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How to make your boobs grow

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Being the only girls in school with flat chests we wanted to find a way to make our breasts grow, so we went online and found out how.

It’s not easy being 12.

After returning to school after a long break, me and my friend Stephanie, were made pretty much outcasts, we were teased and picked on, because during the summer break, most of the other girls in school had started to grow breasts and were wearing bra’s and showing off their cleavage, but Stephanie and I were still flat chested.

I went around to Stephanie’s house after school and while in her bedroom we both took our school shirts off and compared our breasts, which were completely non-existent, we were both completely flat, the only bumps we had were our tiny nipples.

We tried a lot of things in an attempt to get them to grow, massaging our own chests for an hour every single day, eating healthy food, taking vitamins and supplements, we measured each other’s chests every day, but nothing was working, they weren’t growing.

“Why isn’t it working!” shouted Stephanie, in a huff, throwing the tape measure angrily on to the floor, then she jumped on to her bed and buried her face in to her pillow sulking.

“We need to try something else.” I said.

“Like what?” she asked, “We’ve tried everything.” She said.

I picked up her laptop and sat on the bed next to her, “Come on, let’s look it up.” I said, she sat up and we put the laptop across both of our laps, I typed in ‘How to make breasts grow’.

We spent a few hours looking online but only came up with what we’d already tried, eating healthy, taking vitamins, exercising, we saw some adverts for drugs that said they’d help but they were really expensive and the only other thing was breast implants, and we were far too young for that.

Then we saw a link to a chat room of people asking the same question, we read through all the posts and then saw a post with loads of likes, it mentioned a way to make breasts grow, and that it only works with young girls, “What is semen?” asked Stephanie, reading the post.

So we typed it in to the search bar and got the result…

“Semen: the male reproductive fluid, containing spermatozoa in suspension. Also known as sperm, cum, come, spunk, ejaculate, jism, jizz.”

We hadn’t heard of semen before but had heard of spunk, that’s when we knew what it was, “its boy’s spunk.” We both said at the same time.

“Does that mean we have to have sex?” I asked her, we looked at each other slightly worried.

Then Stephanie pointed at the screen, “No – Look…” she said, sounding relieved, “…It says swallowing semen helps young girls breasts grow in the early stages of puberty by boosting the body’s natural development cycle.” She said.

“So we just have to swallow it?” I asked.

“Yeah, looks like.” She said.

“But – How do we eat semen?” I asked.

Stephanie type it in to the search but it came up blank, the adult filters had blocked the results, “Filters and blocking it. We need to know.” I said.

“Mom said I’m not allowed to turn the filter off though.” Said Stephanie.

“Your mom won’t know if we’re quick.” I said.

Stephanie ran across the room and closed her bedroom door then came back and sat next to me again, I clicked the filter off button and re-entered the search, and we saw a link that read, “Eating semen.” So we clicked it.

It opened a video website and a video began to play, it was a close-up of a big breasted naked woman sucking on a man’s cock, his cock was absolutely huge by the way, at the end of the video the woman perched the cock on her bottom lip, she opened her mouth really wide and then semen flowed out of his cock in to her mouth and she swallowed it.

Stephanie and I slowly turned our heads and looked at each other, and said at the same time, “We have to suck a cock.”

We closed the laptop and started pacing around the bedroom thinking about how we were going to do this, “Who do we know that’s got a cock?” asked Stephanie, her question made me giggle, “Every boys got a cock.” I replied.

“I know that. I mean, whose cock can we suck?” she asked.

“Oh, I don’t know.” I said.

That’s when we heard Stephanie’s mother shouting up the stairs, she was shouting at her twin brother, Mark, telling him to clean up his bedroom, we heard him shouting back as he walked heavy footed across the landing and in to his room.

“What about Mark?” I asked.

“Eew – He’s my brother.” She replied, disgusted with my suggestion.

“He’s got a cock, and he’s right here. Stephanie, please, this could be our only chance. Do you want to be flat chested forever?” I said.

“No.” she replied, “How do we get him to let us do it?” she asked.

“Well, you know he’s got a bit of a crush on me.” I said.

“That was when we were 5. Not anymore.” She replied.

“Well, he might still like me. Let’s just go and ask him.” I said.

“How?!” she asked.

“What?” I asked back.

“How do we ask him? We can’t just walk in to his bedroom and say Hi Mark how was school, and by the way can we please suck your cock.” She said.

“Sure, why not. Lets just go do it.” I said, we put our school shirts back on and went across the landing to his bedroom and knocked on the door, “Can we come in?” I said.

“Whatever.” He replied.

We went inside and closed his door behind us, his room was pigsty, dirty clothes and mouldy food thrown all over the floor, he was sitting in his gaming chair playing on his console, “What do you want?” he asked.

“We need to ask you a question.” I said.

Stephanie and I kept nudging each other, trying to get the other one to ask the question because neither of us seemed to have the guts to ask, Stephanie nipped me on my arm and caused me to blurt it out, “Argh! – Can we suck your cock?” I said.

He instantly paused his game and sat up straight, “You what?” he asked.

For some reason we both went shy, “Can…Can we suck your cock. Please.” I said, nervously.

“Is this a prank?” he asked.

“No. We’re serious.” Said Stephanie.

“Prove it then.” He said.

“How?” we asked.

“Take your clothes off.” He said.

“Fine.” I said, starting to unbutton my shirt again.

Stephanie wasn’t too happy and she didn’t want to take her clothes off, “No. I’m not stripping for you.” She said.

“Do you want boobs or not?!” I said to her, she reluctantly gave in and started to undress herself.

When we’d both finished removing our shirts, shoes, socks and skirts, Mark then told us to continue, “Panties as well.” He said, he sat on his bed watching us as we both bent down, pushing our panties down out legs and stepping out of them.

“There. Happy now.” Said Stephanie, as we both stood there, butt naked, with Mark gawping at us.
“You are serious, aren’t you?” he asked, realising we weren’t messing around.

“We did what you asked. Now, give us your cock.” Said Stephanie.

“Alright. Alright.” He said, then he stood up and dropped his pants and boxer shorts to his ankles, “There you go. Have at it.” He said.

Stephanie and I slowly stepped towards him and then kneeled on the floor in front of him, we stared at his cock and balls as they dangled in front of our faces, “You first.” Said Stephanie, she didn’t have to tell me twice, I took hold of his chubby cock and slipped it in to my mouth.

As his cock grew and got harder in my mouth, I let Stephanie have a suck for a while, and we both swapped and took turns to suck on his erect cock, it was strangely relaxing, feeling his smooth yet bumpy cock gliding over my tongue and between my lips, it was nice, not as disgusting as I thought it would be, it was like sucking on a big finger, that’s all.

“Tell us when you’re spunk is going to come out.” I said, as Stephanie and I continued to share his cock between our mouths.

“It’s coming out. I’m fucking coming. Oh jeesh!” he moaned.

Stephanie and I sat cheek to cheek, our heads slightly tilted back with our mouths wide open with Mark’s twitching cock between both our lips, I reached up and gave it a couple of tugs, “Oooooh yeah! – Oooor!” he moaned, and his spunk came shooting out of the end of his cock.

We both moved out heads, scrambling to get it in our mouths as he blasted his spunk all over our faces, there was quite a lot of it, the first shot missed our mouths completely and flew between our faces, splatting on the carpet behind us, but we both managed to get a good mouth full.

After wiping it off our faces and licking it off our fingers, we licked the tip of his cock dry and swallowed every drop we could locate, it was warm and salty and very sticky.

“Can we suck your cock again later?” I asked him, he sat down on the bed, well, practically fell down on to it as his legs gave way after he ejaculated.

“Any time.” He replied, catching his breath.

We got dressed and went back to Stephanie’s bedroom, we were both jumping around happy, looking forward to finally having breasts.

I’ll be honest, we’re not sure if it was Mark’s semen or just natural development, but after a few months of sucking on his cock and swallowing his semen every day, our breasts finally started to appear and we finally got to go in to town and buy bra’s.

We became experts in giving blowjobs, totally mastered our technique and worked out how to get massive loads out of Mark every time.

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  • Reply 12 virgin girl ID:571h39qm2

    I wish my chest would grow… Can someone help me?

    [email protected]

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0ar

      Just eat. Diet and Exercise are actually not good for tween development. Estrogen, and Progesterone especially are lipophilic, so they tend to build up in fatty tissue. They’re also ultimately derived from Cholesterol. Breast (At least human mammaries) are partially fatty tissue, so the girls that try to “Eat healthy” (By middle age women’s standards) actually delay puberty a little. On the extreme end of the scale, athletes like gymnasts, and figure skaters delay puberty for years to conserve Angular Momentum. Eggs, and dairy are both good source of everything that goes into breast tissues. Since dairy ultimately comes from there, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0ar

      If you want a healthy diet that encourages breast (Hip, pubic hair, and uterine) growth without getting “Too fat.” (Up to you, it’s your body.) Eat all the nasty stuff like bacon, eggs, cheese, and heavy carbs like sugar, and starch early on. That gives you all day to burn off the excess. If you’re protein loading (Mostly for boys trying to build Muscle) that’s a good lunch, but you want lean protein sources, which tend to be more expensive. If you can’t sleep on an empty stomach (You have to sleep too) pack it with green and yellow veggies like salad, but make sure you have a good amount of yellow/orange veggies like corn, carrots, and ripe peppers. That’s all the trace nutrients that take a while to metabolize, but you don’t have excess calories to store as fat, laying down for 8 hours with the standard dinner, and desert. Again, save the tiramisu for breakfast.

    • Lauren ID:5u1ci0soid6

      Give it some time,they’ll grow and develop.

  • Reply Someone ID:vuf1mmm28

    Now those are some good girls wish I had 1 like that when I was growing up!

  • Reply Guy ID:28vffvzr9i

    Want to give me one