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My brother, his wife and I fuck my girlfriend

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My parents went away for a week leaving my perverted old brother in charge. That Saturday his girl friend was over playing mom that afternoon my girl came over hoping we could get some fuck time together. Now my girl friend was 15 years old with a firm body a perky tits. She got to the house after playing a badminton match about 2 in the afternoon. All hot and sweaty she asked if she could have a bath and change. I thought perfect when she gets out the bath l will meet her in my room and fuck her broken. But while she was in the bath my brother sent me to the shops fucking up my plans. What l didn’t know is he was formulating his own plan to fuck my girl friend. So my girl friend gets out the bath and goes to the bed room to change, while she was busy my brothers girlfriend walks into the room finding my girlfriend naked they chat for a while all the time my girl is sitting on the bed naked. With a naughty smile my brothers girl friend leaves my girl to finish changing. My brother was the kind of guy who never wore underpants if my parents werent home. So he asks his girlfriend where my girl is she tells him and immediately his cock goes hard, pitching his shorts like a tent. Determined to fuck my girl he walks into my room while my girl is still naked sitting on the bed. Seen that large tent pole in his pants she slides her legs open displaying that hairy cunt. She says to him what about your girlfriend at with time she walks in the room looks at whats going on and takes my brothers cock out his pants and says to my girl suck it. My brother walks over to my girl and before she can do anything he shoves his huge cock in her mouth forcing her to choke. While he is face fucking her his girl starts fingering mine. Firsr 1 finger then 2 then 3 then her whole fist. My brother seen this pulls his cock out of her mouth pushes her back on the bed shoves his cock into her now extremely wet cunt and starts fucking her. I get home walk in to hear moaning from my bed room. I get to the bedroom as my brother comes. I looked at his cum dripping out of her cunt and immediately get a hard on. I get my girl in the doggie position pull my cock out my pants and slide it in that cum saturated pussy and start fucking her. So my brother strips his girl infront of us which was awesome as shes got 38DD or bigger with lovely big nipples and pussy that shouts fuck me which is exactly what l wanted to do. She come closer to me and l start finger her. Sliding my fingers into that dripping wet pussy was amazing. I the meantime my brother takes his camera out and starts taking pictures of the 3 of us fucking, sucking and cuming. My girl tells me to lay on the bed so she can ride me which l do. My brothers girl puts her wet pussy over my face. While l am eating pussy and fucking my brother slides his cock into my girls pussy and fucks her so hard that him and l cum in her at the same time filling that 15 year old cunt with cum.

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    I lost my virginity at 15 to my mom’s BFF that stayed with us. We slept in rooms that was connected and she came in my room and snug up in bed and told me she was lonely and asked if I was a virgin I said yea. She slid under my blanket and sucked me off and got naked and told me I’ll be here for a while and told me she doesn’t like sleeping alone I told her ill be her bed buddy and we started sleeping together and eventually naked and had sex. My parents walked in my room and heard me fucking this 41yrold bbw in the back room.

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    Hot everybody fucks the 15yrold cum going everywhere.

    • Gangbang man ID:2wdowr18b0c

      The more cum the better don’t you think

  • Reply bea ID:136013ftzl

    i can very much relate aha kinda my fantasy