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Little Babysitting Stories 3

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I’m Sofia and this is my 1st Babysitting experience with two young girls Maggie 9 and Mary 13.

Her ass smelled like Strawberries for some reason, probably because of the body cream she had on. Similar to the smell, she tasted yummy too.

She was still in the still bent down , my right hand was around her thighs, I held her tight so she won’t move. With my left hand I kept on pinching her baby nipples while sucking on to her butt hole.

Then after a bit I made her to stand straight and turned her face towards mine. And I asked her,

“did I hurt you huny?”

She said “no you didn’t”

“are you OK with me kissing you down there?”

“yes I do but it’s dirty there” she replied

Then I said “no baby, if someone loves you so much it’s never dirty, I love you, so it’s not dirty to me.”

Then as soon as she opened her mouth to ask the next question I pulled her close to me and pushed my tongue inside her cute half open mouth.

She left out a gasp and I felt it. I held her into my boobs so tight that I even heard her heart beat. I kept on exploring her mouth with my tongue and she really tasted so fine. I couldn’t stop kissing that fresh tasty 9 year old mouth of hers.

While tongue play and kissing I pinched both her nipples until she let out a scream “ouch”.. Then within seconds her nipples became reddish, I felt so bad.

So I sucked them both and made them wet with my Saliva. I wanted her to feel it and she kept on breathing and shaking her body accordingly.

Then I pushed two of my fingers into her mouth and said “suck them huny, good girl”

While she was sucking my fingers I completely cleaned her armpits with my mouth and when I did that she almost swallowed my fingers.

Little Maggie was Horny, I felt it. My pussy was dripping like a fountain and I was completely blown away by the fact that I’m tasting a 9 year old girl. Her face lost its innocence it had before, her expressions were very different.

She kept her eyes closed but she was holding my neck while sucking onto my fingers. I slowly took her down to the floor and I pulled my fingers out.

She opened her eyes and I asked her “are you OK Maggie?”

She replied yes with a concerned nod.

I asked her to spread her legs and she did it, Exposing her young unripe peach. It looked so fine and fresh. Her skin texture changed when it comes to her vagina, it had a light pinkish tone.

I reached down and spread her vagina with my both hands and she sure had a very tiny hole. I looked at her face and she looked so curious of what I’m doing.

Then I got closer to her peach and kissed her pink peach. Then I started to lick her thighs and her vagina. I bit on her inner thighs and even pulled her puffy skin around her vagina with my teeth. I sure knew it’ll make bite marks on her but I wanted to make my mark on her, to say that she’s mine.

I went all the way into her vagina with my tongue. Went up and down in a circular motion until she started to make fists. She started to get a little stiff and hard to control.

So I became a little more rough than before. I held her tight while sucking her pussy. She was so little and confused so it was easier for me to handle her. I could have tied her up if we were doing this inside the house,it would have been more exciting than this I thought.

Anyhow I kept on ramming my tongue inside her hole, I sucked onto her and drank everything that came out of her.

Then I sat down on the floor and took her into my lap. I held her again with my left hand I stretched her left leg with my right leg and I pushed in a finger into her now red vagina, without even thinking about it.

She left out a huge scream but I was covering her mouth while holding her, so it didn’t reached out.

I pushed it more into her and her eyes went up and she lost it. If I wasn’t holding her tight she might have fallen down. Then I took it out of her and sucked my finger to taste her fresh virgin juices.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, I gave her a smile and asked her to relax. She closed her eyes again slowly like inviting me to invade her.

I pushed in the same finger on her pussy again and I took my middle finger to her butt hole. Then I pushed it in while keeping my other finger inside.

It was a bit hard to finger her butt hole but I slowly made my way through it. She left out a tiny gasp and I was amazed at how much she could take. I slowly pushed and pulled my fingers out and in of her both holes and every time they went in she lifted her hips up like she was feeling it in.

My middle finger completely filled her butt, I felt her anal walls breathing on my finger.

I slowly increased the speed and started to fuck her fast. Her eyes were closed and her lips were open, she felt a bit loose than before and she even let out some cute sounds out of her mouth without even knowing it.

I went in more faster every time and finally she went stiff again, she held on to my hand so tight like with an energy she never had before.

I didn’t stop, I kept on finger fucking her faster.

I told her “let it go baby I know you want to let it go”

Then suddenly I felt something on my fingers and of course she peed a little. Poor thing had her first Squirt with my fingers ramming on to pussy and her butt hole.

After a few seconds she completely went stiff on my arms, shaking like a fish out of water and finally she went down like a good girl. So I slowly took my fingers out of her.

I kept her down on the bathroom floor and I took a look at her. She was completely out, breathing heavily, her little chest went up and down. Her whole body was red she just had her first orgasm.

Then I looked at my dripping fingers and I sucked them both, swallowing every inch of her butt & pussy juices.

Then I looked at my pussy and it was wet like crazy, even my juices were on the bathroom floor.

I went around Maggie and came to her head side. She was lying down with her eyes closed. I sat on top of her face without giving my body weight and rubbed my dripping pussy on her face.

She didn’t said anything and she looked so tired.

“open your mouth and stick out your tongue” I told her

She did like I said,

“now drink it like I did to you before”

She started to lick and kiss it, I put my knees down and I completely sat on her face. Then I bent down and held her feet to keep balance.

Then I rode her face slowly. She was really tasting me I felt it and without even knowing I came on her face like I never did in my life. I couldn’t believe that I had an orgasm on a 9 year old girls face and that it was the best one I ever had.

After that I carried her into the tub and we both took a long bath. I cleaned her and myself properly. I even had an another orgasm on the tub. Then we came out with our towels and Mary asked us,

“what took you so long?”

And I replied “you are next Mary”

– To Be Continued –

(Again sorry for my English grammar. Thanks for the support you guys are giving me. Let me know if you want to read more similar stories. I have dozens of Babysitting experiences that I would like to share with you all)

Thank You

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