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A perv in the swimming pool

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Im 17 and i love the girls at the local swimming hall

In the summer it happened that I went to the public swimming pool alone because all my friends were out of town. I always swam a few lengths and sunbathed in the water but it was always very boring. There were a lot of girls in bikinis at the pool and I got a boner. I thought about how I could get rid of it because I wanted to get out of the pool. I waited but my cock stayed hard and I turned to the wall and started jerking off. I kept looking at the asses of the girls there and I felt what it was like to cum in the water. I don’t think anyone saw it and was finally able to get out of the pool. In the afternoon the weather got worse and thunderstorms started. Warnings were issued and people were brought into the indoor pool. Not wanting to leave yet, I went into the hot tub. A mother came into the pool with 2 children, 1 boy and 1 girl. The mother had the boy in her arms and the girl was leaning out of the hot tub because it was higher than the other pools. The mother talked to the son and I could look at the little peach ass from behind without any problems. Her children’s swimsuit wrapped itself perfectly around her still smooth pussy. Her ass was hanging out of the pool and her bathing suit was clinging to her wet skin, making the suit even tighter. Her ass was hanging out of the pool and her bathing suit was clinging to her wet skin, making the suit even tighter. Because of the whirlpool the water wasn’t clear and you couldn’t see through it and I jerked off in front of them. Suddenly the girl turned around again and sat down normally again. Her torso was still sticking out and her baby breasts were stuck to her bathing suit and her nipples were perfectly visible. Then others came and the mother went out with her kids and I had to stop and got out of the hot tub. I was still horny and sat on a stairway leading to the non-swimmer pool. Many children ran through there and I saw my chance. Every time a young girl came by, I grabbed her leg for a short moment and got hornier and hornier. I was so horny and I thought of a violent thing, I could go to the girls’ locker room or shower. So I went in the direction of the changing rooms and showers, but I remembered that there were more other women in the shower who would notice that very quickly. So the changing rooms, there were a lot of changing rooms. I looked around the lockers and changing rooms to see if I saw a girl walking in. Then she came, a dark haired Asian looking girl. About 11 years old, she went to locker room 17 alone. The locker rooms are so old you can slide the locks from the outside. I did this and the girl was confused. I told her I mean no harm and that she should shut up. I locked again and she looked at me. She was wearing a pink bikini and I said to her that I would help her change. So I took her bikini top and undid the knot. Her flat breasts were seductive and sweet. I couldn’t wait to see everything. So I undid the knots on either side of her small waist and then her panties fell down. Underneath put her young pussy. She still had a wet body so the water rolled down her body and I got damn hot. I said to her: “Now it’s your turn, I have to change my clothes too and I did it for you too, so now you’ll do it for me.” She said: “Should I do that? I don’t know you”. “DO IT NOW!” I said softly but aggressively. So she took her hands and grabbed my pants and pulled them down and saw my cock hanging. “What is that?” she asked. I was puzzled because I thought she had sex ed before. “It’s my baby maker. Together with a woman you can make babies with it”. “How does it work? How do you do it?”. My thoughts literally exploded and it fell out of me: “Would you like me to show you? You can already do that. I mean, you’re a grown woman”. “Yes I can do that?!?!”. We looked into each other’s eyes and I kissed her. My hand slid to her ass and breasts. I played with them and their nipples. She moaned and I sucked on her breast. She flinched and jumped when the tip of my cock touched her. “How did he get so big? He was just so small?”. “You can only make babies when a man is having a lot of fun and I have.” “And what are we going to do with it now? Can I touch it?”. I nodded and she hesitantly began to touch him. She tried to get her hand around it, which she barely managed. “For the man to have more fun, you have to rub it. Up and down”. She looked at me and did it. She used both of her hands to rub it. It was very rough but felt good. I pushed her to her knees and said, “I’ll show you another way to make a man happy. Open your mouth!” “Wha…”. I pushed my cock into her mouth and bobbed her head back and forth. She looked confused and I said, “Use your tongue and move like I just did with your head”. So she did, and despite the pressure, it felt good. I asked “do you want a baby or should we stop?”. “No please I want a baby so much”. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back up. In the dressing room there was a small bench to sit on and I placed it on it so that I could ram my cock into it while standing. So I took my cock and slowly let it slide into her pussy. She was so stretched by my cock and she was moaning so hard I thought someone was about to cum over it. Blood came out on my tail. I popped her cherry. I took her by the legs and slowly fucked her. I enjoyed her tight Asian pussy so much. I picked her up and pressed her against the changing wall and continued to fuck her while standing. She grabbed my torso and clung to me. I was getting faster and faster and she wanted to moan loudly. To make her quiet I kissed her again. I took her ass and fucked harder so you could hear the clapping. “Not long then you’ll have the baby you want,” I said, realizing I was coming soon. I felt it so much. I felt like I could explode at any second and shoot liters of my sperm into her.I got rougher and harder. Everyone had certainly heard that someone fucks in it. I came inside her but didn’t stop and just continued to fuck her hard. I pulled my cock out slowly and watched the full load of cum drip out of her. She trembled and asks, “Where’s my baby?”. “Unfortunately you have to wait for that. The baby has to stay with the mother for 9 months and sleeps there. Unfortunately you can’t wake him up earlier”. “But I want my baby” she said and started to cry. First I tried to calm her down, but when she didn’t get quieter, I took my pants and her bikini and I quickly got away from there. every time i was in the pool i checked on the girl. Whether she was there, whether she was pregnant, but I never saw her there again. I still use the bikini today to squirt in it and remember having sex with her.

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    Im into a 10 yo girl, she always flirts with me and teases me. Being a pedo doesnt mean your a fag. TRUST me on that ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Kys plz,ok stories but i want stories about peagle age people this i have a mild rape fetish not pedo bullshit ewwwww

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    bro are you okay in your head

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    Bro you got a sad little life fam.

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      stfu dumbass this is a sexstories site just get off this site or dont read the story if you dont like it

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      Bullshit show some human decency and write about proper age people you fuck wit creepy pedo marcel ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ

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      Marcel is a faggot