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Amy Tale/s – My Brother and His Dog/s Pt. 2

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I was rubbing my clit, and my brother kept the dogs focused on licking my pussy and asshole, I liked it.

So, I am at my brother’s house and he has come home alone with his two dogs, a boxer and big chocolate lab (see My Brother and His Dog/s Pt. 1 for details). Me and my brother are sitting in the living room, and I just finished showering and I have on a t-shirt (no bra) and knit shorts, he is dressed again in shorts and another shirt. We have been discussing what just occurred when his dog, the lab, fucked me. The conversation has become normal now, and we are watching TV.

After a long period of silence (except for the TV), I got to thinking about my brother’s dick again. I am thinking, when I leave here, and eventually fly back to the Army Base, I will not have any chances of cheating on my husband (in secret) because we live overseas, and there is just no one to watch the kids. I started squirming around, and I opened up on the couch, and stuck one of my legs out and slowly started shaking it. I would stop every now and then and point my toes and show off my red toenails. The dogs had settled down and were lying on the floor. I was getting horny again, but I wanted sex with a man. I would glance to see if my brother was watching my leg, and looking at my sexy red toenails and foot; and he is a dude, and he was looking every now and then.

It had been close to 20 years since my brother fucked me (one time only) when we were teens, and my attitude on that night about the deed definitely insinuated I did not like it, afterwards anyway. Therefore, I felt if I was going to breach that kind of affair again, I would have to instigate it. So, I got up and went into the guest room, and I removed my shorts and panties, and I returned to the couch. My brother watched me return, but because my t-shirt hung so low, I don’t think he could tell I had removed my bottoms. After and few minutes, I sort of turned my ass to him with my knees lying flat. My ass and pussy lips were now visible to him, and out of the corner of my eye, I could tell he was looking.

I stayed like that for about 5 minutes to see what my brother would do, and he didn’t do or say anything. I thought, fuck, why don’t he say something. So, I turned and sat back against the arm of the couch, and lifted my knee so that my hairy pussy was in full fucking view, there is no way he cannot see it now. My brother looked for a bit, then he said, are you getting ready for the dog again? I said, no, I think I want something else. He said, like what? I said, do you want to do something? He looked shocked, and then he said, what do you want? I said, to fool around. I said to my brother, do you want to fuck me, I will let you? He said, just fuck? I said, do you want to eat my pussy? He said, yes.

I pulled my shirt off and laid back on the couch, and my brother got undressed, and I gazed at his erect cock. My husband had been gone for about 7 months, and I had not had any man cock in that time. I think that is why I was willing to let the dog fuck me. My brother moved up on me and fondled and kissed my tits, and began sucking my hard nipples and licking around them. I just closed my eyes, laid back, and pretended it was just a man and not my brother. He started working his way down and kissed on the hairy part of my pussy and I felt his finger hit the wetness of my snatch, and he rubbed. I began moving my hips a little, and pretty soon, my brother went down and was licking my pussy, and I thought back to how excited I got the night it first happened, and it added to the thrill.

My moaning, and other noises, agitated the dogs, and my brother got up and took them to another room and returned to giving my pussy oral attention with his mouth. I was soon rocking again, and after about 15 minutes of this, I figured something out, my brother had learned how to eat pussy. I exploded, and grabbed the sides of his head with both hands and squeezed it with my knees over my hands as I convulsed out my excitement until I was done shaking. I loosened and let him go and he started to stick his cock in, and I said, wait. I turned over and got on my hands and knees. Doggystyle (no pun intended) is my favorite position when I am getting fucked with a cock, plus, it helped maintain my fantasy of it just being another man fucking me and not my brother.

My brother made entry into my pussy with his cock. I was so wet it just glided on in. It felt good, he has a nice sized cock, and a man fucking me is still better than anything else. He was hard, and he pounded on my cunt for about 20 minutes and then, bam, he got off. I said, push it deep, and he did, and I felt it throb in my pussy. I had been missing this feeling for a while. After it stopped, I inched forward, and he pulled out. I picked up my clothes and went back to the bathroom. I peed, then showered again and dressed. I did not want it to be too awkward, so I went in the kitchen, got something drink, and sat down for a bit. We really did not talk about anything, and after about 20 minutes, I told my brother I was going to bed, and I used the guest room.

Now I slept in my shorts and t-shirt, and in the morning, I was awakened by my brother rubbing on my ass and trying to take my shorts off. I said, what are you doing? He said, I don’t know, I just thought I could arouse you into sex again. I said, stop, I have to pee, and I got up and went to the bathroom. I came out of the bathroom and I was hungry. I was walking toward the kitchen and my brother was following me, and I said, are you going to follow me everywhere? Shit, I thought he was another dog at this point. My brother said, no, am I bothering you? I said, a little, just give me a bit to get going and eat. He said, okay, sorry. I got something to eat, then went in the living room and sat on the couch and looked at my phone. I could tell my brother was anxious for something, so after a bit I finally said, what are you wanting?

My brother said, I don’t want to make you mad if you’re not in the mood for anything. I said, it’s not that, I just wanted to have a chance to get going first, I am okay now, I am up, what is it you want? He said, I just wanted to do some more, you know, like last night. I said, what exactly? He said, can you get undressed? I really wasn’t in the mood, but I got to thinking, I won’t get any chances like this, my husband still had about 3 or 4 months of deployment, and when I get home it’s just me and the kids.

I said, okay. So, I stood up, and I took my clothes off, so my brother could look at my bouncy tits and hairy pussy, and watch my ass when I walked around, which I did for his pleasure. Then I sat back on the couch, and I said, you like that? He said, yes. I was getting in the mood for sex again. My brother came over to try something, and I said, wait. He said, I thought you were ready? I said, I don’t know, I want more of a thrill. I wasn’t just wanting to fuck my brother straight up, I was feeling kinky again. I said, let me stay like this for a bit and you get undressed and rub your dick and see what happens. I started lightly rubbing my pussy, and watching my brother’s dick as he rubbed his 8.5” cock.

It wasn’t long before the lab was up and heading my way, and I was sitting there, butt ass naked. Sure enough, the dog started in on me. My brother goes, do you want the dog to do you again? I said, maybe. He said, what about the boxer? I said, he does not know how. My brother said, I will help him. I said, okay, let’s try, but first, I want them to lick me. Now the lab started right away licking my pussy, and the boxer was still laying down. I clucked for him, and he jumped up and came to see what the other dog was doing. I slid all the way to the edge with my feet up on the couch, and I hunched my ass out so they would lick my asshole too. It felt good with both dogs licking, and I was rubbing my clit and keeping my pussy pulled tight. The lab started jumping up again and humping, but because of my position, he was almost penetrating me. He was also hurting me with his claws, so I stood up, and made my brother cover their feet again.

I got back into position, spread my pussy open wide, and both dogs went back to licking my cunt and asshole. I wanted to enjoy this oral pleasure, so I told my brother, come a little closer and keep them from jumping on me, so he did. I was rubbing my clit, and my brother kept the dogs focused on licking my pussy and asshole, I liked it. Dog fucking was so much better with a second person to help. After about 5 minutes of this, I said to my brother, rub my pussy, don’t let them lick up here, and I showed him. I told him their licking was a little rough there, and my brother started rubbing my clit and keeping my pussy lips tight with his fingers. I laid back and closed my eyes and really got into it. After a bit, I felt my brother turn and he started kissing and sucking on my tits, I opened my eyes and looked, then closed them back.

After about 15 minutes of this, I started thrusting my hips and moaning, and telling my bother to rub faster, faster. My brother rubbed my clit faster, the dogs were licking my pussy and asshole, my brother was sucking on one of my tits, and I was rubbing the other tit; and I seized up and started shaking. I rolled into my brother as I held his hand against my pussy, and grabbed my brother’s cock with the other hand, and buried myself in his chest while my body shook violently. The pleasure diminished, and I let go of my brother’s hard cock, and I sat back up quickly because it dawned on me that, shit, this is my brother. My brother said, so, you want to try the boxer? I said, yes.

I got down on all fours and the dogs started licking my pussy and asshole again, after a few minutes the lab was trying to mount me, and my brother pushed him off and brought the boxer over and lifted his front legs up on me, but the dumb dog wasn’t humping. Meanwhile the lab is getting feisty, and he snaps at the boxer, so my brother removed him. He returned and started lifting the boxer again and was pushing his butt making him hump, but the dog’s cock wasn’t even out. I told my brother, jack him! He said, no. I said go on, jack him, and I kept pressing him with more words saying, it is nothing compared to what I have been doing, and he jacked the dog’s cock. Pretty soon the boxer was humping, and his dick was out.

Every time my brother stopped jacking, the dog would stop humping. So, my brother held the dog on me and jacked the dog’s cock and guided into my pussy. My brother had to hold the dog, but when the dog’s cock hit my pussy he went to town. The boxer’s cock was smaller than the lab’s cock, but he humped faster, and the noise from my wet pussy reminded me of a plunger in a stopped-up sink, but really fast. I was grunting loudly with the dog’s thrusts, and I was expecting the knot, and it hit, but it wasn’t as big as the lab’s knot. He shot me full of steaming hot mess, and my brother held him there as the dog panted and dripped saliva on my back. He popped out after a few minutes, and we were prepared for the runoff with towels. I sat on the couch and rubbed my pussy with a towel, and the boxer licked his cock.

My brother sat down beside me and said, did that feel good? I said, it was alright, but the lab has a bigger cock. He said, do you want the lab? I said, yes, but give me a minute, let them outside or something. He removed the socks and let them out. After about 20 minutes he let them in and put the socks back on the lab. Check out Amy Tale/s – My Brother and His Dog/s Pt. 3 (Conclusion) for the rest of the tale.

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    I love this series. You write really well and the pacing is fantastic. I really am wanting to find out how kinky Amy will get and how big of a slut she will let herself become.

    • Maxdefault

      It gets better.