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Tail Gater

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A girl came over to my house, and asked mom if I was home, by name. She was a slut, but she gave me some tips, that really helped me lose my V.

A teenager, I didn’t know her, but my brother texted her, and told her my name. So, she sat on my bed, and texted him back. I saw the dick pic he sent her, and he came in to make out.

“You can go,” she said, but I told her “Nuh uh. Mom thinks you’re supposed to be here to talk to me, so if I leave you alone in my room, she’ll know something’s up.”

“Whatever,” my brother was already necking her, and going up her shirt. So she just let him get to 2nd base, and leaned over so he could unhook her bra in back.

He kept his pants on with me in there, but he fingered her, and licked her clit real good on my bed. She held my pillow over her face when she orgasmed so she didn’t make too much noise, and then she got dressed to leave.

I went with her, because I had a whole lot of questions. #1 was “How do you get a boyfriend?”

“Oh, he’s not my boyfriend, but.” It turns out he really likes going down on girls, so he got really good at it, and word got around. So, she went over to see if what she heard was true. I guess so, he’s never touched me, and like I said he was scared to even take his pants off in front of me, even though she showed me his dick pic. Not much to write about, but she said. “Yeah, even better than some girls.”

“Oh,” I shook my head, and she admitted: “I’m bisexual.”

“Yeah,” I got that, “But not me. So, how do you get the boys?”

“Well, since you’re so cool about everything.” She texted her boyfriend to pick us up, and get in my pants too. We had a threesome, just one time, but she gave me some great tips, and #1 was you have to go where there’s lots of guys. That way, even if you don’t get the one you want, you’re sure to find one that wants you bad enough, at least.

Singles bars were out, until we’re old enough to drink (Or get fake IDs) Oh yeah, and my brother said the same thing about her when I got home. “She’s not my girlfriend, she’s just some slut.” Well, okay. I had just fooled around with her, and her boyfriend, but all I did was a hand and mouth job while she ate me out. She couldn’t lick me off or anything, but he already had a girlfriend, of course.

I got a mouthful, so at least I knew what that tasted like, but it wasn’t bad. For a 7th grader, but then school let out, and besides singles bars. That’s the only place I knew there was lots of boys my age. I tried, and there were even some that weren’t so immature that they’d make out with you, but we’re talking middle school boys. So, I didn’t hang out for summer school, because the boys there would just be the same 12, and 13 year olds.

So, not much bigger then me, and some could cum, but barely any hair on it, and you know, little? I couldn’t get a hand on it, and have enough left over to suck, and get a good stroke. So, it was hand Or mouth, not hand And mouth? I’m not a size queen or anything, but there’s got to be more than a handful at least.

The word didn’t really get out that I was the school slut that year, but I don’t hate that word any more. Not going to get all SJW on you, but I never really enjoyed sex that much, until my brother bought a paintball gun. A scary mask, and he was putting on armor pads when I asked him if I could go?

“Dressed like that?”

“What?” I looked down, but it was just a baggy teeshirt, and short shorts. I had underpants on, but no bra, because another thing she told me was you have to dress for success. The only problem is, my mom, and dad wouldn’t buy me real slutty clothes to wear, because I was too young, or whatever. “I don’t have any armor to wear, but it’s okay if I just watch?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Well, don’t you start cock blocking me, pussy licker.” I made a V with my fingers, and stuck out my tongue. “Hahlalala!”

He laughed, and patted me on the back. “Come on, then.” He covered for me, and said he was dropping me off to go swimming. Which explained why I was going out barely dressed like that. I couldn’t even cut off the sleeves to show off my bra straps, if I was even wearing a bra. He gave me a 3 pack to fold up in my pocket, I thought would be more than enough, but i guess I overdid it?

This company bought an old parking lot, out by the fairgrounds. They set up these infladable bumpers for the boys to bounce off, so it looked like human pinball to me, but there were boys. Lots of boys, of all ages, and before my brother bought a ticket, I got a $5.00 off him to buy a drink.

They had gatorade in one of those sports bottles with the squirty cap. $2.50, so I could get another one if it got hot enough, but it was early in the morning, so I went up the tower. It’s really more like a lifeguard tower where you could watch all the action, but it turned out to be a big taco party. I prefer a sausage party if it’s all the same to you, so I looked out over the human pinball field, and spotted some guys tailgating.

I had to go all the way around, but when I turned the corner, I saw they were mostly hunter/fishermen. You know, wearing mostly Realtree™ camo, but not like ninja hoods, or army stuff. It was too hot for that, but they had a barbecue set up on a trailer, with coolers and stuff.

So, I spotted the guy in the Apron, and asked him “Whatcha cooking?” He helped me up on the trailer, and lifted the lid. “Smoked Venison burgers, and quail quarters. I got some tenderloin left.” he pulled the foil off the top of a pan, and squeezed a half a tail shaped piece of meat. “I’ll try that.” So, he flicked out a pocket-knife, it turns out it’s Assisted Opening instead of a Switch Blade, because those are illegal.

It was gamy, because deer meat, but they didn’t have chairs set up, or anything. I finished my gatorade, and went over to see what they had in there cooler. Bent over, so my untucked shirt hung down, and anyone who looked could see the rubber ring in my pocket. 4 locos, like nothing but 4 locos, and that’s like 12% so I can get too drunk quick.

I thought about this one hobo trick I learned from the homeless shelter, where you drink a gatorade first (So you don’t get a hangover) then you can pour a can in as long as it’s Fruit Punch, the cops won’t even ask you what’s in the bottle, or the church ladies at the soup kitchen. (Mom’s one of the church ladies, so she takes me to “Volunteer,” but they’re all dirty bums, and nasty. So, they don’t count, I might be a slut, but I do have some standards.)

Instead, I dunked the bottle in to fill it up with ice water, and I didn’t screw the cap on. At all, so when I went to take a drink, it fell off, and dumped ice water all over my white cotton shirt. That’s another thing, fruit punch stains it red, and ruins the whole wet teeshirt effect. “Huh!” My nipples popped out, and I tried to wipe it off, which just smoothed it out over my braless boobs, and gave everyone a good look.

No contest, it was a complete sausage part, so I won by default. “Hey,” I walked back to the trailer, looking over at the guys standing up. “You mind if I use the back of your truck to get these wet clothes off?”

“No, go right ahead.” He grinned, and took his apron off, so I stepped up on the trailer hitch, and turned around to scoot back. Already shivering, as soon as I got out of the sun, but the guys were already gathering around. I threw my shirt out, laughing, and pulled the rubbers out to wave them.

“I only have enough for 3 guys.” Yeah right, “So, I guess we’re gonna have to do tryouts. Go ahead, and get them out, show me what you got, and get them hard for me.”

They looked back, and forth at each other first, but then they shrugged, and looked back at me. I was already kicking off my shorts, so down to my underwear, and they flopped them out as soon as they could fish them out of their flies.

“Huh!” I turned around, and rolled over. “Let me help.” Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it’s just the gay thing, I don’t know. I can understand, because the same thing happened to me the first time. There was a girl there, and she was naked. Her tits made me feel flat chested, and she tried to turn me on, but some boys can’t even pee with you watching.

Either way, I turned back and forth. Holding up their chubbies to suck the heads until the got hard, and feeling me up sure helped. I’m not up to a handful yet, unless you got little middleschool boy hands, but there weren’t boys. Not even college guys, they were men. With full grown dicks, and hairy balls to roll around in my hands.

“Hey, what happened to those rubbers?”

“Oh, uh?” He let go my boobie, and leaned over to feel down my tummy. Pick out my panty waist, and slip his fingers in there to find the hole.

“She wet yet?”

“No, but you can do oral sex too.” I turned over, and crawled around to hang my shoes out, and get a grip on the bumper with my toes, but there was only room for 3 guy at a time anyway.

“Hey,” the barbecue guy pushed them out of the way, and stepped down off the trailer. Straddling the hitch, he said “You mind?” And unbuttoned his pants.

“Oh yeah. It’s his party.” I threw the rubbers back, so they could slip into something safer.

“I better eat her out first, she’s not that wet yet.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Guys, you don’t have to fight over me, just wait your.” The cook grabbed my hips, and pulled me back, but then he started on my asshole, and licked his way down. “Uh, god!” He picked me up, so I had to put my hands down to steady myself, but then he went right for the clit, and found it. “Oh.”

I never enjoyed, that. Before, I thought it just wasn’t my thing, but my brother wasn’t going to demonstrate on me. So, I guess I just hadn’t found the right guy. Speaking of which, some other guys came around the sides, and got in the back doors. Folded the seat down, getting their dicks out, but all 3 rubbers I brought wear already taken. I had 2 hands, and a mouth, so I pulled them.

“Together, sit together. Uh fuck! This guy is driving me wild back there!” He stopped wiggling his tongue in my butthole, and patted my cheeks together. “You like it?”

“Oh, no. I like it much better in the twat.” I never done anal before, but I’d seen plenty of gangbang movies before, and I didn’t even bother counting how many guys we’re talking about here. I only have 2 hands, 1 mouth, and a pussy, but he loosened me up good enough, and I had 2 dicks to suck.

So, while he started working his rubbery sausage in, I went back to stroking them, and going back and forth to suck them, together. Not together at the same time, I’d seen girls trying to get 2 dicks in her mouth, at the same time, and we’re talking porn stars. So, at least 5 years older, but I’d really much rather go back, and forth.

Get my hands wet slicking up to the head, and back down, but “Uh fuck uh! Fuck!” It’s hard to breathe “UH!” It’s not just his mouth, and of course I heard just about every dirty joke you could come up with. Like it’s not the size, but how you use it? Yeah, well I laughed it off, thinking it’s a dick. In out, rinse, repeat, what kind of technique are we talking here?

Well, I had a whole lot to learn. What he liked to do (Once I was loosened up) was bottom out in one stroke, then pull it back slowly. Right to the tip, but just hold it there long enough for me to anticipate it, and then give it to me hard. “UH!” It’s hard to suck a dick, let alone 2 getting fucked like that. “Nh” He pried open my butt cheeks, pulling out to the tip again, and then I felt a wet splat on my crack.

“Ptooh!” Another one, then he sank in again, and slowly pulled back out. Sticking his thumb in one side, and touching my butthole. I just shook my head, and stuffed my face full of dick, before I said no. Don’t, not there, but he mashed my ass with his belly again.

“UGH!” I stuffed dick down my throat, and let go to hold his wet balls. Rub them, and he patted my head, so I kept nodding. “Ugh guh guk! Kahn!” I spat it out, and turned to the other guy. “Huh, do it.” I nodded, and he slipped out. Rubbery, and sticky with spit, he slipped his thumb out, and rubbed my pucker, but I went to town on the other cock. “Wrlgh!”

This time, he wiggled it. Around and around, so I stretched wide open, and I just had to put my head down. Sideways, while the boys just moved my hands, and took over. “Oh, oh god! Oh god it feels so good up my ass, yeah. Fuck my ass, fuck the shit right out of my ass, yeah. Yeaneah oh! Oh!”

I never thought it would feel this good. Not better than my cunt, but just as good?

“Tight, uhn!” He just said tight, and pulled out. “UHN!” Pushed me over sideways, and dropped the rubber on my side. “I’m cumming uh, I’m about to cum, here it cums uhn!” That gave me plenty of time to roll over, and turn around sideways. The other guy, waiting his turn with the rubber already on had to get out of the way so he could move over. I got his head in my mouth, realizing it just came out of my asshole.

My first ass to mouth, but he wore a rubber, and then he just let out another grunt. “UHN!” Gave me a nice mouthful, for me to gulp down, hungrily as fast as he could pump it out his balls. Rolling them in my hand, and just breathing through my nose.

“Snh! Huh!” I lay back, and just breathed in to really taste the tangy fresh spunk.

“Hhuh!” The other guys got up, from the back. “Ere!” Like he was passing a joint, he blew another load on my neck, shoulder, and face.

“Uh, huh!” The other guy straddled my tunny, to rub it off on my tits, and blast it up my neck.

“Huh, whew!” I wiped it up, and licked my fingers. “Mh!” Sucked them and wiped more off my cheeks. He missed my eyes, which I’m grateful for, but the first 2 guys couldn’t wait.

They waited long enough, and I didn’t want to waste 2 rubbers just because I was satisfied. “You want my ass, or puss?” as satified as I’ve ever been, even with all day, a box full of toys, and a quart of KY, that guy was like a 1 man gangbang!

“I’ll take her pussy.”

“Then I guess I’ll take your ass.”

“Well, then lay down, and spread your legs, so there’s somewhere for the other guy’s.”

“I’m Karl, by the way.”

“I don’t care, just fuck me.” And get it over with. POP! The car door opened up, and dinged, but the BBQ guy just leaned over, and opened up the arm rest between the 2 front seats. he pulled out a box, of Durex.

“All right guys, you’re gonna have to wrap your rascals if you’re getting any.”


“You can fuck right off, and take care of it by hand if you got a problem with that?”

“No sir.”

“Good, now if there’s any more objections?”

“No sir.”

“I hope I got enough to go around.”

Oh well, I can always suck off the guys that came in last…

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