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Hunting 8th grade boys walking home from middle school

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Many women like to please their man and that includes me too. However once you get a taste of pleasing and teaching younger boys it becomes an addiction. I worked my way from 18 to 20-year-old boys to high school boys and I’ve settled on 8th grade boys as the perfect ripe age to teach sex to. Typically an eighth grade boy is either 12 or 13.

The way I lure them in is I go to the next county over which has a lot of population and therefore a lot of middle schools and I drive my motorhome and seek out a shopping center that’s next to a middle school and the boys and girls walk past the shopping center to get home.

Like I said my motorhome can drive and it is not that big but it has a small area for eating at a table it has one small bedroom and a small toilet and shower and the door is in the rear portion. On the side.

The technique I use is that I have three boxes and each box can hold approximately 15 or 20 cans of food. I take the canned food and mix them all up so each box has tuna or ravioli and soup and things like that and they’re all mixed up. I then unload those boxes at the bottom of the stairs on the parking lot next to the door. I then go back in the motorhome and sit by the window and look for the type of boy I want. My pussy is already wet and the type of boy I want is a white boy who seems a little bit shy and a little bit nerdy and is walking by himself. I like clean cut and I like them not overweight. When I see one walking by I walk out and believe me I have positioned my motorhome to be in the spot closest to where these boys walk past my motorhome. I then say hello to the boy and if he says hello back I will ask him if he can help me for a minute. I have some heavy boxes. In this day and age many kids are nervous and leary of strangers and I don’t blame them.
A little bit more about me, I’m a white female and my late 30s and I have a decent size c cup breast and still have what I feel is a good figure because I still see men staring at me.
I’m wearing a button-down blouse and a skirt that goes down to my knees and flip-flops. My toenails are painted and neon orange and I keep them short and clean.
The panty that I pick when I’m hunting boys is a very loose fitting regular cotton panty. I don’t want them tight and you’ll find out why in a minute. Once the boy comes over I tell him to pick out the cans that are the same and that I categorize the food in my camper accordingly and so I tell the boy to hand me just the soups first. Women love to be looked at and I’m no different and so what I did is instruct this boy and his name is Roger to pull the cans out that are in the boxes and he is on the asphalt parking lot and I am in the doorway two steps up inside the camper and I’m squatting but he can’t see my panty yet. The first couple of times and he hands up two or three cans I have my legs together and turned over to the side not giving him a glimpse which is typically how women prevent men from looking up their skirt. But he’s at the perfect level He’s lower than me and looking up at me and setting the cans up on the floor of the camper. By the third time I then face him and my legs are open a little bit and he can see my panty. By the 5th and 6th time of him handing up cans I have my legs open more and we’re casually talking as he’s handing me the cans and I can see he’s getting quick glimpses but doesn’t want to get caught. That’s what I was waiting for.
I said Roger are you looking up my panty? He was frozen and I quickly took the fear away and I said listen Roger every man in the world including boys wants to look up a woman’s dress. I don’t mind you looking at my dress at all you can look up my dress as many times as you want and look at my panty. I like it. And you can see all the panty you want so now hand me some more soup. Now that the pressure has been removed Roger is staring almost exclusively at my panty while we’re talking. My pussy is so wet I can only imagine the wet spot he can see already.
It takes quite a while to get through all of the canned food and Roger has probably looked at my panty 30 times. Once we’re done I say thank you Roger so much and why don’t you come up and I’ll give you a cold Coke. If Roger enters the camper then I go to phase two if Roger says no thank you then it’s goodbye and I will rush to the dildo in the bed drawer to satisfy my desires.
To my satisfaction Roger steps up and I tell him the air conditioning is on and to close the door. Once Rodger comes in I have him sit at the very small dinette and I get two Cokes and some Doritos and we chit chat some more about what he’s doing in school and his soccer game.
After the Cokes are done I Tell Roger to come over here and I’ll show you my panty again. I’m sitting on the corner of the bench seat and Roger doesn’t really know what to do so I just grab a hold of his shirt and position him right in front of me and I tell him go ahead and get down and kneel and he does but I can see the fear on his face.

What I do then is shocking to Roger because no other girl has ever done this for him and now that he’s on his knees and I’m sitting on the corner of the seat I lean back a little bit and I pull my knees up to my chest and before he was only getting a glimpse of the front of my panty now he’s looking at my entire exposed crotch area of the panty and his eyes are riveted to it. The panty is a thong in the back and so it doesn’t take long for the panty to disappear into the crack of my ass and barely covers my pussy. With my legs up and knees pulled back I tell Roger to make a hook with his finger and I hold my hand up and he uses his index finger to make a hook. I then guide his hand and I say okay grab the corner of the panty on the side and he does and this is why I wanted loose fitting panties. Once his finger is hooked into the side of my panty I let go of his hand and I say don’t move and I move my hand back and I say okay what I want you to do is to take the panty and move it from one side to the other and you can see my pee pee. He kind of hesitates but then he moves a panty and he’s only about 18 in away from my wet glistening shaved pussy. All pussies are different including mine but my pussy has both lips out I don’t have a slit like some women do and the lips are hiding inside. No not me. My lips are out on both sides and they are a light shade of pink.
It’s time for anatomy class and I show Roger where the clit is and the function of the clit and the vulva and the labia and where my piss comes out and so on and little by little I help Roger put both hands and fingers on in and around my pussy as he’s getting his little sex education class. I then stand up and my skirt falls back down and I instruct Roger to reach up with both hands and hook his fingers one on each side of my hip onto the panty and pull the panty straight to the ground. Now Roger seems a little more eager and doesn’t hesitate and reaches up grabs my panty and pulls it down to the ground and I step out of it. I then sit back down and pull my knees to my chest and tell Roger to go ahead and play with my pee pee and feel it and put the finger inside of it and he eagerly plays with it and I show him how putting two fingers in my pussy at once and going in and out makes a juicy wet sound and he seems mesmerized by everything he’s encountering.
Now that the water has been broken I put my feet back down on the floor and I just gently without asking, rub his crotch area. I find the balls and I find his little cock which is about the size of a vienna sausage is hard. I said Roger I let you see and touch my pee pee and so I want to see your PP too and I think it’s beautiful. I’m sure he’s insecure about the size of his 8th grade dick but that’s nothing that I care about. What I care about is conquering this young man. He gets his pants and underwear down and he has no hair around his little shaft but it’s sticking straight out like a gun barrel lol.
With my left hand I caress his balls and with my right hand I gently stroke and tug on his dick. I do that for at least one or two minutes without talking. I then get him out of his pants and underwear and I tell Roger to unbutton my top and he does and I also show him how to unhook my bra and to remove my skirt which is basically you pull it down to the ground. I am now totally naked and he is naked from the waist down. I then get back on the edge of the seat in the kitchenette and pull my knees up high and I instruct Roger on how to slide his cock along my pussy without penetrating. Just sliding back and forth and I teach Roger how to push his cock and keep it on the outside of my pussy with his finger and push it up and over my clit. I asked Roger can you feel my little nub my little clit is hard when your cock goes up over the top and he said yes ma’am. He did that for a little bit and at that point in time I just stood up and I grabbed his hand and we went into the bedroom where it was cooler and without speaking, I put him on the bed on his back. I then got up on top and straddled him and in one quick movement set right down on his little man cock. I didn’t move. I then showed him how to reach up and play with my tits and nipples and I still haven’t started grinding on him cuz I want him to take in everything.
I asked Roger how it feels to have his pee pee inside my pee pee. And his reaction was priceless. He said it feels good and hot and wet. It feels good that you’re sitting on me I think. I then squatted on his dick with my feet on the bed and I started to bounce up and down and he was just staring at my pussy as it swallowed his cock. I did that for a moment or two and then I rolled over on my back and I said Roger get on top of me and Roger with a little bit of clumsiness got on top of me and I guided him and I had my legs wide open. I helped him find my wet hole and once he was in I wrapped my legs around him and I taught Roger how the two lovers will hug each other and we got into a nice tight embrace and I showed Roger how to start thrusting into me. We still haven’t even kissed yet. I then taught Roger How a harder thrust doesn’t hurt me and this is where I just unleashed him and I said Roger look at me, look me in the eye. I want you to start pumping on me light or medium or as hard as you want and you keep pumping on me until you feel that feeling and I’ll let you do your own speed and I’m not going to say one word. Are you ready Roger? He nodded yes and a relaxed back on the pillow and I said go ahead and do it. Roger started experimenting a little by going in and out and he fell out a couple of times but got back in then he got a firmer rhythm and then I did say one word, harder. He then started thrusting harder and his breath was raspy and believe me I was staring straight into his face drinking up every moment of this and now ex-virgin. It didn’t take long for him to build to an orgasm and I knew right when he was coming because he put it all the way in and then just did some little thrust grinding pulses and then stopped.

Roger got dressed and I got dressed and I caressed his hair and I said Roger do you know what you just did and he didn’t know what to say. I said Roger you just made love to a woman you are a man now and you are not a virgin. You’re hard penis was inside my vagina and you kept it there until you came. Did you like it? And he had a big smile on his face and he said yes ma’am thank you very much.
I told him how important it is to keep quiet and asked him if he wanted to come back and do this more often. I said it can only happen again if you keep your little 8th grade mouth shut because if you tell one of your buddies and your buddy tells another guy and that guy tells his mom then the show was over. Is that what you want? He said no ma’am and looked at the floor and I said okay then it needs to stay a secret and I will let you put your hard thing into me as many times as you want.

Needless to say Roger was one of the few that could keep his mouth shut and it was nearing the end of school and probably twice a week I would be in that parking lot and Roger would fuck me on the way home. I taught him all different types of positions and oral sex and intimate kissing and 69 and Roger in a few short weeks turned into a little fuck stud. Now as I’m writing this it’s July and Roger will bicycle up to my motorhome in the shopping center parking lot and sometimes when he gets off his bike I can see his little pecker is hard already. He is an eager young boy and when he gets up on top of me I feel so alive.

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