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Natalie & Her Dad 2

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After the first incident with Natalie her dad felt more Active and Energetic in his daily life plus he felt more excited whenever he saw her around.

But he doesn’t want to force things too fast so he kept his feelings to himself while fantasising sexual scenarios in his mind.

Natalie was always the same, she loved her Dad a lot and she always spent more time with him than her Elder siblings or her Mom.

Few days later she came back from school and as usual she changed into a shorts and a skinny then sat down to eat her lunch.

After she ate all her food, Dad offered her favorite flavored Ice cream on a big bowl and asked her to enjoy it. Then while she’s eating it he carried her up onto the sofa and kept her on his lap and watched her enjoying it.

“is it tasty naty?” he asked.

“mmm yesh it is” she replied with a full mouth.

“that’s my girl, eat it all huny, I’ll give you more later” he said while kissing on the back of her head.

She ate almost all of it and suddenly she started to feel a little bit tired and her head started to feel a little light.

As her Dad expected she was high enough already with the tiny amount of hallucinogenic he mixed into her ice cream.

She was perfectly alright but she was high for the first time in her life and she kept on smiling and laughing while hanging on to his shoulders.

“come baby I think you are sleepy, let’s go to bed” he said while lifting her up from the sofa and went straight into the Bedroom.

“OK daddy let’s go to bed” she whispered.

Then he kept her on the bed and dimmed the lights down so she won’t see anything clearly.

Then he jumped on the bed next to her and pulled her close to him and asked “do you love me Naty?”

She nodded her head.

“Do you want to kiss daddy on the lips?”

She seemed confused but he kissed her soft on her lips and pushed his tongue into her mouth. Natalie let her dad’s tongue inside her tiny lips and she liked how warm and wet it felt.

With the medication she’s had, her mouth was dry so she started to suck on to his tongue automatically.

They kissed and exchanged saliva for a while and her dad had to pull his tongue out of baby Natalie because she was a Greedy kisser.

“are you OK baby?” he asked her

“yes I’m fine daddy, I think I’m sleepy” she replied with her eyes closed.

“OK you can sleep now, let me undress you so you won’t sweat”

“hmmm” she approved

Dad removed her Shorts and the top and left her a little bit to relax. She just lay there like a little cutie pie without knowing what’s going on and it made her dad’s cock to get hard like a iron rod.

He started to lick her cute little feet and she was glistening with his saliva. He tasted every inch of that young tasty body, up and down until she started to send out moans.

Then he slowly spread her feet to take a good look at her balled Vagina and it made him go crazy for her.

He slowly got closer to her vagina and smelled it like he’s smelling a flower. The aroma she gave out made his cock to Spit out pre cum vigorously.

-to be continued-

(guys thanks for the support and sorry for my grammar)

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