I fucked my bitch in heat

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My dog was in heat and wanted dick so i gave it to her

It happened just yesterday and i don’t know what to make of it. So, last friday i went out for drinks with friends. Before going out i noticed my dog’s pussy was slightly swollen, meaning she was in heat, but i didn’t think much of it. I went out for drinks and got home at 4:00 am of saturday, and fell asleep. I woke up at 10:00 pm with Brittany’s barks. Just so ya’ll know, she’s a mixed breed brown dog. As i went to the living room her pussy was very swollen and she was scratching at the door, so i let her out and went back to sleep. A few minutes later, more barks outside. As i go out to see what’s up, there are about 5 dogs outside the gate wanting in to breed Brittany, and she was teasing them. Clearly the bitch was in heat and wanted cock. I was hungover, sleepy and grumpy so my mind came to one conclusion: i’m giving her dick. I wasn’t horny, hell, i wasn’t really even into zoophilia, but i was pissed off and wanted to sleep.

I then picked up Brittany and brought her to my room, leaving the dogs barking out side (after about 5 min they stopped and left). I threw her on my bed quite roughly, gazed into her eyes and said “I get that you’te in heat so i’ll gove all the dick you need” before lowering my briefs, revealing my soft cock. I laid her on her back and rubbed my flaccid cock on her swollen entrance. It was warm and moist, it felt nice but didn’t get me hard. I kept rubbing for a bit, but to no avail. I hadn’t thought it thtough, i wasn’t a zoophile so a dog wouldn’t arouse me just like that. Still, i was determined to shag her and get some sleep, so i kept going.

I put my index and middle fintes in my mouth to lube them and started fingering her. She was REALLY warm inside. I fingered her for about 5 minutes, all the while she had her tongue out. Then i had a sudden impulse to lick my fingers, then i felt her taste. It was different from a woman’s, i found it a little bitter, but it was good. Then i went down on her, burrowing my tongue inside her pussy. I don’t know if female dogs get pleasure from oral, but i think she did. After a bit i stopped and gazed into her eyes… And started feeling aroused. Then i thought “i can do this, i will pound that pussy” and started rubbing my cock on her pussy again. This time i rubbed in on her pussy, then her asshole, poking it with my soft head, then i moved up to her nipples, rubbing each one individually. As i looked into her eyes, i felt like she was lusting for me, i felt like she wanted me to breed her. I leaned forward and kissed her snout, licking along her lips. She soon put her tongue out and we shared a kiss.

I got up from the bed, put her upright and brought my cock to her snout. She smelled it a bit before licking. Each lick was warm and wet, getting it a little bit harder. I then gently got my chub into her mouth, on her tongue, and slowly fucked her mouth until i was hard enough to penetrate. Once more i got her on her back and brought my cock to her entrance, slowly inserting it. She whimpered a bit but it went all in. Then i started moving and felt like her pussy was sucking me in. It was amazing, better than any human pussy i had!

I pounded at her, holding her legs up. She whimpered a bit while i fucked her but seemed not to be in too much pain so i kept going. I fucked her passionately, while dirty-talking to her.

“I’ll give all the cock you need, you horny bitch! I will breed that swollen hole!”

As i pounded away i got closer and closer to climax, then i came inside her. I held my cock in for a bit but felt it going soft so i took it out. It was red with blood, i don’t know if she was a virgin or anything.

After fucking, she went to sleep and so did i. I woke up at around 6 pm to her licking my dick, so i got her to sit on my face and ate her out again, then sat her on my cock and fucked her again. I had diner and slept again, waking up at 3 am. I woke up hard and she was on my bed so i immediately put my cock in her pussy. I should have woken her up first so she wouldn’t get scared, but i didn’t and she was a little agitated.

I was never into zoo but this is awesome, i think i’ll keep fucking her!

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  • Reply Alexia ID:5nptvpm66nl

    I use to finger my dog and make the male dog lick my pussy

  • Reply Bonestt ID:8k4ijpkb0c

    I want to feel the insides of a bitch pussy try like 4 times different dog but my dick just wouldn’t go in

    • Xeno ID:bk9bb6td3

      Needs to be bigger dog. German shepherd/Doberman size and up. The angle is awkward at first lol

    • nomad ID:4gly02hri

      what other things would you like to do

  • Reply Bootyseeker308 ID:1eqiixscs3at

    Fuck yes give her that dick

  • Reply Horny whore ID:1dum2rdsfpkr

    I would love for you to fuck me after you fuck your dog

    • Hornydom ID:nnn4gwxic

      God that’s hot!