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Natalie & Her Dad

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I’m Sofia 19 and this story was based on true events that happened to a friend of mine when she was 12. Enjoy.

Natalie (12) was the youngest in her family and she had a Brother Jake (15) and an elder sister Margo (19).

Her mom was working as a manager at some Hotel and her dad owned a construction company that he managed from home. So Natalie spent a lot of time with her dad more than her mom or other siblings. And she liked it too because she and her dad were good buddies.

Natalie was a little shorter for her age and her cute face and chubby cheeks made her to look way younger.

Whenever she comes after school her dad makes her lunch or ordered something from outside and they usually take a little afternoon nap together for few hours before he helps her with homework. Then later at night they’ll meet up with her mom and her brother Jake to take dinner together.

This was Natalie’s daily routine for years until one day her dad started to act a little differently with her.

It happened on a rainy day when Natalie came home soaked from head to toe. Her school bag and uniform was dripping with water, plus she made the whole living room muddy with her shoes.

“oh my god naty don’t move, you are making the floor dirty, I just mopped it” said her dad

“sorry daddy I didn’t realised it, I’ll clean it up”

“it’s OK huny just wait till I bring you some towels, first remove your bag and keep it on the side” her dad told her and went inside to bring some fresh towels.

Then he came out and asked her to remove the shoes and socks in the corner and started to undress her.

He loosened her tie and unbuttoned her shirt, then he unzipped her skirt and removed it leaving her standing with her White panties and her vest.

She was shivering with the cold still so he started to dry her hair and asked her to stand still. Then he removed her Vest and undies leaving her completely nude and tied a towel around her chest and carried her into the bathroom and asked her to wash her muddy feet properly.

Then he came out to look for some fresh clothes but for some reason her Cute little naked body struck him as something new at that moment.. Even though he dressed and undressed her hundreds of times before.

So he went back into the bathroom and asked her to come out, she walked out with the towel around her but he grabbed it and pulled it off from her saying “Naty go and sit down on the table I’ll bring us our lunch”

Then when she walked over to the table naked he looked at her while smiling and thinking about how cute and beautiful she looked.

Then he sat next to his naked daughter and served her food, admiring her looks.

She already started to grow up, from the first glance he figured out that she’s no longer a baby. Her nipples were puffy but coming out with her growing breasts. Also her hips and ass cheeks were getting a little shape more than before.

So as usual they had a good lunch while talking and laughing, Natalie didn’t mind that she was naked at all, then they washed the plates and went into the Bedroom to take a little Nap.

As usual he removed his shirt before getting into Bed and he carried her onto the bed and covered themselves with a thick blanket.

Then like a good girl she came towards him and hugged him saying “you are so warm daddy”

When her naked body touched his topples chest and stomach his body automatically sent signals to his penis and he started to get a hard on like he never had in his entire life.

He was wearing a pair of shorts and nothing under so his cock throbbed the fabric of his shorts almost ripping a hole on it.

He could not believe that he’s having a hard on because of his own baby daughter but still he didn’t felt bad about it for some reason that he could not explain.

He closed his eyes and tried to make it go away, thinking about other things that aren’t related to sex but suddenly Natalie pushed her left hand and leg onto him like she always does and she even landed her leg touching his hard cock.

He opened his eyes to look at her but she was already sleeping so well.

Natalie face was on his chest and his left hand was around her, she was always a deep sleeper and he thought to rub himself off before she wakes up.

He pushed his right hand into his shorts and felt his hard cock. Never he felt himself that hard so he started to stroke it. Then slowly he smelled her hair and kissed her head and bought his hand around her back and rubbed on her left nipple.

It was the first time he touched her baby nipples and it was so soft like it’s going to melt. He ran his hand all over her chest and then he touched her butt. He ran his hand over the shape of her butt cheeks and spread them a little bit to touch her butt hole.

When he did that he automatically cum under his shorts and onto his hands, drained his balls out like he never did and he felt like that he drenched the whole bed with his Sperm.

Natalie sent out a cute moan in her sleep like she approved him cumming like that.

Then he took his cum covered hand out and rubbed it on her thigh and pushed her more closer to him and fell asleep with her..

Saying “I love you Naty”

-To be Continued –

(sorry for my bad Grammar, I’m an Asian. I’ll write the next parts with your feedbacks.. Thanks all.)

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