my secret ab plastic panties fetish found out PT2

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what happened during dinner and back at the room

My secret found out but turned out ok!
Part two
If you didn’t read part, one do so now to make sense of this!

We ordered food at the bar then sat at our table, I had a glass of wine and she who was called Linda had a gin and tonic, I got her a double. We sat at a table away from other people and she began to ask me questions about being an adult baby, she asked when it started so I told her I wet the bed as a kid and my mum put me in nappies and plastic pants at night then during school holidays during the day too sometimes when I was still in little school. Then only at night until I was about twelve then at that point my parents split up and she left so it stopped.

She said yes, I read a book about it and some boys who wet the bed and a few girls love to wear nappies when there older. She said I don’t mind its harmless and if you like it why not, I said you’re the only person apart from my mum who knows no one where I live has any idea. Then I said how long have you been single and she said over ten years now he was a pig, it never was a good marriage he was seeing other women from day one and only had nookie with me if he was disparate and then it was all done in 5 minutes with the light on.

She said it was ok I got a willie in me and he spurted his stuff but it was very quick and I never got to see his thing and he never kissed me or that. Our food arrived and we sat and ate in between talking she asked how often I saw my mum so I told her she had moved to Canada so I didn’t have any contact now, she said shame she would have loved to have her baby back I bet then she said most women want to keep their children as baby’s it’s a mother thing. I said Well you had one today and she said yes, I did in more than one way, I checked that no one was around and slid my hand up her skirt and said yes, no knickers you naughty girl.

She said I’ve never done that before or some of that stuff we did it was so good you made me feel like nothing I had before it was very naughty then she said I did like your plastic panties too there nice and babyish where do you get them. This was some time ago so internet shopping wasn’t like now but you could mail order stuff I explained to her and said if I was feeling brave, I went into a chemist and asked for incontinence pants there the ones I got on now. She said is it embarrassing for you and I said I always think they know I want them for being naughty and not because I have a bladder problem the shop staff always give you funny looks.

She said o dear that’s not nice of them well any way I don’t mind at all. Every time no one was around I put my hand up her skirt onto her plump soft thighs but count get up to her hairy pussy. we finished our drinks and food so I got her another drink and a wine for me, she said I’ll be tipsy and won’t be able to do your nappy but I said yes you will you’re an expert.

We drank up quickly and I said do you want to leave she said OK let’s go then, when we got outside, I asked her if she wanted to come back with me or go home, she looked at me and said back with you sill boy I told you I would change you didn’t i. i said let’s walk down by the river then and we set off. Once we got to the river path I stopped and turned to her and put my arms round her and gave her a kiss she said what was that for so I said for being perfect and so understanding, she said Well it goes both ways I got the best sex I had ever had in my life then she kissed me pushing her lips tight against mine.

She was a bit tipsy so I said that’s nice how about this then reached down and lifted her skirt so her bum was showing then squeezed it on both cheeks then ran my hand to the front and found her bush. She stood and said that’s naughty so I let my finger find its way into her wet slit and began to rub her clity, she gave a gasp and said that’s very naughty too. I stopped and said let’s get back quick I want to play with your titties too she said do you well we better go then.

She said he never touched me like that or played with my boobs so I said well I’m going too rub your pussy and suck your nipples she said o good I want that so bad now then she said can I put your willie in my mouth I’ve never done that I have only had my ex and one other man who I knew just after I got my divorce who used to pop in from time to time but even then we only had sex once and that was in the dark and not very good his willie was small and he spurted as soon as he was in me, he never came round again I think he was embarrassed about it. we got back and up to the room shut the door and locked it she said shall I do your nappy first but I said no come hear first so I can suck your tits. she giggled and said really but walked over to me I undid her blouse then she turned round so I could undo her bra.

it fell to the floor and she turned and sat on the bed, I got between her legs on my knees then started to run my tongue round her nipple then sucked it into my mouth hard my tongue now flicking her teat and sucking hard. She said nothing just groaned and lifted her tit up to make it easier for me, I changed sides to her other big soft flabby tit and sucked hard. She had quite a big brown circle but her teats were small but very hard now and she said o my god I love that do you so I stopped and said yes very soft and very big I like mummy’s titties in my mouth.

I sucked on but let one hand push up her skirt so I could see her big plump thighs but not her pussy she said do you want mummy’s skirt off and I said yes, I want to see your pussy. she stood up and undid the button then the zip on the side and I pulled her skirt down over her big bum then down over her legs and she stepped out the sat down again with her legs together. Her pussy hair was still visible but not her wet suit.

I said that’s teasing and she said Well its very hairy down there so I said yes, it is but it’s still sexy as hell she said do you like hairy women then but I said Well not too hairy like a jungle but you are fine honest. She said so you like them trimmed up a little so again I said I don’t mind even if there shaved smooth, she said I’ve never shaved my Minnie but I do trim it up a bit but not for a few weeks so it’s a bush. I said Well I want to kiss your bush so move your legs so I can make you wet and Horney.

She said Horney that’s funny then she moved her legs apart and her fat hairy pussy was on show, I leant forward and began to kiss her soft inner thighs that were so white and pale then kissed her hairy bit all over. I said lay back for me and she did I used my fingers to pull her pussy open and then liked her slit up and down circling my tongue round her little clitty. it didn’t take long for her to get wet and sticky then began to buck up and down saying o my word that’s so good I’m going to wet myself again then her pussy gushed a hot pussy juice that I licked up and kept on licking until she was shaking and moaning then a grunt and her pussy gave a jerk and a jet of her love juice jetted from her slit then she sank down breathing heavy.

I laid next to her and said was that good and between her big breaths she said o my god that was the best ever I’ve never wet like that it was fantastic. I said Well your pussy is sexy and likes me she said yes it does like you, I began to suck her tits again and she said that’s good too you’re so gentle you know how to please and old girl don’t you. I just sucked her nipples for a bit then slumped down next to her.

She laid for about ten minutes then said o my I forgot your nappy it mu be uncomfortable now but I said its wet but I like it she said yes I bet you do but it’s time for you change. She got up now just in her shoes and knee high tights and stood by the bed, I just looked at her curves and big tits that now had big hard nipples I thought my god I’ve pulled a granny and it was fucking great she even knew about my nappy’s and still wanted me. she said what you thinks so I told her how lucky I was to have met you and told you everything and she said I’m pleased too and if it’s not hurting anyone it’s up to us isn’t i.

i said yes as long as you don’t tell anyone so she said no I won’t but I do have a good friend I have known for years I might tell her she won’t judge us she is nice she will want to know all the details she is a dirty bitch she has had more men then hot dinners. I said well ok as long as you are sure she won’t tell Linda said no she won’t she is my best friend for twenty years or more. Then she said now let’s get that wet nappy off and into the shower for a wash, I stood up and undid my jeans then my shirt and took both off kicking off my shoes and socks on the way.

I now stood Infront of her just in my baby pants she looked and said yes I like them on you they are just like baby then she pulled down the plastic pants and gave the nappy a rub and said that’s very wet boys always wet the front and girls wet the back of their nappies’ took my feet out the pants and she said off to the bathroom then let’s get that nappy in soak, we went to bathroom and she undid the pins and the wet nappy flopped to the floor with a plop my hard cock now on view sticking up like a flagpole. She said look at that it wants to play still then said silly me you didn’t get to squirt did you baby then picked up the nappy and put it in the sink. I turned on the shower and got in and she filled the sink with water and put the nappy in along with the other one from earlier and the knickers, there that will do and ill wash them out in a bit but now it’s time to wash my baby isn’t it.

she turned to the shower and said give me the soap then and began to wash my legs the said turn round and washed my bum for a bit then said ok willy time so I turned back and she rubbed soap up and down my cock she loved it and said it’s very hard and big for a baby’s willie then she pulled my skin back and washed inside and said must get it all clean for baby. Her fat little hands felt good on my cock and her tits jiggled about as she washed it some more then said its lovely I’ve never washed a big hard willy it fun. She rinsed me off then said out you get then and I got out and turned off the water, she dried me off especially my cock that was now ready to burst at her attention and sexy body so close.

We went back to the bed and I laid down and she said what do you want a nappy or a cup of tea first but I said neither I want to feel you mouth round my Willy she said do you know you dirty boy so I said well you said you wanted too and she smiled and said I did then she leant over me and took my cock in her hand the licked the top and said that’s not too bad I thought it would be nasty then she got on the bed on her hands and knees and put my cock in her mouth just a little then began to suck so I said give me your hand and took one finger and began to suck it in and out of my mouth she said yes ok I get it but I’ve never done this so I said its ok just play. She put more of my cock in her mouth and began so slurp and move her head up and down she didn’t take long till she was dribbling down my shaft and enjoying the experience she said with a mouthful this is fun it feel nice in my mouth but I don’t think I would like you to spurt in my mouth it would make me sick. I said no I won’t and she sucked more then I said OK stop now or your mouth will get full so she said I want too but I’m scared it will make me sick so I said stop then let me fuck you so your pussy gets it inside.

She said yes, I liked that it felt hot inside me but can you do it dogy I’ve always wanted to try that, I jumped up and bot behind her then ran my fingers over her slit then inside her and said that’s wet it need my willie she said yes it wants it inside. I raise up so I was the right level to enter then pushed my cock deep inside till my balls were bashing her me. she gave a gasp then began to move her body back and forth making my cock slide in and out her hot wet pussy that was still very tight so my skin pulled back inside her and I began to push hard so her pussy was filled, she felt so good for an older woman more like a teen so I said o my god your pussy is like a schoolgirls it’s amazing she was humping hard and said o my o my just do it to me it’s so good fuck me hard then said sorry I don’t normally use that word but I said its ok I like fucking your girly pussy and began to speed up she was panting now and gave a grunt and her pussy farted juice out but I didn’t stop I felt my cock get hotter and then I exploded inside her my thick cum filled her old pussy.

she gave a grunt then said yes that’s it squirt it in me I love it. i pushed hard till every drop was inside her then pulled out knacked and slumped to the floor, she was still on the bed on her hands and knees breathing heavy then she put her hand on her pussy and gave it a rub and said that’s lovely all full of your seed it’s been a long time since I had a full Minnie it’s nice and warm and I love the smell of a man’s stuff. I was knackered she was an old woman but did she feel good.

After a bit she got up and went into the bathroom to clean up then returned and took her knickers off the side and put them on I got up and went off to clean off my stick cock all limp now but very happy. On my return Linda had laid out a big terry nappy and got the frill panties out and said I want to see these on you if that’s koi was a bit worried about her seeing me as a real sissy baby but what else could I do so I said ok. she folded the nappy kite fashion then said lay down for me, I got onto the nappy and she put baby powder over my cock and then she pulled up the bottom between my legs then the sides over.

The nappy was double folded this way and very thick and allowed two pins either side, she pinned me in then slid the frills up my legs then said lift up and she had to work the waist band over the thick cotton till it got to my waist and said yes very nice. I stood up and she checked the legs for nappy sticking out then said turn round then let me see. I turned and all the white frills were on show so she gave my bum a pat and said yes, I like them baby you can be my baby in those panties there just like I used on my babys.

i turned and said thank you for understanding but she said thank you for trusting me with your secret I have really enjoyed myself. Then she surprised me further and said I’ve been thinking if you use this hotel again maybe we could meet again so I said yes, I use it most of the time so she said OK well then do you want me to take the dirty washing home and do it for you ready for next time I could take your other nappy’s if you want so you don’t have to worry about getting found out. I was shocked at her offer she wanted to do it again and hide my stuff so I said Well only if you want too, she smiled and said yes, I want too it will be our little secret now how many times do you normally come here so I said about once every two months because of the price of the room.

She said is it expensive and I said its 35 quid that was a lot back then no cheap internet deals then, she said Well how about we go half’s then we could make it a months’ time if you want. I was so surprised I stammered yes, every month and she said Well let’s see what happens you might get fed up with my fat old body and hairy bush but I said I told you it’s like a schoolgirl but she said don’t be silly but ill trim it up for you and next time I’ll have some different knickers for you to see I know you like knickers and schoolgirls now. She said ill make tea then I think its bed time we have been having fun all night, I didn’t realise it was midnight now so said yes ok.

she made tea and said into bed then, I got in and she got in next to me just in her knickers and said don’t forget if you want to wet, I don’t mind ill wash it all ready. We drank our tea and I turned the light off and snuggled up to her plump body and put my arm round her she gave me a kiss and said now sleep I’m very tired after all that fun. She fell asleep quickly but was wide awake trying to process the events o slid my hand into her knickers and over her bush then tried to sleep.

in the morning early about 6am she woke up and felt my hand in her knickers and said is that nice so I said yes, I’ve touched it all night, she said Well what about you are you wet so I said no I didn’t wet. After a few seconds she said well take your hand out my knickers my Minnie is sore after all that playing I took my hand out and said sorry but she said no I didn’t mean it nasty I like the fact you want to touch me but I think is time to go before anyone sees me coming home . we got up and she took my nappy off then said I’ll put all this stuff in my shopping bag I got a spare one with me.

then she stood up so I said can I kiss your Minnie before you get dressed so she turned and I pulled her knickers down then said I love pulling your knickers down then lent forward and I kissed her hairy mound and pulled her knickers back up. She got dressed and so did I then she folded all the nappies and panties and put them in a Tesco shopping bag then took all the pins and put them in her handbag last was the baby powder and cream she put in with her shopping. There she said all ready to go, I picked up my bag then we left and down where I put the key in the box at reception as it wasn’t manned.

We left quick and outside she said where is your car so I said it’s there pointing to my van, I had a van in those days for work we walked over and she said have you got a pen so I can give you my number, I opened the door and took a pen and a notebook from the glovebox and handed it to be. She said here you go call me and let me know when you want to meet again if you want it’s up to you, I said yes, I do it’s been so much fun and she said yes it was very nice to be treated like a lady and to have a baby too now you better go before we are spotted.

I gave her a kiss and got in my van she walked away and I watched her walk off and up the road, on the pad she had written mummy Linda and a kiss then her phone number.

I made my way home thinking about how lucky I was and what I was going to do to her next time by the time I had driven home my cock was rock hard with all my thoughts.

Look out for part three!

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