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Me and Ross

when i was 12 i started talking to a 48 yr old man, we met up in the woods and he fucked me my snap: positivesquidy # # #

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Step Family

I was a 40 year old Single mother of a 13 year old Daughter. Me and my baby Jessica was living alone since my Ex Husband left us when she was a little baby. After many failed relationships... # # # #

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If they only knew

I was waiting for my friend to come home and was in his house alone with his older sister. She had an accident and I used the opportunity to rape her. # # #

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Drunken sex

I got home after a night out with my best friend, we caught my little brother jerking off in my bed, and we ended up having a drunken threesome. # # # #

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School bang-bus

On the bus ride home I saw three girls get fucked on the backseat.It was like being at a rock concert with the crowd of kids all cheering and watching # # # #

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Hot little momma

10 year old daughter beautiful little girl wife she left me with little Emma one day needed to get something I thought hers my chance she had a cute little ass slim blonde we go to... # # # #

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Caleb (25) meets a sexy 16-year-old at the local pool that hates him. His obsession grows. Will he drop his pursuit or have his way with her? # # #

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I love teen pussy and ass

one day I was feeling alone I’m sitting at the house horny wanting some action I leave the house I walk down the street I see little girls about 12 13 years old I walk up to them... # # #

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I got two girlfriends now

When my 13 year old girlfriend Nat was finally ready to have sex with me, she surprised me by inviting her friend to join us I get to fuck them both. # # #

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