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I drugged her

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Seeing her 11 year old body was driving me nuts with last.

The single mother and her black haired daughter moved in down the hall from us on new years and my mom told me to go help carry in the boxes which were lined the hallway. The woman thanked me for my help after we got the hallway cleared and asked me if I knew any teenage girls in the building who would like to do some babysitting. Well the only teenage girl I could think of is dating and is out just about every night. The mom then asked if I would be willing to do some sitting for her. I looked over at a very cute girl and thought why not give it a shot, so I said I would give it a try.
The next week the mother came to our door asking if I could sit on Friday night and stay all night cause the place where she works wanted her to do a all nighter. That was fine if me cause hell I had nothing other then homework to do anyway. See I’m kind of a nerd and if girls talk to me it’s only to make fun of me and my looks. I’m turning 16 this summer and have never been on a date.
On Friday night I got to know Tara, that’s her name and we got along OK but when bed time came Tara began giving me trouble. At first she said it wasn’t her bed time but I showed her the note her mom give to me. Then she said she didn’t have to have a bath before she went to bed and I showed her the same note again. Finally she give in and went to have her bath.
Went she came into the front room I felt my cock rise in my pants cause she had a t-shirt on that didn’t cover her bellybutton and the panties must have been from when she was a lot younger cause they looked painted on and I could see her camel toe very easily. I didn’t know what to say but give in and let her stay up a extra hour.
The next morning when her mom got home, she thanked me and asked if I could sit again next Friday night just like I had just done. I said I would be happy to do it. All week I thought about those panties and what was inside. I had dreams of touching my first pussy and maybe even tasting her pussy. I wondered if it smelled like my mom’s dirty panties do or if being young smells better than that. I had no idea on how to get her to let me then I remembered when my dad hurt his back they give him some pills for pain but they made him sleep so hard we couldn’t wake him up for hours. When I checked they were still there in the bathroom and took one. I remembered dad had taken 2 but he’s over 300 Lbs and Tara mite be 80 so 1 should be enough.
When Friday came around I was ready. I had grounded the pill into powder and had it ready for use. It was the same as the last Friday, we watched TV and when her bath time got close I told her I would make her a milkshake if she had her bath on time and she could stay up for a hour like last time before she would have to go to bed. Tara liked that and as soon as her bath was done she walked in the front room wearing what looked like a man’s t-shirt which went down half way to her knees.
As she drank her milkshake her t-shirt moved up higher and higher as she sat on the couch beside me. It took maybe 10 minutes for her to finish her shake. In about 20 more minutes she was falling sideways and I picked her up taking her to her bedroom. I put her on her bed and she said she felt funny. I give her a half an hour before I checked on her. She was sound asleep and I tried to wake her but she would only groan.
I pulled her covers off and with her facing away from me I could see the t-shirt had moved up the her waist and I was looking at her very nice bare ass. I slid my hand over her ass cheeks feeling how firm they were and part way between her legs feeling how warm she was as well.
I lifted her into a sitting position and removed her t-shirt and as I did I noticed that her tits looked to be starting to form and she had a few hairs on her pussy as well. I wondered if she had her period yet or if she was still to young for that. I got undressed and got on the bed beside her naked body and began touching her pussy as I took her nipple in my mouth. I noticed that as I rubbed to top part of her pussy she would give little Jerks and at times give little moans. I pulled her legs apart and looked closely to see if she had a sore or something but noticed a little white nub and when I rubbed it she moaned even more and after a bit was lifting her hips. At the time I wasn’t sure what it was but she seemed to like it so I decided to tasted her and put my mouth on her pussy which was leaking something out of her hole. It didn’t taste bad at all unlike my mom’s panties did and when I liked that nub she pushed her pussy into my mouth. I began licking her harder and faster on that nub and as I did she began to jerk and moaning louder with ” OH OH OHs” mixed in. She finally went stiff as a broad as she gives these jerks but not a sound. It scared the hell out of me cause she stopped breathing as well.
I noticed that the stuff coming out of her was flowing a lot more now and I thought I would rub my hard cock on her pussy to see what it felt like, well I got carried away and somehow I pushed about half of my cock I side of her making her scream.
I froze and her eyes were wide open but didn’t seem to be looking at me. Her eyes slowly closed again and after a few more minutes I began to slowly fuck her. She was so tight and hot around my cock and with a face of a angel I just couldn’t stop myself from fucking this tiny girl. I knew I was going to cum but couldn’t stop filling her with my first of 3 loads that night.
I was awake all night cause I seen there was blood from me breaking her in and then cum and where ever else so I had to wash her sheets and her before remaking her bed and putting her t-shirt back on. I think I fell asleep about 6:30 and her mom was awaking me up telling me what a good sitter I was but she wouldn’t be needing me anymore cause she had got a new job offer.
It turned out that the job was in a different town so they moved away but my mom told me that she had heard that Tara is pregnant and not even 12 yet. She said she is so happy that I’m away from that family.

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  • Reply Rooter ID:1eipg8wfdfxw

    My daughter is 11 and started her periods, that is a turn on for a dad.

    • Gonzo ID:fx7itamzl

      That’s fucking hot!

    • Darrell Nickelln ID:3zxjmhgw20b

      That great. If she a heavy sleeper and a virgin you can cum on the front of her pianties or pussy and let you cum soak into her pussy.
      So she can get pregnant by you with out her knowing..
      You can put your cum in her food to. Like milk , ice cream ,pudding anything cold to kept your cum fresh.
      I hope you let her have sleepovers at your house so you can do that to her friends to..
      [email protected]

  • Reply Wtf ID:1ah770leqra

    U got her prego u ruined her life shes not even 12 yet youngest mother in the world! Poor girl

  • Reply gerrard ID:1fjhg5nrm99

    Stop please harder she shouted,then I was really ready to cum,but managed to calm down,now Cassandra this is where it gets real,I’m going to fuck you now,it’s gonna be sore for about 1minute but once I’ve broken her,it will get nicer,I said ok so I played with her again until she was really soaking wet,I used her cum to live myself up ,u said in going to go into all the way one push and she will find it easier,she said ok,so I pulled her legs over my shoulders just pushing all the way to the hilt,man so tight lovely,so after I was in she was telling me please stop your hurting me ,I said it will get better and the hurting only lasts for little while,I slowly pulled nearly all the way out then in again three times started rythem,that’s when I noticed she was shoving into my cock ,she started whimpering little moans. Is that nice, better now,she never answered just shoving her pussy into me,she had third orgasm I fucked her hard rough until u came inside her,I pulled out cum running down her thighs, asked her really is she glad she let Daddy show her good sex,she said I will be in your bed every night until mummy comes home,I told her promise not to say anything to anyone she said but Daddy my mommy wanted you to do this as it’s the best way to learn that’s how she learned,from her daddy too,and her Grandpa,I wasn’t surprised as I caught my fiance coming from er father’s room

  • Reply gerrard ID:1fjhg5nrm99

    If I’m naked she will be naked, cause when her mother went to work on school holidays she used to come into my bed, anyway I pulled her t-shirt over her head,then I layed her back down pulling her panties off slowly,she was nervous and red faced,I said that’s better told her that has she watched dirty movies,she said no I said it will show you how a young girl likes it when an older man doesx things to her,I put it on ,film about young girl staying the weekend with her Grandpa,any way I’m going to make her feel so good,first I will give her a little massage,my hands feeling her all over then kissed her neck loweridown to her little puffy boobs, giving them a tweak,kiss,suck till they stood up,then goes down to her belly then kissed the top of her pussy, bypass her pussy and clit, opening her legs kissed touching her inner thighs teasing her, asking is that nice she murmured mmm,that is when I started kissed licking her pussy lips,then started using my fingers on her clit very slowly,she could keep still,then I really suck her clit ,fingers rubbing her clit harder until her bum lifted of bed towards my mouth , trying to get me to rub her harder,she started to twich moan ,oh oh what’s happening I told her she is comic after a little bit she calmed down but my fingers was soaked,I show her telling her she just came,went back to watching porn I asked how nice was that ,she said she would like it again if ok but I’m going to get her to sit on me facing me legs wide one at each side of my legs,so I wouldn’t have to rub or usemy hands,she must help ,so I had massive 8inch hard throbbing cock by then I pulled her forward hard putting my cock between pussy lips so I was using it to rub her clit,man did she start to grind hard moaning nmm yes ,told her to turn round so she was in cowgirl position,my hand pulling her pussy lips apart my cock in between it clit rubbing hard. My fingers a little in her pussy,she bounced all over the place until she squirted, screaming for me not

  • Reply gerrard ID:1fjhg5nrm99

    Done that,she was same age but was my step daughter, always teasing me when she came out of shower, little towel just covering her front,so when she walked by me her little cute bubble butt on show she knew what she was doing,she likes to sit on my lap,I asked her if she was cold,she said she was I said I’ll rub you a little get you hot,so I started to rub her little natural tanned legs,my hands going up to her thighs,she just sat there with a smile,that’s when I said to her ,you know I had to come into your room last night,cause I think there was something wrong or maybe you were I’ll,but when I looked closer I saw her playing with herself, telling her don’t worry every girl does the same,you were really getting so excited and pushing your pussy up in the air,how often do you do that,and for how long,she said she done after being in the shower last week when I was washing and got little tingles and four out it was nice,so what do you think about when you’re playing,I said boys touching your little pussy wishing there fingers were doing that to you,she got a red face blushed beetroot color, while my hands were at top of thighs I put my hand meet her pussy gently rubbing, she parted her legs a little so I put my hands started very gently touching her clit,she has a pussy that is providing, lovely,she never knew I when in her room I pulled off her duvet saw it man it was lovely,I said does that feel nice, smiling,so I pulled her panties to one side rubbing she started squirming heavy breathing panting,I said I can teach her how to play with her self to make sure its more exiting for her,want me to,her mother worked away a month at a time,I said but I’m going to record it as I don’t want reported to anyone or her mother finding out,I said want to sleep in my bed tonight,she said yes,so we went up to my bed,I always sleep naked,she knew that,so I undressed in front of her jumping into bed beside her ,I started touching his again but I said sit up she did I said if I’m n

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    I wanna be used like this so bad 🙁

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  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Ok story, has plenty of spelling errors. But you know that you successfully bred her.

    • Dis ID:37ge2dj5t0d

      Hi how do I get in touch with you

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2t0b

    to easy to add and find the guilty party especially since she had no boyfriend or dated.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2t0b

    I’m not even going to rate this. pore girl, you ruined her life with no satisfaction or recollection on her part. I hope this is just a story not a statistic.