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My special girl

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I’m a 56-year-old man born and raised in southern California. For the last thirty years of my life, I have devoted myself to my job, as an 8th-grade teacher. This has been the only thing that kept me going after an ugly separation from my wife of twenty years. It isn’t so bad, the pay is good and there is some real eye candy. I haven’t done much but stare until I was introduced to “Diana”. She had been enrolled in my class about two months ago and I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off of her. She is a very short girl for her age, with the most beautiful brown eyes and skin, and most importantly a great shape. Her boobs weren’t anything you have to imagine since she always had them on display, wearing shirts that were obviously too tight around her bust. One wrong move and the buttons to her shirt would fly across the room. It didn’t take long for her to have everyone in her class wrapped around her fingers, well mostly the idiotic boys in her class that don’t know how to contain themselves around a beauty like her.

About a month ago, she started doing tasks around my classroom because it would be counted towards her service hours for high school. She always had a smile on her face when through the difficult task which made me admire her even more. Her smile was infectious, and the smell of her body was intoxicating, like a drug. I can’t remember how many times I’ve had to hide that I was hard under my desk. I knew she wouldn’t willingly let me have her so I knew I had to take what I wanted. I’ve battled this thought for weeks because I knew what the outcome would be but half of me didn’t care anymore.

Since this week was the last week of school not many kids showed up. There were easily only about eight kids that were in Diana’s class so I knew this was on chance. Like always, she wore a button-up shirt that was once ago tight on those lovely tits of hers. It helped that she was showing some cleavage. She sat down my usual and I decided to put on a movie since lessons ended last week. It felt like hours until the bell for the third period rang and I decided to ask Diana if she could stay back so she could help me with some more tasks…for service hours of course. Things were going smoothly until I noticed that she had on a skirt that was way too short.

Anytime she bent over I would always get a sneak of her white panties that were wedged around her pussy lips. I couldn’t stand it anymore so as she was bending down again I pressed myself against her. A yelp came from her mouth and she immediately backed up while asking what I was doing. I had enough a backed her into the corner of my classroom, she tried to push me away but I was way stronger than her. She kept fighting me while I was removing her shirt, finally, I had enough and yanked her shirt open causing all the buttons on her shirt to come loose. She had on a beautiful white lace bra that wasn’t doing any justice in covering her boobs up. I immediately started fondling her breast and twisting her little brown nipples around with my fingers. I knew she was enjoying it by the whimpers and moans escaping from her lips but since she started to get too young I pushed my lips against hers and we shared a passionate kiss. As we continued kissing my hand slowly made its way to her wet cunt. She tried to push my hand away, but I forcefully shoved my hand down her panties and started rubbing her pussy. More moans escaped her lips as she buried her head into my shoulder and asked me with a low voice to “stop”. I started to remove her panties, pushed her against the wall, and got on my knees. I immediately buried my face into her bald cunt and swirled my tongue around her clit several times causing her to moan loudly. She tasted exactly how I expected, very sweet. This continued for minutes until she finally released her sweet cum into my mouth.

I slowly got off my knees and unbuckled my pants. Only one thin piece of fabric was keeping me away from fucking this beauty. She was covering her face in shame while tears fell down her cheeks, I still didn’t care. Finally, I released my penis from my restraining underwear. I immediately started brushing my cock around her clit causing her to flinch in pleasure. I made sure the wetness from her cunt fully coated my tip before I pushed myself into her virgin hole. She started whining loudly so I quickly had to cover her mouth. I started thrusting deep inside her, I wanted to make sure she really felt me. This continued for a few minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore and I ejaculated deep inside her pussy. No words were spoken as we cleaned ourselves up and she didn’t return to class after that day. I don’t think she has told anybody considering I still have my job…

Guys, I’m actually a 16-year-old girl and if you wanna talk to me I’m active on my kik again again:

Sorry if I haven’t answered many messages until now..

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