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My uncle’s love

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Who knew forbidden love could bring people closer(NOT REAL)

My name’s Jasmine at the time I was 11 c up boobs golden skin long hair I kept in pig tails and for a 12 year old thick thighs.

I was close to my uncle Matt he was talk had a thick beard with thick curly hair similar to mines he was take and bro buff but he kept in shape he was very young 22 might I say

We had our annual camping trip but when I turned 12 he still insisted on batching me and still rubbing lotion on me.

I didn’t mind it because I had a small crush on his and loved his touch when I say camping I mean in his 2 room cabin with a nice sized kitchen and living room we fish and catch Bunny’s.

I was looking forward to it sitting in the the passenger seat of the pick up truck.

His hand resting in my thigh we match dark jeans and a camo hoodie his hand cupped my cunt all of a sudden making me jump and look at him he smiled and moved it back to my thigh.

My cotton panties were a mess “uncle Matt I have to pee could we maybe stop” is aid after an hour of driving.

“Sure thing pumpkin”

He locked the truck and I stumbled down the hill and settled begins a bush but he settled right next to me shopping out his thick long meat.

He smiled at me stroking it I blushed and kept peeing I wipe myself with a wipe before kicking it under a leaf.

I looked away seeing a thick stream if pee coming out of his cock.

“Look at it pumpkin” I did I bit my lip becoming a wet mess I didn’t even know I could get wet.

Once he was done he tickled it into his pants a d we wipe out hands with wipes before heading back towards the road.

After 2 more hours it was dark and we were just now settling in I always shared a bed with my uncle and didn’t have a problem with it.

“Your uncle Matt’s gonna sleep naked I want you to sleep naked to” I looked at him and blushed.

“Why” he smiled caressing my cheek “by the end of the week we’ll be so close I promise don’t you wanna feel you uncle’s cock on your little bum”

“I do okay okay I will” he smiled and ruffled my hair.

I bit my lip “no bath Uncle Matt??” He chuckled “I’d never forget” he ran the water and he got in and I sat on his lap smartly there was 4 drains around the bath so it never got to wet in here.

But this was different his thick cock was in between the lips of my pussy.

“Do you feel your uncle’s cock baby” I nodded leaving back on his chest as he cleaned my stomach.

“Tell me what do you think if it” his raspy smooth voice always made my tummy go happy.

“I think it’s big and thick I like the sack that hangs it looks very good and when it touches my cunt it feel really good and Everytime I see it my cunt gets wet”

He chuckled and kept cleaning me at one point we humped it was the best feeling ever his cock slid through of my pussy lips and he told me never tell anybody about uncle’s loving.

We dryed and ate a snack before heading to bed.

Just like always he spooned me “you uncle loves you he’s gonna take your cherry and your gonna blossom like a cherry blossom greet pumpkin”

He changed our positions “do you want that would you like if your uncle touched you and fucked you down there” I cut my lip and nodded.

We kissed and he ate me out before he out the tip in my eyes teared up I cried as he fucked me for the first 19 minutes before I begin moaning it felt good.

He made me get on my knees and he got deeper he was ramming me “I’m gonna pee” I screamed “no pumpkin your gonna cum uncle’s gonna too he’s gonna make sure it gets all inside you” and he had not hung to worry about getting an implant in her when she was 10 by a daughter who supported what he was doing.

“I’m gonna cum uncle Matt” “cum for you Papa baby” I came hard and something hit and thick invaded inside me.

I collapsed and he pulled out so much stuff coming out of me. ” Call me papa baby” “goodnight papa”


My family had disowned me but my uncle payed then off to not tell the cops about how he fucked me at 11. I lived a happy life we moved to Texas a suburban area when I turned 18 band graduated.

Soon after we had Micheal and then I found out there wouldn’t be any defaults from in breeding because me and Matt weren’t relayed he was adopted.

After Micheal there was Kaylie and now I’m 7 months.

Micheal is 10 and Kaylie is 8, I softly moaned my leg was lifted a load to the side Matt’s cock slowly fucked me.

Before loud knocks came from out door. “PAPA MOMMA WAKEY WAKEY” I chuckled as he cleaned me and pulled out clothes on.

“God I’m so glad I have you uncle’s loving”

“Mmm me to”

There will be no part 2

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