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Brothers video

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Your brother is meant to be the one that always protects you but mine decided to let his evil side out

I’m 16 and my brother is 18 . We are looks wise the total opposite . He is 6.2 and muscle bound . Plays football at school and is captain . Me in that tiny little blonde with hardly any titts or chest and a pussy that well is to tiny . He use to always look out for me at school buy at home was that brother . Always trying to sneak a look or feel . It was a Thursday night I was in the shower doing my hair and once I could see again I saw him there and told him to get out . As he was he just said knew you had a nice set of titts and damn that ass and pussy looks so tight . I was so mad . Well that weekend my parents went away on business . They knew we were old enough to look after ourselves . I thought it was nice that night as my brother said sorry for the shower and said he would make us dinner . We ate and he said ill get us a movie and we can just relax the night . Not long into the movie i started to feel tired so went to bed . Not long after being in bed I got this weird feeling . Nothing worked my legs wouldn’t move . I couldn’t speak only sounds came out . My body wouldn’t move . Next thing I remember is waking up naked with him naked beside me . I know it’s weird but the first thing I noticed was he was big . I mean yes id seen a penis before but I always thought all were like 7inch and this thing about these guys with 11 or 12 inch cocks was a story but hmmm not so . I then saw the blood on my sheet . I said what the fuck have you done . He smiled and said well you are about to find out . You see last night I put a couple of pills in your dinner . One that would make you nice and Limp and make you half pass out . The other to make your body horny as hell . Now sit back and watch the movie and if you don’t and if you say anything to anyone I’ll push send to all the school and mum and dad . I watched as he pushed play . I saw him undressing . I could see me laying on the bed . He walked to me and took off my pj top and bottoms . I saw him lift up my legs turn to the camera and say hey sis needed a good view for your movie . I could see my tiny slit and tiny anal ring . I saw him rest my legs on his shoulders . I watched as he started to rub my clit with a finger . My thought was omg my brother has done this to me. I was in shock as I heard a moan . The drugs must have taken control of me . I watched as he kept rubbing my clit . Seeing it swell and start to pop out of its hood . Then I heard another moan come out of my mouth . I could see my slit start to glistene . Omg I can not be getting aroused . He looked at me and said yep the drug worked sis . Then I saw my clit fully out of its hood and erect . I then watched as I saw his huge cock rub up and down my slit . I watched as I saw it start to let the tip of the head in . Seeing it wrap around it . I watched as he was moving the tip back and forward . Seeing my little slit open little bit by little bit . I see his cock move and I instantly see my little hole . My pink slit slowly closed and then he rubs the head along it again and I see the head fully disappear . I hear me take a deep breath and moan . I watch as I see the head of his dick moving in and out . My hole stretching as he does . Seeing it gripping it as he pulls it out then see it expand as he pushed back in . I see it give up its fight and part of his shaft go in . I watch as he slides in and out . I am amazed watching my slit fold with him fucking me . My hole now letting it in . Then as I see he get that little extra in I hear myself moan and a grunt and him say time for my next cherry . I watch as he pushes in hard and him pull out . His cock has traces of blood on it and trickles of blood run out of my pussy . I know my own brother just took my virginity . I get to watch as he continues to fuck my pussy . I see his cock get in a little further . He is now slowing down . Watching my pussy react with him upsets me . Then I will never get over what happenes next . I see his cock coming out and back in and each time for about a minute I see more and more white cream on it . He looks at me and said yes sis you orgasmed and creamed on my cock it’s why I gave you the other stuff I wanted your body to act to being fucked even with you out of it . Next I hear him say fuck yes I’ve hit it . He looks at me and says oh don’t worry I just pounded your cervix for a bit . I watched as he nearly 3/4th of his cock was just pounding me . Then him push deep in and stay there for a but then pull out . I pop sound as he did . I watch as he gets off the bed . I see my hole slowly close . Then my nightmare as I see cum dripping out of me . Blood still dripping alittle . I watch my Limp body leaking his cum . He turned it off looked at me and said if you say shit it gets sent and mum and dad I know have a few business weekends away coming up so do as I say or I send it

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  • Reply Anon

    Tell the police and tell them he has a video he’s threatening to send to everyone you know your under 18 so that video is highly illegal more so then it’s a video of him raping you if he sent that that’s a long time in prison and the people places like that would beat the hell out of him or worse for what he did

  • Reply jackyboy

    a very good start. next part?