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My summer learning about sex

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He was an old man and I was 11 years old, I learnt a lot that summer. I will never forget Mr Larkin.

It was summer and I was 11 years old, we couldn’t go on holiday that year because money was tight, and so the summer school break seemed to last forever, normally that would have been great but as all of my friends and most of the kids and families on my street had got on holiday, I was pretty much by myself with no one to hang out and play with.

One day I was sitting on the fence at the end of my garden and Mr Larkin, an elderly man who lived down at the bottom of the street was walking down the road carrying garden tools, he was in his 60’s and looked like he was struggling, so I offered to help him and he accepted my help.

I didn’t know him that well but a lot of elderly people lived nearby because it was a very quiet and safe neighbourhood.

I helped with carry everything back to his house and he gave me an ice-cream as a reward, which was really nice, then we talked and I told him I was very bored so he asked me if I wanted to help him tidy his garden and do some planting, it was better than nothing so I said yes, I ran home to tell my mom where I was, she thought it was a lovely idea for me to be helping him, then I went back and Mr Larkin and I spent all day doing his garden.

For the next 4 days I went to his house every morning to help finish the garden off, I had a really good time and I made a new friend, even though he was very old, compared to me anyway.

One morning I went down to his house and he surprised me with a big inflatable pool in his back garden, I was so excited because it was boiling hot outside and being able to splash around in a nice cool pool was amazing, I raced home and get changed in to my swimming costume and then went back and played in the pool all day.

I helped Mr Larkin get in to his deck chair, he had bad knees and struggled to get in and out of a seat by himself, and then he drank his beer and watched me play, my mom came round and said she had been called by work and that she had to do a night shift and couldn’t get out of it, Mr Larkin kindly offered to take care of me and put me up for the night, he had become a good friend and mom trusted him and I had no problem with it, so I stayed the night at his house.

As it started to get dark I got out of the pool and Mr Larkin wrapped a towel around me and helped me dry off, I did notice that he spent a lot of time drying my butt, but didn’t think anything was up with that.

He told me I should head in to the house and get out of my wet swimming costume, that’s when I realised mom didn’t leave me any clothes, she probably thought I took some with me that morning before I went swimming, “We’ll find you something to wear, don’t worry.” He reassured me.

We went in to his bedroom and he searched through his drawers looking for something for me to wear, he pulled out a big t-shirt, “This should fit you. It’s as old as me, but in better condition.” He joked, “You try that on, love.” He said, handing it to me.

I thought it was odd that he just stood there looking at me, I was waiting for him to go out of the room so I could change, but he just looked at me, I was young and knew nothing of the world, certainly nothing about sex and stuff, I was a bit self-conscious of my body, but not enough for him to put me off, so I threw off the towel and wiggled out of my wet swimming costume, while he watched, and then put on the oversized and very baggy t-shirt.

“It looks good on you. Right, I’m going to get a bath, so are you alright to entertain yourself for a while?” he said.
“Sure.” I replied.

I headed in to the front room and put the TV on, Mr Larkin went in to the bathroom and ran his bath.

About 20 minutes later he called out for me, so I got up and went to the bathroom, I knocked on the slightly open door and he invited me inside, when I first walked in I saw him sitting in the bath naked and quickly looked away, “Can you help me out of the bath, darling.” He asked, I was kind of embarrassed, especially with him being the first ever boy, well, man, I’d seen naked, “Can’t you do it yourself?” I replied.

“My knees locked up, I can’t get out on my own. Please, love, I’d really appreciate it.” He said, I couldn’t just leave him in there, so I said okay and I walked over to the bath, keeping my head up and looking at the ceiling so I didn’t see his private place, I put my arms out for him to grab hold of and use for leverage to pull himself out.

He grabbed my arms but he was too heavy, and his weight pulled me over the side of the bath and in to the water on top of him, after the initial shock of falling in, we both started laughing, it was kind of funny.

I then realised that my hand was touching his privates and I jumped backwards and sat at the other end of the bath, “Sorry, Mr Larkin.” I said, I knew he’d felt me touching it and I thought I was going to get in trouble.

“That’s alright. Don’t you worry.” He replied, then he leaned forward and kind of picked me up and sat me on his lap, “Have you ever seen a penis before?” he asked, which I thought was a bit weird thing to ask.

“No.” I replied, feeling it touching my bottom, I was sitting on it, I was only wearing his old t-shirt, I didn’t even have panties on.

He asked me to give him my hand and then he placed my hand under the water between his legs and got me to touch his penis, it was very long and hard, “Would it be okay if I kissed you?” he asked, his question made me blush, “Uhm – okay.” I replied, I didn’t really know what to say, but I didn’t want to upset him, so I just said yes.

He repeated pecked my lips with short gentle kisses while motioning my hand up and down his penis, I started to rub it all by myself because I could tell that’s what he wanted me to do with it.

“You’re a very beautiful young lady.” He said.

“Thank you.” I replied, blushing even more, he then took the t-shirt off me and threw it on to the floor, it made a squishy sound when it hit the floor because it was drenched wet through from bath water, and then he started touching my private area.

“How does that feel?” he asked.

“Feels nice.” I replied, I had no idea why he was touching me or why he wanted me to touch him, I was so naïve, but it did feel nice him rubbing my special place, but then he pushed his finger inside me and it hurt, “Ouch!” I squealed.

“Shuuuush – it’s okay. I won’t hurt you.” He said, reassuringly.
He moved his finger in and out of my hole, and I was surprised at how good it felt, I couldn’t keep my legs closed and had to open spread them open, and my heart raced and breathing very heavily, “Does that feel good?” he asked.

“U-ha.” I gasped out with a nod and a pleasant moan.

He held on to me and turned me around to face him, he put his legs down straight across the bottom of the bath and I was straddling across his knees with his hard penis sticking up in front of me, he then lifted my butt up and pulled me towards him, I put my hands on his shoulders and his slid the top of his penis between my legs, “Sit yourself down…” he said, I felt his penis push in to my lady parts as I lowered myself down, I kept stopping because it hurt.

“…Keep going. Just let it slid on it.” He said

I very-very slowly lowered myself down and felt his penis stretching my lady parts open-wide, and then felt his penis filling an empty space inside of me, “Ungh – Ouch – Ooooh – Mr Larkin.” I moaned.

“Nice and easy. That’s a good girl.” He said.

“ – Ungh! – ”

It hurt for a while and I didn’t understand why I was doing what I was doing, but then all of a sudden the pain just faded completely, a tingly explosion went off inside my body, and I feel nothing but joy, I had never experienced such happiness, I smiled and started to bounce up and down faster, the bath water was splashing around so fast it caused waves which splashed out over the side of the bath, “Ungh – Ung!” I moaned.

Mr Larkin looked happy with my efforts and he encouraged and cheered me on, “That’s it. Go on girl. Oh, sweet lord.” He groaned.

I was really exhausted, my arms and legs were aching, but I couldn’t stop, I just kept bouncing up and down on his penis because I liked the way it made my lady parts feel, it was like his penis was scratching an itch, every time it went in me it just felt so good, I felt relief and pleasure from it, “Ungh”.

Then Mr Larkin groaned very loud, I thought he was having a heart attack at first, but then I felt something new, a warming sensation in my tummy, and his penis felt like it got wider inside of me, he had come in me, obviously I didn’t know or understand that at the time though.

I was both sad and relieved that it was over and I could finally rest, I laid on top of him and we stayed in the bath for about half an hour.

I eventually helped him get out of the bath and we went in to the kitchen and had some food, Mr Larkin was very nice and explained sex to me in a way that I understood, and he made me promise not to tell my mom.

He let me sleep in his bed with him that night and he gave me more sex in his nice soft bed.

I spent the next three weeks of my school summer holidays having sex with Mr Larkin in his house, every single day, I liked how his penis made my lady parts feel happy.

Mr Larkin sadly died a few months later, hopefully it wasn’t because of me working him too hard.

I’ll never forget him, he was my first and my best.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:6e4sml2h

    This got my dick hole wet,

  • Reply Mikel ID:7d2wr0km9k

    Sex every single day for for three weeks and then dead. Wonderful how almost every story here is about some super stud even at death’s door.

    Google some medical sites, guys in their 60’s with bad knees about to die don’t cum every day. If I want to read about supermen, I’ll buy comic books. Just a pinch of realism would be nice for a change.

  • Reply Lilolover ID:99uwotzm

    I fucked my neighbors daughter she’s 9 best pussy I ever had I would baby sit her for free they still don’t know

    • Anon ID:37299am9j

      Damn lucky! I would love to fuck a 9 year old. 11 is the youngest ive had.

    • Anon ID:37299am9j

      How do you explain what you’re doing to her? Thats the best part

    • Lilolover ID:99uwotzm

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    • Anon ID:37299am9j

      God damn thats so hot

  • Reply Anon ID:37299am9j

    Damn Ray! 10 year olds are alotta fun. Congrats on getting her pregnant so quickly!

    • Lilolover ID:99uwotzm

      I bred my neighbors daughter 9 Year old blond still trying to get her pregnant.

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      I bred a 10 year old .tried getting her pregnant. Came in her three times.

  • Reply Jay ID:22lqx5rhri

    Bruh the man is in his 60s not 80s lol I never seen a 60 year old that useless

  • Reply Donald Nickell ID:h6r7br4nq

    It would have been lovely that if he breed a baby girl inside your womb before he died. Wickr me 5205

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Good story, wish he a left you something more permanent before he passed, like a baby to remember him.

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    This maybe the hottest story I’ve read.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7ita5m1

    To all you youngins out there. just because we are getting older doesn’t mean our dicks stopped working. plus we have the most experience at teaching.

    • Trancoso ID:14s76leq6ia

      I have been fucked by a bunch of grown men to say you are correct!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7ita5m1

    Oh wow what a good story love. if it was real I just want to hug you like forever. you just made that man so happy and you learned sooo many things. her sex life will be outstanding from then on.

    • Trancoso ID:14s76leq6ia

      She might be fucking another old man as we type!