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Daddys new start

Rosie was 5’1 with c cup boobs and a small bubble butt with pale skin and nice flowing Raven colored hair. Rosie’s dad Jim was talk and muscular with hair on his chest arms... # #

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This is a request for gaping pussy queen I didn’t know what animals to choose so I just chose wolfs I guess #

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The party

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My dad’s girlfriend

Rosie was 5’4 with a nice hourglass plump little butt and small c cup boobs and curly light brown hair she never got along with any of her dad’s girlfriends But yesterday... # #

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Train rides

Chloe loves in a busy town so she never took the metro because with her perky medium sized tits and curvy body she wanted to avoid being the many rape victims that happen But one night... # #

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My stepdaddy

Jasminedidnt have a good relationship with her mom particularly saying she hated her Jasmine was 5’5 with nice straight hair plump lips with 34b perky tits and a hour glass form... # #

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Family fucking fest

I’m Riley I’m 13 and I have nice big perky tits with a fit curvy body and with that every man in my household such ass my 3 brothers uncle and dad take advantage and grope... # # #

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Brother and sister

My name’s selena I’m 5’2 I have 34B cup books an hour Glass Fran and long wavy brown hair let’s not forget my plump lips. I lost my virginity to my uncle at... # # #

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I was fifteen at the time and all my friends were talking about how there boyfriend fingered them and they gave them blow jobs. My name’s Julia and I had 32B cup boobs and a nice... # #

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