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My first time with a dog

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When I was a young teenager and beginning to explore my sexuality I wanted to have sex but was scared of losing my virginity. I had played around with boys letting them finger me but hadnt had sex with any of them. We lived out in the country and sometimes our neighbors hounds would stay around our property. I noticed one male was always trying to mount other dogs and I wondered to myself if he would do this to me if I let him. I waited until the perfect opportunity. It was afternoon after school and I knew I had plenty of free time before my parents got home from work. I led the dog into our woodshop with some bologna. I stripped down to only a tshirt and got on all fours. I crawled around him and at first he seemed disinterested. I crawled in front of him and raised my ass and pussy up. He immediately began sniffing, I could feel his hot breath huffing against my genitals. It was only a moment before he began gently licking my peach fuzz pussy. It felt better than anything I had before and I moaned loudly. His licks were slow at first but quickly grew more fervent. Soon he curled his tounge and lapped it into my virginal pussy. I yelped and lurched forward, but as quickly as I did so he gripped his fore legs around my waist and pulled me towards him. His sticky tip tapped clumsily against my ass cheeks a few times as he positioned himself above me. I started to regret my decision and I tried to push him off which only resulted in him griping me tighter and lifting my haunches completely up. He now had full access to my holes. His tip slapped clumsily against my vagina, then with a sudden lurch he fully penetrated me. I shouted and writhed under him, but he continued mating, completely indifferent to my struggling. My tight pussy hole burned, my thighs quivered. His thrusting was over almost as soon as it started. But then I felt a new sensation, more stinging and burning as my vagina slowly stretched to accommodate his knot. I yelled and tried to crawl away from him, which only resulted in more pain. My pussy tugged against his swollen knot, he was successfully locked into me as though I were a female dog. I stopped moving and tried to relax thinking it would help. He slowly loosened his grip and dismounted me. He moved off of me, moving his right back leg over my back so we were ass to ass, his knotted cock still in me. I shuddered as I felt him pulsing inside of me and I was surprised at my body’s response. Despite the burning and stinging, I could feel the inside of me tightening and loosening, my vagina milking out his cum. We remained in this position at least a solid 8 or so minutes before the combination of wetness, tightness, and his relaxing cock caused him to pop out, following by a spurt then gush of cum and blood. He began licking my pussy again, cleaning it off completely. This time as his tounge lapped into me it no longer stung and my lips quivered around it. It wasnt long after losing my virginity to the dog that I started having sex with boys I even tried a grown man I let him fuck me on all 4s but I kept going back to the dog there was nothing like being fucked by him and to this day I still have sex with dogs

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