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In the 70s when I was 11 I had a church going babysitter part 4

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My mum came back drunk and I decided to try her out after I had had Debbie

Part 4

I was in bed when mum came I heard her and Debbie chatting and then Debbie went home, I heard my mum stumbling around down stairs and I sneaked down see what she was doing she had poured herself a vodka drink and was sitting on the sofa watching TV , I was watching through the gap in the door mum was wearing a denim dress the one that has buttons down the front and she had no tights on she looked drunk as she sat she was falling to the side ,I was playing with my cock watching mum sitting on the sofa I could see her legs just above her knees as she sat ,she slowly slid down lying on her side her eyes closing she lifted her legs up onto the sofa and was now lying watching the TV trying keep her eyes open and drinking her vodka , I had a idea I would go in sit with her see how drunk she was so I went in Hi mum I said she looked and stuttered Johnny what you doing up ,I heard a noise and came down are you alright,yeah she said I be going bed soon I’m just having a few bed time drinks, I sat down at the end of the sofa her legs were stretched out next to me ,her bare feet against my leg i stroked her feet , she didnt even notice as she supped her big glass of vodka i moved ny hand to her ankles and rubbed her ankles she turned to lye on her back as she did she muttered im going sleep Johnny,just for a little bit .She was drunk and fallen asleep as i moved my hands up her calfs towards her knees as I went above her knees. I was at the bottom of her dress. It was a gap of about 6 in up to the first button so the dress was open a little bit.
I was shaken as I move my hand under the bottom of her dress in between her legs. I looked at her. She looked like she was asleep as I went to the first button I was trying to undo it. It took me awhile but I eventually undone the first button and her dress opened more. I could say the inside of her thighs as I moved up to the next button. I had undone two buttons and was moving up to the third button as I undone this one. The dress opened up and I could see the bottom of her panties. She was wearing black silky ones. I looked again at her face. She was just sleeping as I moved one hand up to her panties. I moved by your other hand onto my cock inside pyjamas I was playing with my cock and rubbing my other hand on her silky smooth panties.

I wanted to see more. I was just so curious. I had seen Debbie’s pussy and had fucked her , I was wondering what my mother’s pussy look like? Should I go any further or should I just have a wank looking at her. She probably wouldn’t know what I was doing anyway. She seemed to be well out of it so I was going to have a look. I undone the next button and her dress opened up above her panties.
I was shaken as I took my hand off my cock and use both hands pull my mother’s panties down as I pulled him down. She had a thin line of pubic hair. Nicely trimmed. I pulled her panties down past her knees and off her feet. I moved her legs so I could see her pussy it was bigger than Debbie’s and it was glistening, I moved closer and smelt her pusdy it smelt nice. I used my tongue and give it a quick lick. I looked up. She hadn’t moved. I bent down again. I’ll licked her some more I felt her lips open up as I lick them. I moved my hand and put my finger on her pussy lips this was my mum who I was licking. I really wanted put my cock in her pussy, She was in awkward position for me to do that so I thought about it and I decided to fasten up her buttons and wake her up and tell her to go to bed and I would help her. I wasn’t putting her panties back on. I was going to keep them and put them with Debbie’s so I hid them out the way. When I fastened her buttons up. I shook her mum. I said you should go to bed. Not sleep here. I shook her again. She woke up a little bit. I said go to bed mug. Don’t sleep on the sofa. I’ll help you get upstairs okay she said and I helped her get off the sofa. I put my arm around her as I took her towards the stairs. She went up the stairs bouncing off if the walls. As she went up I was behind her. My cock sticking out of my pyjamas as he went in her room. She rolled onto her bed, you need to get out of your clothes. Mum you can’t sleep in them She muttered something, I will help you mum. Don’t worry, as I started on doing the buttons on her dress I undone them all it opened up. She was wearing a silky black bra to go with the panties I had kept. I pulled the dress off her and she flop back onto the bed on her back.
I left her lying on her bed and went into my room. I was going to go back in about 10-15 minutes. Hoping that she’d be be asleep. I sat in my room playing with my cock. Thinking of if I should should rape my mother. She would never know I I went into her room. She was still lying on her back. Her eyes were closed. She was snoring as I went closer. I looked at her legs. I see her pubic hair the little line of pubic hair. I grabbed a hold of her feet and opened up her legs. I was so excited I got on the bed and slowly slid up her body. She was still snoring as I got to the point where my cock was online with her pussy lips I put the end of my cock at her entrance. It was now or never and I knew I was going to do it as I pushed. There was no resistance on my cock it went straight in. I had done it. I was in my mother. I was going to cum inside my mother too as I started slowly thrusting as not to wake her up. I must have done it for about 2 minutes slow thrusts as not to wake her then I felt it and was going to shoot my cum in her ,it wasn’t loads I was nearly empty but I had cum in my mum how naughty was I as I slid off her and went back to my room and I must of dropped of asleep as I woke up and it was light outside .

I sneaked out of my room and looked in mums she was still asleep ,I was now worried what was going to happen I went downstairs in my shorts and t-shirt and about a hour later I heard noises from upstairs then I heard her coming down she walked into the living room and looked at me and said what did we do last night , I went brave mum you asked me to have sex with you , her face looked shocked and she said and did you , well mum I’m 12 horny and you asked so yes I did . For fuck sake she said what am I going to do now ,I told her no one knows so it’s ok she looked as if she was going to cry and I stood up to cuddle her she pushed me away ,Mum I said it’s ok no one will know as long as we keep it to ourselves and I’m sure when we do it next time you won’t be drunk .THERE WON’T BE A NEXT TIME she said I looked at her ohh yes they will mum anytime I want it you will give it to me or I might let it slip .

She was gutted her face red but she knew I was right and she turned to walk away when I said you might as well go on your bed as round is happening soon (I expected a slap but she just went upstairs )

I waited for 10 minutes no noise from upstairs I walked up and into her room ,she was under the covers She said to me your turn into a horrible person doing this to your mum and anyway what happened to my panties from last night

I kept him as a souvenir as I moved closer to her bed. She pulled The cover’s back and I noticed she was naked. She looked me in the eyes and said do what you have to. I will do what you want. Remember I’m your mum. As I stood at the edge of the bed I pulled down my shoulders and took off my t-shirt. I was naked with a hard on. I told her to suck my cock like she did the other night and she turned towards me. She reached out and put her hand on it and moved her head towards a cock and I felt it under her mouth. Her tongue licking it and her mouth using her lips to give me a wank I was sure she was enjoying this just as much as me as I never had to tell her twice after she had been sucking for a while I pulled out of her mouth and got on the bed and went under the covers. I put my hand between her legs. She opened them and I felt a dampness of her pussy as my fingers went inside her pussy i started fingering her. She was moaning and her body was booking against my fingers and I pulled my fingers out and crept on top of her putting my cock at her entrance. Her arms weren’t around me as I did this and I felt the tip push between her lips and enter her as I entered her she gripped me and pulled me tighter making my cock go right in and are they pulled out? I started thrusting back in faster and faster. Not like last night when I took my time I was going like a bunny rabbit again and I kept going and then I felt my balls tightened up and then they come shot out my cock right into her pussy.

When I was done her arms let go of me but she got my head pulling towards hers and kissed me. She said that was good. I know I said you were naughty but I was just bad tempered as I didn’t know what had happened. But we can do this whenever you want as long as nobody knows. But I need to go on birth control as if you come in may you like get me pregnant, I said to her that would be good getting you pregnant. She said no it wouldn’t cuz it would not be right.

As we lay in bed. She asked me if I had done anything with anybody else I had. I told her I had with Debbie the babysitter and she was my girlfriend. She said she liked Debbie and asked me what I had done with her. I replied we had full sex last night and she said she will do anything for me, my mum said that won’t be good because us three could be together in bed. My mum saying that made my cock twitch and I thought this was great. This is heaven. I was going to have my mum my girlfriend in the same bed and both will do as I ask.

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  • Reply Ted ID:2px1mem6tzz

    Love the story, looking forward to the next part.

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    A gret story. I thin he olde girl should lick the cun out of th y9ungstes cunt nd then make hr clit-cutm.

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Needs a last part of them all together in bed

  • Reply Johnny ID:1a9bjmzrc

    Part 5 is going to be a really hot story. Hope to read it soon!

    • Dennis ID:1euafugzk8bk

      Awesome story keep it going