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Beta genetics always continues! father and son BBC lovers

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My name is Harry, I’m divorced in my 50s, I was married for 45 years and during this time I gave my ass to several people. I always liked well-endowed black men and married men, my wife never suspected it, however my hunger for cock increased over the years and I decided to separate and dedicate myself to sex in its entirety. I gave my ass for the first time when I was 12 years old to the owner of the bakery, he was a stocky, trucker-style male… he always pleased me and said that I was a very pretty boy and because I was blonde I would win over a lot of women… I went creating intimacy with him until one rainy day and almost close to the end of the bakery’s business hours, he closed the doors and took me to the inner room… As soon as we arrived, he simply turned his back to me and bent down behind me. , he separated my buttocks and started to suck my ass and lick my ass, he asked me to hold my buttocks for him and with one hand he started to jerk himself off and the other to jerk me off, he was loving it, but I wanted to feel his cock and I asked him to stick it in me, when he got up, I saw that colossus of cock, hard and pointing to the sky, immediately, I turned my back to him, I got on all fours and while he positioned himself and took his hand with spit At the end he held my hand and said: – wait, it won’t happen, I’ll be right back. I then watched that old man go to the cooler and come back with a tube of mayonnaise and as he opened the seal he said: – I knew I would use it to eat something delicious. I felt a chill from the cold mayonnaise on my ass, Alfredo then positioned himself on my ass with his legs open, spread the mayonnaise on my ass and ass with his dick, placed his head against the door and said: – if it’s going to hurt you, tell me. I just replied hummm hummm, and he then started to force it and his head started to enter my ass, I felt that his dick was like a hot stone entering me and making me hallucinate with how horny he was, he then insisted: – If it hurts you… I interrupted and said: – it’s delicious, bury that big dick in me up to the balls. And that old man punched everything and the more he punched the more I asked for it, he ate me in a way that made me tremble with lust, that big dick, going in and out of my ass, smeared with mayonnaise was unbelievably delicious and I asked for more, and Alfredo He gave me strong thrusts that cracked my ass, he then slowed down, I thought he was going to cum, but he didn’t, he just adjusted himself to reach my dick and start jacking me off, then he said: – Is it nice? This little handjob with a dick in the ass? Me: – oh you hottie, no one has ever messed with me like that. And I started to cum, hoping that he would cum soon, but nothing, he just put it in and I put it in, in that back and forth of cock that had already left my asshole a wide open flower. Then he started taking it all out and without even touching his dick, he buried it all in my ass. That old man fucked me for more than an hour, I felt like my hard cock was going to cum once again, because how horny I was, there was no way it could be any other way. That’s when he said to me: – Where do you want me to cum? Me: – enjoy wherever you want, wherever you think will be most pleasurable. He then stuck his dick in my ass and started to cum, but while he was cumming he started taking his dick out and punching everything inside, making the cum go everywhere. So exhausted, we lay down right there on the sand, under the trees, after a while I looked at that big cock next to me and thought “my turn”, I leaned over Alfredo and started sucking that cock that tasted like ass, cum and mayonnaise , but it was incredible, he just caressed me, his head on his back, until when that spectacle hardened, I had no doubts, I climbed on top of him and swallowed him in one go with my ass. I started riding that big dick, while he kissed me with his tongue like a little whore, he was already jerking me off, after a while I said I was going to cum, but he didn’t let go and I came on his belly for a while longer and he then said he would cum, I got off him, grabbed his dick, sucked that big head until I realized the cum was coming, so I let him cum all in my mouth, I swallowed it all, I simply became addicted to that thick cock and after that I never stopped, just for him I gave it for 10 years, then I got married and continued until today. years, and I’m a blonde and white guy, I love being passive and I’ve always been in love with BBC. I had 3 children in marriage
and My youngest son is currently 10 years old, his name is Ethan, he is a little red-haired boy with long hair, his skin is very white and he has blue eyes, he takes after his mother in everything, including his feminine and sweet way. .. he looks like a little girl and is beautiful! and I was driving back after picking him up from his grandparents a few states away. We stopped at a rest area late at night because I wanted to see if maybe I could get into the bathroom for a quick shower without my son waking up.I am.
However, my son follows me to the bathroom.
My son follows me to the bathroom, beat me to the last box that was for the disabled, and when I enter I see a glory hole in the wall. Down my pants, I place it on the toilet, after sitting down, my 10 year old son leans over and looks through the glory hole at the guy in the next stall. He then looks at me saying that the guy in the next tent peed really big. Well I had to look, so I leaned forward to look, and it was a stocky black bear style guy with a fucking monster BBC that he was sitting there stroking.
Below the divider I saw the guy get up and turn towards our tent. As my son bent down, that monstrous black cock slid down the glory hole, and my son cried out with a wow, oh, look on his face. I looked at my son saying “you promise you won’t tell your mother” and he said “I promise”.

I reach out and grab this monster cock as my son watches in surprise, then he asks can I touch it too”, and I say “sure, let me show you how”. He wraps his little fingers around this huge black cock, I wrap my hand around his and start jerking the guy’s cock. Then I say to my son “look at this”, I lean over, put the BBC in my mouth and start sucking. I was stroking it with my hands, sucking it with my lips, and running my tongue over the black head that was dripping with pre-cum. I was holding the dick while watching my son hold big balls in his little hand they were amazing and additionally two tennis balls. In my child’s hand I was already thinking about the load of milk inside, suddenly he held me firmly with my head on his big dick and said:

_look at the milk.

He stuck his penis deep into my mouth, I tried to swallow it, to see what it would be like, but there was a lot of cum and his dick wouldn’t stop pulsing, it was a huge amount, I couldn’t swallow it all, I let the milk run out of my mouth, dripping into my mouth. my belly and as there was a lot of milk it leaked out of my mouth and fell on my leg… My son looked at the milk and took the viscous cum with his fingers and licked it… He liked it so much that he said: “I can try that too , dad?”, I leaned over and said “yes, if you want too”.

I almost came at that moment when my son started sucking the head of the monstrous black cock that was leaking semen… He cleaned everything as if he were hungry, and I thought: he was really born for this… My hard-on was huge and I saw The black guy’s dick was still hard as a rock so I spit on my hand, lubricating my asshole, and said to my son “wait, look at this now”. He cried out, I stood up, turned away from this huge cock stuck in the glory hole, I bent down to reach between my legs, I held his cock aligning it with my ass and slid it onto this guy’s cock.

I worked on my ass while my son was watched and started riding the guy’s monster cock as I started moaning saying how good his black cock feels. After watching me for a minute, my son says “dad, I can try too”, I say “it will be too big for you son, but you can bend down and suck me like you did him”, he just fell to his knees holding on my dick. When my son started sucking my dick, I pressed my asshole against the hole in the wall that held it there, and the guy started fucking me.
Being fucked by a monstrous black cock while my son sucked the head of my dick, I started spewing cum into my son’s mouth, and he didn’t even flinch, he simply drank my cum. While my son was drinking my cum, the black guy was cumming in my ass, and my son was between my legs looking up as I slowly slid off his huge dick. On the road again my son asked me when he could try what I did in the bathroom back there, I told him that I would have to break his ass using my pee, and he can try after he gets used to mine.

In the days and weeks that followed, whenever we had the chance alone, my son wanted me to fuck him, and after about a month I could fuck him as hard as he wanted. So I bought him a 9 inch dildo for him to play with… He was in love with his new toy and loved watching BBC movies while training daily.
Later I met a black priest, his name was Antônio, he was a tall man, 1.89 tall, weighed about 135 kg, what we could call a bear because his body was strong and hairy with very thick legs, firm and muscular thighs and voluminous calves, his arms also had muscles and his hands were gigantic but what caught the most attention was his large beer belly and his firm chest, his rich body was covered in black hair, extremely hairy, his face adorned by a beard Black.
Antônio had the biggest dick of any dick I had ever seen, and it was very thick, it had a volume that would scare any white Christian in his church, his heavy testicles barely fit in my hand. Antônio’s cock was hard as an iron bar, and his round, reddish head was drooling, forming a long string of pre-cum. His dick was about 25 cm and he said he loved young boys… that’s when I introduced my son who was dying to have his first anal experience with a black guy… my son knelt a few centimeters away from him, and I involuntarily wondered how much my son could take.
Suck my dick,” the black priest whispered, and slowly, slowly, he brought his lips closer. When he finally touched it, resting his chin on his ripe African balls, she looked up. My son with his small hand admired the black trunk that rose above his head. He began to follow her thick veins with his tongue until he reached the high edges of her head, where his cum dripped. He licked it all up, drooled, choked on the big black dick and started pulling its length into his mouth, I felt an electric wave through my body. The shock of such a big, thick member in my redheaded son’s delicate mouth was a very hot scene for me. My cock rose, pressing against my wet pants, as I watched his lips stretch, watched her resist the urge to gag, as she took as much as she could down her throat.
After about five minutes of fucking my mouth, he said: “Lift that one my little son, I want that white one for myself. We’re going to make a real slut out of you now!” I replied in amazement
“Really??? Are you going to eat his ass???” “This… believe me… this will make him the one he was really born with!” My son, without hesitation, rolled onto his stomach like a real little whore, opening his ass wide and I could see his pink asshole winking like a little bitch in heat. I saw the huge black hands pulling at the hips. “Oh yes, I’m going to fuck that white ass good! I’m about to turn you into a slut… look how smooth and soft that ass is, you have a pink ass that was made for.” a dick… “When if I break up with you, you won’t even think about girls and you’ll want to be one” All you want is a big black dick! I saw my son biting his lip as I submitted to him. chest down and pulled his ass up, and I saw his hard cock against my little boy’s virgin ass.
Antônio picked up my son and held him firmly and began to kiss. They kissed lightly at first, like lovers. Then it got more carnal when my son showed him his small, pink, slippery tongue. He held his face with his black hands as he sucked his tongue voraciously. Soon, their tongues were dueling with each other… I saw my son kiss him with his tongue and he was moaning as the black priest was invading his mouth, the excitement consumed him, his little dick became extremely hard and involuntarily he was rolling on the black dick, I saw his butt blinking for the last time when the black man opened the bands of his smooth little ass, he couldn’t resist the advances of the old black man, who took a stab and inserted his huge glans into his tight, pink hole, my son moaned and cried, muffled by the hot kisses of the black man who seemed to be experienced in taking the gourds out of young boys, when his giant dick entered his ass, I saw him urinating and his legs shaking with the sensation of pleasure like he had never experienced before. I had felt this before in life.
However, my son couldn’t last long and asked him to stop… The priest took his dick out of his ass and I could see how broken it was… Antônio just looked at me and said now it’s your turn.
Like a good submissive slut, I got on all fours and opened my ass. His big black cock slid into my asshole which was in an ecstasy of intense desire… I blinked and felt him bury everything inside me, and I pushed back into him, shaking my ass like a slut. I wanted to be a good fuck for him. My son watched, masturbating, his little dick was hard as a rock, while Antônio fucked my ass. Antônio looked at my son and said: Look how your father takes black dick, he loves it!
He continued pumping my ass for about 20 minutes, and I was ecstatic the entire time as he fucked me in front of my son. When he started to thrust faster, I reached under us and rubbed his balls, and then I felt the spasms of his huge cock inside me. My ass was constantly flashing and I was in a trance and feeling an intense orgasm I started to squirt without stopping a lot of cum on the carpet, while I felt the jets of cum inside my ass, he released a huge load of semen into my tight hole. It was an incredible experience!
When he finished I started licking my cum off the carpet and went straight to his dick… To my surprise my son was already 4 years old licking all the semen… Like a good father I went to share our black guy’s dick!

Antônio is a reserved priest and has a private farm, there my children and I can spend quality time with him… Currently my son is officially his girlfriend, but he uses our holes and takes turns having intense sex sessions… currently When we are at your house, we wear BBC collars and serve our black master like good submissive wives!

I hope you enjoy the stories… bisexual parents who want to talk can call me at the session! let’s share the fantasies



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    Fuck i found this story a while back but it wasnt this much your boy sounds like my side chick. Do you have more to share?

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    God damn that would be crazy hot, to be stroking and hear promise not to tell your mom. As a teen i used to wait naked at the public shower every summer while my family camped. Id hope for a black guy to walk in and try to get him to pop my cherry. I planned to say your my step dad and ill support the claim if someone walks in. I was close one night but my cousin folliwed me and ruined it. He cockblocked me

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    Very enjoyable, helping to corrupt your sissy son with a huge dicked black priest, no less! Wonderful filth!!

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    Blacks are the most stupid cowards in the world. They always think they are all that, until they get humbled.
    Big dicks but no balls.
    All blacks are betas, whites are better. Look at africa, its a shithole. Blacks cant build anything good, not a country, you cant even look after your own children. Losers.

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    this is precisely the type of story i’ve been looking for lately, i thought i had already read everything there was on it, please keep them coming

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    What? You got married when you were 14? What a crock of shit.

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    I too love the big black cocks fuckingr in my hot asshole. It’s so hot being the whore that I am fuck my white ass it is so hot