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Pregnant at 16

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Young and stupid I thought I could get the boy

When I was in high school I had a crush on a guy I worked with. I wanted him to be my bf so bad. He was 19 very good looking. I easily gave him my virginity. In my mind that was it he loved me and I loved him.
His old brother was in the military and was home for a few days. And he brought a friend with him. So one night my bf called me and asked me if I wanted to hangout with the 3 of them do some partying. Well hell yeah I did so we were driving around in the friends truck me and my bf in the backseat making out. When my bf wanted sex I asked him maybe we should wait till we were alone but he insisted it didn’t matter to him they were in the front seat. So I got a condom and we had sex while having sex the friend pulled the truck into a parking lot. I wouldn’t look at them I new they were watching. After my bf finished the friend of his brother said he wanted to fuck me. I said no and held my bf tight I thought he would want to fight him. But he told me it’s alright they are always away from home so they don’t get to have sex. I would just be helping them out and no one would know. It’s not like what we have. I thought he loved me so I said ok I looked in my purse and didn’t have any more condoms and no one had any. My bf friend said just pullout I had never had sex without a condom and I was going to fuck a guy I just met today without one. I was stupid anyway he gets in the backseat and we are having sex I look at my bf he and his brother are watching and whispering the guy is talking dirty to me it’s like unreal. He doesn’t stop but says he doesn’t want a cum stains on his seats he going to cum inside me. I look at my bf he and his brother are just looking at me not saying anything. This guy is starting to speed up I don’t know what to say or do. I just say ok my bf brother said omg. Then it’s quiet and I feel him push in me then his dick like jerking inside me. He laid on top of me till he went soft and thanked me for the sex. Again I didn’t know what to say. No problem or something like that. As he got out now my bf brother got in the back seat said well I guess I’m last on this train then laughs so we have sex. After it’s over I want to go home they drop me off I go in my room and sleep. After they leave I go back to my bf house I didn’t want to see them ever again. Now the good thing is my bf and I are having sex without a condom it feels so much better he just pulls out. A month or so go by I find out I’m pregnant I believe it’s my bf when I tell him he calls me a slut and tells everyone what I did and I have fucked a lot of guys. Anyway after the baby was born and DNA test done I had his brother’s baby. His brother is a ass hole but we will be connected for life.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:3kfd37wshrk

    My next door neighbour is called Molly and she is 17 and knocked my door and said her boyfriend had kicked off etc I had mates there and so took her in and introduce her etc , and she instantly grabbed vodka bottle and poured herself large neat vodka and necked it back and another etc ,,, then 1 mate said to her , stop your 8 months pregnant, and she replied like this,!!!! She saw we had a big pile of coke on side yh and so she went and just made herself a line a metre long seriously and sniffed all up in 1 go and then she sniffed back hard and then said who’s got a cigarette so passed her 1 and she light up took few drags and honestly looked incredible and got as was taboo… And then she said she fancied me and said , would I fuck her if wasn’t pregnant, so I said drunk and sniffed up,,, why you want my cock yh !!! She said you offering it me ,,, so I said ok,,, and then me and my 7 friends all tipped out bags of coke out and made up 4 lines each did them and as kicked in I pulled her over and gave her note and said sniff them 2 lines and both were about 1.5 full weight gram in each line,,, and she just sniffed both up and then sniffed back hard and loudest sigh ever and then she took mates cigarette and took few big drags ,,, and then she kissed me Infront of mates yh,, and so as stopped she took another drag, and I couldn’t stop myself… I just said to her ,,,, here and filled straw with coke and then put coin covered in coke to her nose said sniff it she did and so then outright just asked her…!!! So what you after then and she winked looked and truthfully her answer

  • Reply Mummyboy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

    Hey do you have snapchat

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ihrc

    SO sorry you had to go through that alone. What a fucking dick some guys can be and gives us good guys a bad name. At the bare minimum they should of bought a morning after pill. I think all females should enjoy sex at any age they so chose and desire. some get there switch turned on earlier then others which is so cool. don’t even think sex is bad because it is hard wired in all humans and is as natural as is nudity. NEVER feel bad about having sex as it is your human right to seek pleasure as it is your body not anyone else’s. having sex is natural so all you young females out their wanting sex should be allowed to be taught the art of sensual sex and foreplay any time you so choose with any one you want no mater what age. plz enjoy your natural gift you have been given to it’s fullest.

    • Tonya ID:7zv2ykg8rj

      It’s all good now. It was mostly embarrassing people finding out I had sex with them the way I did. And it was a big shock to find out who my baby daddy was. I never thought it was him. After she was born when he came home for a weekend to see her I ask him if he was interested in us dating sense we had a daughter together. He said yes we spend the weekend together but it was mostly just sex. Then when he went back he stopped talking to me.