risk more. I started rubbing and squeezing her ass cheek with more pressure, spreading her cheeks so that her pussy and ass opened to my gaze. I again leant forward and sniffed with abandon, but avoided using my tongue as that had been what previously caused her to shift. With Linda still snoring, I gently placed my middle finger on her pussy lips and started gradually applying pressure. I held my breath as my finger started to ease into Linda’s cunt. This was also something that I had not managed to do in over a year and I was in heaven. My heart was beating so loud I feared it would wake Linda, but she carried on snoring as her cunt swallowed my finger all the way to the knuckle. I left my finger in her pussy delighting in the feel of the silky warmth. I wanted to cum so badly, but not knowing if I would ever get a chance like this again, I threw caution to the wind and start sliding my finger in and out of her. I could feel her cunt was dry so moved my finger out of her and rubbed my fingers over the pre-cum dripping off my cock. I got back to her pussy, and immediately inserted my finger and with slick lube from my cock, thrust first two, then quickly three fingers inside her. My pre-cum worked well as a lube, allowing me to start finger fucking her with more intent.
I was getting more and more aggressive, my fingers moving in and out of Linda creating an awesome wet sound like her cunt was encouraging me to go faster and harder. Suddenly Linda jerked and her snoring stopped, then she started to turn over. I snatched my hand away from her and jumped up to turn off the light. I crouched in the passage waiting for all hell to break lose. After a good 5 minutes which felt like hours, I put my head into the room and could just make out that Linda had turned onto her left side and had the covers pulled up. Feeling intense relief I realised that she had not properly wakened, so with my sanity returned and realising that I had dodged a bullet which would probably have been the end of my marriage, or even worse, I decided not to risk more. I still needed to get Linda’s panties back to where they belonged, but could not do that until I was sure Linda was properly asleep again.
After grabbing my gown from behind the door, I went downstairs and again sat watching TV. As the shock and fright started to wear off, I started recalling what I had done and immediately started getting horny again. My hard on that had instantaneously shrunk when I thought she was waking up, returned with a vengeance. My cock was still soaking wet and when I lifted my fingers to my nose I could smell Linda’s pussy on them. I went into the guest toilet and while sniffing and eventually sucking my fingers as I pictured my 3 fingers deep in Linda’s cunt, I had the most intense orgasm of my life, spraying what seemed buckets of cum into the toilet bowl.
After about an hour watching TV I went back to bed, and leaving the light off managed to carefully ease Linda’s panties up over her right hip and partially up her left hip that she was now lying on, before she started to get restless again. Praying that she would assume the one side had rolled down in moving around in her sleep, I lay down and replaying what I had done over and over eventually drifted off to sleep .
Thankfully the next day Linda gave no indication of anything being amiss. I realised I had gotten away with it, but vowed never to attempt anything like that again. Unfortunately the road to hell quickly accepted my good intention and made a mockery of it, as It wasn’t more than a couple of days later that my guilt and fear started to evaporate and the memory of what I had done returned to tempt me. I tried to resist, but I was too weak….my journey of perversion was about to evolve from voyeuring to something much more.

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    Wow your marriage sucks! You should slowly throw her panties in the trash, she cant wear what she doesnt have so she’ll have to sleep without them. Then you can go 50 shades on her