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Cousin Bobbi

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I developed a craving for sleepysex at a early age, my cousin Bobbi was the cause.

I was lucky growing up to have a very close cute girl cousin. Bobbi was a year younger than myself, from a young age when we both stayed over at grandma’s we share a bed. I think I was about 10 when I started to cuddle and feel Bobbi up as she slept. I would run my hand up her legs and then under her top to feel her tiny nipples and breasts. It was so hot to be during this with out her knowing a thing . When I slipped my hand under her panties and feel her bare mound Bobbi would turn away.
This kept up for a couple of years more till they thought we were to old to be sharing a bed. I that did not stop me and I would sneak into her room, kneeling down, I reach under the covers to find her leg. My hand would run up until my fingers touch her panties. Then I wander up over her stomach until I touch her small developing breast As I played with her nipples Bobbi started to breath faster. Then I would work back down slipping my hand under her panties. Bobbi’s mound was covered with short fine hairs . I continued working lower under my fingers found her clit . I rubbed it, Bobbi started to squirm and her lips became wet . Then she would start to wake and turn away. I usually left the room so that I would not get caught. This went on for about a year until our grandma pasted away. Then the only time that I got to see Bobbi was at school and get togethers.

Then one summer Bobbi’s parents got a large pool, I would get invited to use it. Bobbi was over 13 and I over 14 when we first swam together. Wow I said as she stepped on to the deck wearing a bikini. I started to get a huge boner, thank god I was in the water . I remember all the horsing around that we did in the water. I chase her, grab her and then toss her in the water. I loved the feel of her exposed skin, the excitement of rubbing her body with my hard erection. As the summer progressed we became more daring in our playing. Sexual feelings developed between us. Bobbi started to kiss me and her hand rubbed up against the budge in my trunks . I had undid her bra top and she squealed when I sucked her bare breast and nipples. Things started to really heat up when her parents both got home from work. A few days later and I was over again. This time I had chased Bobbi outside of the pool and caught her making us tumble to the ground. I was on top as she kissed me pushing my hard budge against her mound. Things got really heated, I pulled off her top kissing and sucking her nipples . I slipped my cock out and pushed it against her bikini covered crotch . Bobbi didn’t know that my cock was out and pushed back against me. The tip of my cock slipped under the leg opening of her bikini bottom and slipped between her very wet cunt lips. Bobbi panicked, pushed me of her and ran for the house. I left and went home . Bobbi and I talked at school, she made me promise not to do that again . What would they do had her parents came home to catch us doing that. All I could think of was how much I wanted to fuck her after that day .

So a week had pasted by and I paid Bobbi a visit . I got to her house just after her parents had left for work . I snuck in and found Bobbi still sleeping in bed. I stripped out of my clothes and slipped in next to her . Bobbi was wearing a short silky gown and panties. still asleep I cuddled next to her and started to play with her breasts. Bobbi woke as I kissed her, she responded to my touch and kissed me back. I tugged her gown off over her head and rolled on top of her. I pushed her legs wide apart so that my rock hard cock pressed against the thin fabric of her panties and pushed . Bobbi squealed and pushed up against me to get off. I could feel her wetness as my head pressed forward. Bobbi begged me to get off but my cock was pushing in with the silky material. As Bobbi struggled I pulled her panties crotch to one side and the tip of my head entered her cunt. Bobbi went wild begging me to stop and not hurt her. I couldn’t I was over come with this lust to drive my cock home. I was up against her hymen and then plunged ahead . Bobbi let out a cry and her little body shook with fear. I broke through, I could feel her blood and fluids bathing my cock. Slowly I began to fuck her going in deeper with each stroke. Bobbi’s breathing increased with the temple and soon she was pushing herself against me to meet my thrust. I fucked her harder and harder, my balls slapped against her ass cheeks as her mouth hungerly kissed mine. My cousin was moaning so loud I could feel her gripping my cock as it went in and out of her. Soon I felt as I would explode and quickly pulled out as a hot stream of my some sprayed all over her tummy . I rolled off exhausted and Bobbi laid there panting.
After resting Bobbi got up and went to the bath room ,there she ran a tub of water to soak. She was very quiet as I came in to clean myself up. After soaking she came out in a towel and went to her bedroom. I was still naked and grabbed her by her waist and pulled her tight to me .She told me that we could never do this again and if I had got her pregnant what would both our parents say. I kissed her again and told her that it didn’t matter I loved her . We started to kiss again and soon we were back in bed making love . I fucked her for over an hour then pulled out as I emptied my sperm all over her stomach.
It was hard not to show what we felt for each other. At school and other functions it was difficult to not touch each other. When I got my license It was like freedom to be by ourselves and explore all these sexual feelings. We fucked when ever the opportunity arrived until things had to change . What I loved most about Bobbi was that she would pretend to be asleep and then let me fuck her until she was awake. I developed a hunger for sleepysex at a early age …

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  • Reply nitecaptain ID:7ym0ttwt0i

    Bobbi was really my 1st cousin, and we grew up together experimenting with touch and feeling when alone. After we had fucked it became hard to keep dating a secret. As we got older, we dated other people that we would find for each other. Even though we both are now married we find time once in a while to have a sleepover and fuck ourselves silly.

  • Reply Cv ID:3xh9l99q

    The 4 part Donna story where they didn’t know what was happening was very hot!

  • Reply Cv ID:3xh9l99q

    Dude can you make a somnophilia story where a little brother drugs the older sister? Nice writing!

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    That cunt needs gangbang

  • Reply jusawittle ID:43ygugd9c

    I love sleepy sex too <3