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13 year old girl in motel

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I fucked 13 year old girl in motel during my business trip .

So I am Aaron (28 ) , married and have a daughter (8) . My wife and I got married 5 years ago , but we have been dating for almost 10 years .

So , last month I had to go to different city for a business meeting, it was for week . I decided that I would leave on Monday and will be back on Saturday. When I got there , I went directly to the meeting . After the meeting it was around 7 in the evening and I was going to check-in in hotel , but then I thought that for a whole week I just want a place to sleep , so why waste so much money in hotel , and I booked a room in motel for a week . I went in my room , took a shower ordered food , then fell asleep. Next day I didn’t had any meeting till late in the afternoon, so I woke up at around 9 am . I was hungry so I went to a diner nearby to get some breakfast. And as I was closing my door a lady (Jessica) maybe 30 – 35 years old came to me and greeted me . She was very lovely and kind , she told me that she and her daughter (emma)lives in next room . We talked for a minute then I went to diner.

This routine went for a week , during which I spent so much time with Emma and Jessica . All three of us ate dinner together for a week . Emma is 13 year old girl . She is like every other teenage girl. She is lovely child. Jessica works at a restaurant as waitress, she has afternoon shift so every day she works from 12 to 6 . During this week I learned so much about them ,like she divorced her husband cuz he was a drug addict and she got the custody of Emma . They have been living in motel for past 2 years . Emma and I played a lot during these days in my free time , I even took her to mall and got her a toy . It was like that I had another daughter.

And with this It was already Saturday, I had flight at 7 pm . I was free that afternoon , so Emma and I played video games , she wanted to go out but it was raining so she couldn’t. At 5 pm owner of motel came to me and asked me if I could check out an hour before cuz he had other guests, I didn’t mind checking out an hour early .Then I went to my room to pack my stuff . I ordered a cab but due to heavy rain , cab couldn’t come . So I decided to wait there , then I got a message that my flight has been delayed. And my evening was ruined cuz it was raining and I didn’t have any place to crash and also I couldn’t get any cab . Then I googled fir nearest hotel , and there was one hotel , it was 2 miles away from motel. I had to walk 2 miles in the rain . I was half mile in when I got call from Jessica, I told her that my flight got cancelled so she asked me if I could stay with Emma for few hours cuz she had an extra shift . I don’t wanted to walk 2 miles so I told her that I would stay with Emma . Deep down I was feeling delightful knowing that Jessica trusts me with Emma . I reached the motel and Emma was playing in rain . We both went to her room . And I told her to take a shower cuz she was filthy and had mud all over her . But she insisted that I go first . I was filthy too so I went in the bathroom to get a shower, I undressed myself in bathroom and showered in hot water . I dried myself and now it was Emma’s turn . She went in bathroom and within 30 seconds I realised that I forgot my underwear in bathroom . I opened the bathroom door and she was naked , she quickly covered herself , I didn’t realised that she would get naked that quickly . It was an honest mistake but now all I could think of was Emma’s naked body . And now I just wanted to take a look for a bit . I opened a door slightly and started peeking , and there she was naked with shining wet body . But I could only see her back . I got hard and started rubbing my dick .then I realised it fucked up so I stopped and then wore a robe . I started watching tv and then after few minutes Emma came out . We both were wearing robes and and we were watching tv .

I called Jessica, she told me that she couldn’t come home , due to heavy rain she couldn’t take a bus so she decided that she would stay with her friend who lived near the restaurant she works at. We continued watching tv, in between the show Emma was making fun of a character of that show , and then she said ” she’s a fucking bitch “. So I flicked a finger on her forehead as a joke and said ” language”. She tried flick me back , then I started to tickle her , she got on top of me while I tickled her . She was on my stomach , her pussy was on my stomach, her tits were popped out . My hard dick was popped out , but she didn’t notice . Her chest wasn’t that flat . She had a bump on her chest . I could see her pubic haired pussy on my stomach while she was trying to flick my forehead. That was awkward moment for both of us . We went back to watching tv .

Now it was around 10 , I went to take a piss and when I returned I saw that Emma was tried and her robe was slipped , I could see her thighs upto her vagina . And that was my breaking point , I couldn’t hold it any longer , I removed my robe and jumped on her and started kissing her lips , neck and her tits , she was resisting it , she was confused , then I looked at her and asked her ” Do you trust me ” . She nodded as yes , so I told her to shut the fuck up . I continued kissing from her lips to her pussy . When I kissed her pussy she started shaking and she got goosebumps. Then I got on top of her chest and then placed my dick in her face , she was disgusted by it and kept saying ew ew ew. I slapped her with my dick . Then I opened her mouth and put my dick in it, I started deep throating her . I wanted to fuck her but I didn’t had any condoms with me , but I started fucking her anyways. Her pussy was so tight , eventually she started enjoying it too , she had her hands on my ass while I fucked her in missionary position. I picked her up and turned her , she was so light that I could pick her up with only my one hand . I fucked her in doggy style, then we fucked face to face while sitting. And that’s when I came in her . I started panicking cuz she might get pregnant , I told her that I would take her to get plan b.

We both were tired so I cleaned my dick and she cleaned her pussy and then we both fell asleep.
I woke up in the middle of the night cuz I was thirsty. I got up and grabbed a bottle from a mini fridge. And that’s when I realised how hot Emma is , I wanted to go for second round but she was sleeping so peacefully, I didn’t wanted to wale her up. I decided that I would just jerk off on her ass . I proceeded jerking off on her ass , I saw Emma’s underwear laying on the ground and I wanted to smell it so I grabbed it and started sniffing it . Her underwear had hearts and that’s when I realised that she’s a fucking child and it fucked up that I fucked her . I was ashamed but then it triggered me so I agressively turned Emma , so now she was on stomach , I put my whole dick in her mouth so now it was wet enough, I out my dick in her pussy and started fucking her harder . She woke up and started crying while moaning while I was fucking her . After 5 minutes I came in her but she didn’t stop crying so I gave her a hug and calmed her down . We cuddled and fell asleep. I took some pictures of her naked .

Next morning at 7 am I woke up found myself spooning Emma . I woke her up cuz we had to get a plan b . I told her to take a shower while I booked my plane tickets. Then I joined her in shower , I told her that I have surprise for her , I asked her to close her eyes and kneel down . She did exactly what I asked and then I pissed all over her face. She got disappointed so I licked her pussy and ate her asshole . We got dressed and went to get plan b . On the way to the pharmacy she asked me what plan b is , I explained it to her and she was scared of sex now . I got her plan b and then we went to eat breakfast . I called Jessica and it turns out that on Sundays she works morning shift so she wouldn’t be at motel till 1 in the afternoon and I had flight at 2 . After breakfast j noticed that Emma is wearing shorts and tight t-shirt and it turned me on .I told her that her mom isn’t going to come home till 1 pm , so I suggested that we could have sex again , but she denied and said that she doesn’t wanna get plan b . So we went to pharmacy and bought condoms and went to motel . I taught her how to help someone with condom . I also taught her how to help me wear condom with her mouth. She gave me bj with condom on . We got undressed and we fucked . I taught her how to twerk , I took some more pics . It was around 12.45 and we weren’t going to fuck anymore cuz Jessica could come over at anytime. So we both got dressed, and we were waiting for Jessica. But I couldn’t get enough of Emma and she started twerking on me with those tight shorts . I pulled her with her shorts lowered her shorts , pulled my dick out and. Started fucking in sitting reverse cowgirl. And that’s when we heard knock she put her shorts back on, I removed my condom and handed it to her and pulled up my pants . And then she opened the door . Jessica came in sat on the bed with me while Emma went downstairs to throw the condom . I was still hard and horny , Jessica thanked me for everything and then I kissed her and she kissed me back , we undressed ourselves and started fucking . I told her that I was about to cum , she told me not to cum inside, I said to her that she could take plan b later , And then I came in her .

And then I left for the airport and came back home to my wife and my daughter.

I will

The end

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    Live to see those pictures. Wicked me Bima69

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    Hey Aaron mind if you show me those pictures?

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      Did he ever do it?

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    Aaron do you have wickr

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    so wettt

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      Hey Cand

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      Candy do you have wickr

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    Tolle Geschichte I h hoffe auch du fickst ihren kleinen Mädchen arsch vielleicht bekommst du es hin Emma und ihre Mutter gleichzeitig zu ficken ich möchte mehr darüber lesen wie du die beiden an pisst der teil wo du Emma ins Gesicht pisst hat mich fast spritzen lassen

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      Hallo, Piti, Wie gehts dir?

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    Part 2

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      Unfortunately there’s no part 2 , but I have some pictures of Emma , if you want I could share

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      Let’s see the twerking

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    Fuck plan b pills, breed them

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    Hope you bred them both.

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    wish her tight ass got fucked!