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Hot little momma

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10 year old daughter beautiful little girl wife she left me with little Emma one day needed to get something I thought hers my chance she had a cute little ass slim blonde we go to the living room sit down on the couch watching cartoons I rub her little back stroke her hair I’m getting hard at that point I rub her smooth legs I rub her thighs rub her pussy she looks at me your not supposed to touch me there I tell her it’s what boys and girls are supposed to do her little worried face come here I tell her I pull out my cock her little shocked face looking at it I tell her to touch it she wouldn’t I grab her she fights me I put her mouth on my cock suck it bitch forcing her head down on it choking I see the door open it’s my wife she opens the door with a mad face I think I’m fucked then she smiles with thumbs up she comes in she grabs Emma’s head starts forcing her good little girl suck that cock she’s crying wife tells her we are gonna make you our little whore fuck toy she pulls Emma’s pants down come here she says she gets on top of the little girl pinning her down she spreads her ass she looks at me let’s make her a women I get up she spits on her pussy I rub my dick up and down her pussy lips I find the entrance she squeals under my wife as I thrust in beautiful pussy lips wrapped around my cock I start thrusting she stops crying starts hearing little grunts moans wife gets off her she doesn’t fight I flip my daughter over my wife kisses her on the lips good girl she says I spread her legs I put in back in I’m fucking her my wife takes her shorts off gets on her face start licking I’m fucking my daughter my wife is sitting on her face she’s licking her moms pussy I start to cum I spill my nut in our daughter now we do it everyday Emma loves her mommy and daddy we got us a little whore maybe get Emma pregnant so I can fuck my granddaughter

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    Yes teach that sugar pussy how to cum and please. And when you get a granddaughter if you start playing early enough she will be having orgasms before she can talk. Mmm the little ones squirter piss when they cut

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    Does anyone proofread their stories before they post them?

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    How much you want let me have it for a week

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    Fuck I will pay you money to let me fuck that little hoe

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    W T F? What you have written here makes no sence…………………….. 10/04/22

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    You really are one sick bastard. No wonder your wife left you . You was able to enter a 10 yr old so easily. Shoot yourself

    • No one ID:3zaq0tuhd9k

      The wife helped you dumbass she just left for the day. Though the writer could’ve done much better on grammar and punctuation

    • Ron ID:1a9277v0

      Why are you here if this bothers you?

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