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Our introduction into sex with a dog 20

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Planned to just take it easy today. Get our boy and go for walk. Take in the scenery and maybe see some wildlife. It wasn’t always sex with us.

We arrived and pulled off the road. There wasn’t any parking spots but there were places along the road where people would park. I wasn’t to keen on leaving my truck on the edge of the road but we did and heading down the trail.

We ran around in the woods often but were lucky to even find a path to walk on. I’ll admit this was pretty nice having the nice flat wide trail. No mud, no debris to go over or around, no low hanging branches or spiderwebs to walk into. We walked along talking and looking around. Some flirting and maybe I grabbed her ass a time or two. We had jackets on but it was already in the mid to upper 60s and warming up fast. It was nice though that a little breeze could blow down the trail and it was more shaded then not.

We hadn’t seen any wildlife but were enjoying the time together. Our boy was exploring ahead sometimes and sometimes back and forth making sure to find anything off either side. He never tried to get very far away from us and when he ever did he’d be back within a few minutes. He had a thing for squirrels and would often chase and tree them. Luckily he never worried about rabbits. Those would have had him covering too much ground in a hurry. Maybe because we raised some and he was used to them.

But ya 99% of the time he didn’t stray. Of course today would be the 1% time.
As we were making our way around one of those sweeping curves he had gotten pretty far ahead then almost out of sight along one edge. And then we didn’t see him at all. We weren’t too worried and just strolled along but then I could see something off the trail but not good enough to guess what it was. We picked up the pace more out of curiously of what it was then worrying about him.

When we got closer it was a bike. It was off the edge of the path and laying on its side. We looked around and then I seen him and what looked like someone trying to hide behind a tree right by him.. I tried to see what was going on and heard a girl’s voice but not what she said. Than I could see him on the other side of the tree. My girl said you don’t think she’s scared of him do you? He was never an aggressive type so I couldn’t imagine that but my girl hollered out, he won’t hurt you, he’s friendly. Then we seen some moving around and ya it was girl and now she was walking towards us with him right with her.

I was thinking WTH was she doing then it dawned on me or at least it’s what my mind wanted to believe but I told my girl I bet she was peeing. My girl laughed. We were both tickled over that thought and were grinning when she made it to us. My wife said sorry if he scared you he’s not mean or nothing. She replied no he just suprised and startled me. And I’m so embarrassed right now. I gave her a confused look. You didn’t see anything, she asked? I quickly said just your butt a little bit. I thought she was gonna fall over. And my girl slapped at my arm saying stop it then looked at her and said no we didn’t. She was embarrassed as hell and said I just want to crawl into the ground and die now. I never expected anyone to be out here and it was an emergency. I said don’t worry about it we pee outside all the time. My girl was like, will you stop teasing her. And apologized to her for me.

She went to get her bike and drag it back to the path and my girl quickly got in my ear and said what about her? I would say yes. yes yes. I gave her an eye roll and said well what do you thinking I was doing, geez. She shock her head. She caught up to the girl and asked if she wanted to walk with us. She said ya sure.
She was young looking. Early 20s maybe. So almost half my age. A girl that wouldn’t stand out in a crowd. Medium long brown hair in a ponytail. Pretty face even without make up. Very simple clothing. Leggings and a long sleeve t shirt. The tiniest backpack I’d ever seen on her back. Not sure why but that made her look sexy. Smallish boobs and a skinny ass. Girl next door with a cute smile. Definitely a girl I could like. I was also thinking yes, yes, yes.

My girl was giving me the hand signal like back up. I thought hold on, what, why? I heard her say sorry our boy startled you. Then I got the message even if I didn’t agree. She wanted me to let them chat a bit without me being right there to fuck things up. No faith in me, I swear. I hung a few steps back acting distracted with our boy but was hanging on every word or trying to. I heard my girl say something about his nose getting him into trouble and her saying something about that’s how he introduced himself. By sticking his nose where he shouldn’t have. They both giggled and went back to chatting.

I heard her say something about if he would of suprised me like that and licked me from behind I’d have died or climbed that tree. This was too good to be missing. I had to get closer so I got to being maybe one step behind and to the side a bit. She noticed me. Damn busted. She just looked over continuing smiling so that was good. I asked do you want me to push that for you pointing at her bike. She said no you don’t have to do that. I said I know but I want to. She said what a gentleman, ok.

I gave my girl that see I got game look. As the girl handed the bike off to me so now the bike and her was in between us and our boy was just making his own way sometimes in front sometimes behind.

My girl said your dog tried to put his nose in her crotch, when are you gonna teach him some manners. I looked at her and she kind of nodded yes saying, he did. Just came right up and did it. I said sorry don’t hold it against him too much. Then said wait a minutes that sounded kinda wrong didn’t it?

She said which part? All of it or the don’t part. Before thinking I said wow girl. She said don’t wow me I’m the innocent one her and you’re the one with the pervert dog. I dropped open my mouth like I was insulted. She looked at my girl and they laughed.

When our boy came back towards us I said boy you’re not a pervert are you? He just bounced along looking happy. My girl said na he’s a good boy and he came up to her and got a few pats on the head. The girl said he is a very pretty boy. He really is, aren’t you and she petted him a few times. He was happily with the attention. She said I guess you’re not a pervert, you’re a good boy. But you might want to put that tongue away.

We walked and chatted. Talking about her riding and about the trail and we mentioned we were there to see wildlife so we talked about deer and turkey. She was down to earth I was digging her.Then my girl said she needed to pee, to make sure no one was coming. It was cute as I looked one way and the girl was nice enough to watch the other direction. She barely got off the trail and with her back towards us pulled her pants down while squatting down and started peeing. She didn’t act shy or try to hide anything. You could hear her peeing. That’s how close we were.

I looked and the girl didn’t look too shocked or too suprised. Maybe a little but I swear she was trying to look without being obvious then she went back to trying to make it obvious she wasn’t looking and was watching down the path. Of course our boy had to go straight over there and went around her. I watched to see what she would do and her body was blocking the view but you could see her holding him at a distance with her hand out. I looked at the girl and she was full on looking. My girl made sure he was back some from her and quickly stood up pulling her pants up. She did I little wiggle to get them back over her butt and the girl clearly got a nice view of that. She turned back to us and we started walking again.

The girl says he does that to you to? She said not always but ya you just have to be ready in case he does. No big deal. Then the girl suprised the hell out of me and asked has he ever licked you? Instant hard on. Then my girl really suprised me and said yes. Yes?, yes?, I thought what happened to our plan? We had a plan at one time to never admit anything? Stick to the plan.

She acted suprised and said he has? My girl said yes why do you think I learned you had to be ready to stop him if he’s around? Then she asked so you’ve always stopped him? I said Jesus I’m like right here. The girl laughed and said hey this is girl talk, don’t acted like you don’t like it. Then my girl had to chime in..

Surely it’s not bothering you? You don’t want us to stop do you? You could walk ahead. I said aren’t you cute? No I don’t want you to stop I just don’t want to be left out of it. The girl asked what, do you have questions too? I said sure, why your questions? Just curious? She said I’m not trying to be weird or anything but I actually am. We’ve never had dogs except little bitty Yorkies and they tried anything like that but I’ve stories of girls that have done that stuff. I’ve never known one so yes I’m curious.

My girl said I’ve always stopped him but ya I’m sure he would have if I hadn’t. She then asked what would happen? He wouldn’t try to bite anything would he? Would he stop when you wanted him too? My girl said no he wouldn’t bite or anything like that. He’s not a dog like that. Idk about stopping. I mean if you wanted him to you could cover yourself or push him away long enough to pull your pants up. Idk
She then asked do you think girls really like it or just do it because they don’t have a bf?
Then it turned into blah, blah, cheating bf, blah, not looking for another one, blah, guys are something or another. All I was thinking was come on girls. Let’s not lose focus. I’ve got a hard on to maintain here.

I quickly tuned back in when I heard….but we don’t even know if he’d do that and idk if I’d enjoy it or not. My girl told her it’s alright to be curious and it’s alright if you want to leave it at that. She asked my girl have you ever been curious about something that feels like no one else would be or understand it? My girl said as a matter of fact yes. I want to watch my man with another girl. Not have a threesome but to watch just them together. The girl ask but you haven’t done it? My girl said no we haven’t found the right girl yet. Or maybe we have but haven’t asked yet.

I could see the gears turning in her head till it clicked what my girl meant by that. She asked like sex? My girl said that would be fantastic but anything really. It wouldn’t have to be sex. Maybe something like sticking his nose in a girl’s crotch and then lick her for awhile.
That poor girl probably didn’t know what to think now. My girl said, feeling popular today?
She laughed saying ya I’m not used to that. Then my girl told her there’s no reason to rush into anything or do anything you wouldn’t want to. No harm in talking about it. It’s actually been interesting and fun.

She said ya interesting and fun, that’s me…. NOT. You’re both probably thinking I’m strange or weird. We both said no at the same time. She smiled a little. My girl then told her let me just put it this way. You are interesting and talking with you today has shown that and it has been fun. You’re cute as can be and you could get any guy in a minute but if now isn’t the right time it’s not the right time. It’s alright to get horny and it’s alright to fantasize about or be curious about something. And it’s alright whatever it’s about. There’s probably a lot of girls that’s thought about what you were and probably more then you think that have done it. You don’t know us and we don’t know you either so at the end of the day what happens today will be yours. You’ll go back to your life and no one else will ever know.

If you want to explore your curiosity or help me explore mine we can….

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