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My older cousin raped me

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This is the first story that was voted to be written and its about how my older cousin raped me. Vote for whats next on my previous post.

When i was young my parents were never really any good at parenting and by the time i was 10 most of my relatives were taken from my parents and housed with other family members for a certain period of time. For me i was placed to live with my cousin, his mom and his dad for a few months. My older cousin was around 15-16 at this time and i was 10 i still had to go to school and when i got home he would be the only one home with me untill his parents got home from work and he was always home after school before me. For the first month or so everything was pretty normal i would come home from school and hangout with him in his room and he would let me play his video games and i was really enjoying it because it was stuff my family never really had. One day things changed it started as a normal day i got home from school and he was already playing games and i sat in his room watching him while he played and after awhile he asked if i wanted to play hide and seek in his room. i was really excited i said yeah so he hopped up and turned off his lights but i noticed the lights in the hallway were still on so you could see a little from the light coming through the bottom of the door. We said he would go first and count to 30 i told him he had to keep his eyes closed the whole time and he agreed. So he stood up infront of the door and i rushed to try and find a good hiding spot but it was difficult because his room was pretty packed but with the little bit of light i seen there was enough space for me to crawl under the bed and still be able to peek out. As soon as i was under the bed i had sight of him and it looked like he was taking his pants off while still counting and i could hear him throw them on top of the bed. He finished counting and i watched him mess around with things but then he just turned and i knew he already knew where i was and he bent down and grabbed my feet and pulled me out from under the bed but only about half way before stopping and grabbing onto my shorts. He pulled my shorts down and i was laughing i though it was funny at the time and while laughing said “what are you doing those are my shorts” and he didnt reply then and i finished getting out from under the bed (it was a tight squeeze) and as soon as i did i felt him put his hand on my back and hold me down while he got on top of me. I was still kind of laughing at this point and asked him what he was doing. He replied with “just trying to have fun” while laughing but then i heard him spit on his hand and i now know he was whipping it on his dick. He layed down on top of me with his wait and i felt his thing between my legs. It was really wet and he was kind of humping me before reaching back and grabbing his dick. I felt him slid it up and down between my ass before he felt my hole. At this point im not really laughing anymore just trying to kind of get him off of me or turn around but he weighed to much. I felt the tip of his dick pushing into my asshole and then it felt like a pop and it stung really bad (He was probably only around 5 or 6 inches). Without warning he just shoved himself in me all the was and i remembered screaming and panicking and he was telling me to “shhhh” and how it feels really good to him. He started humping me a little before i felt him shove really deep and he started shivering and moaning then i felt his dick throbbing inside of me (i now know he was cumming inside of me) the whole thing didn’t last long maybe only around a minute and then he pulled himself out of me and got up and was saying stuff like “im really sorry but it felt so good for me im really sorry” i stood up and instantly felt stuff leaking out of me and i felt like i had to use the bathroom really bad so i rushed to the restroom to use the bathroom and it was burning really bad and i was farting a lot with his stuff leaking out of me. He came into the bathroom and continued to apologize and i couldn’t really focus on what he was saying while i sat there crying. When i wiped there was a little bit of blood not much but a little spotting and it hurt really bad. After i came out he told me i could play his game as much as i wanted and i didnt really hate him for what he did but was a little scared of him from there on.
The next few days were pretty normal of doing the same stuff getting home from school and playing games he didnt ever rape me again but he did ask a few days after if he could try again and telling me he would take it slow and it wouldnt hurt if he did it slow but i absolutely refused. A few more days later and he was telling me how he wished he could do it again because it felt really good to him and made him really happy and i could tell he was getting frustrated with me saying no. One day while i was playing the game he was sitting next to me and just pulled out his dick and started playing with it. I was kind of scared he was going to do it again but i tried to ignore it and keep playing the game. He started to tell me how he cant make himself feel good and its starting to hurt to not be able to be happy and eventually asked me if he couldn’t put it inside me butt if i would suck on it. At first i refused and he got frustrated and started to say i couldn’t play his game anymore if i dont help make him feel good. I was addicted to gaming and finally caved and said i would try and suck it instead of having him put it in my butt. He got really excited and took the rest of his clothes off and sat at the edge of his bed and told me to get on my knees between his legs so i followed his orders. He put his hand on the back of my head and used his other hand to point his dick twards my mouth and i opened and let him put it in. He told me to suck on it while going up and down and i tried to do my best what he asked. He was telling me that it felt really good and was making him happy and it wasn’t really putting me in pain so i was okay with doing it to play the game. I was doing it for about 5 minutes just continuing to go up and down while sucking as hard as i could with his hand on my head guiding me on how fast to go. After not much longer and without warning he stopped me from going up anymore and held my head in one spot probably about half way on his dick. I felt him start shivering and moaning and then i felt his hot cum shoot in my mouth and hit the back of my throat. My first instinct was to pull away but he was pretty strong and held me there for a few more moments while i felt more and more coming out of him. He finally let me pull away and i was spitting and had a really gross taste in my mouth. I asked him if he peed in my mouth and he told me no that that was what happens whenever he feels really good and how i know i am finished making him happy. I told him how gross it taste and he lauged and told me i was supposed to swallow it but he let me wash out my mouth with some soda and i was finally able to play more games. From there he made me do it almost every day as soon as i got home from school before i was able to play video games.

If you liked the story and would like to hear more experiences i had growing up then go comment on my previous post. Im sorry for how bad of story telling i probably am this was my first time writing one on here.

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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:41fopxyd1

    I liked that you had to take a shit zfter getting ass fucked. FIRST TIME I assfucked Cracksniffer he was on ghe toilet for 50 mi uses because after I came I pissed inside and gave him a piss enema. When he was done I made him suck my dick and then did the same thing again.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj42

    I like the story but in order for a girl to enjoy ass sex it has to be enjoyable. When I was 12 two 7 1/2 year old twins use to take it in the ass all the time. Sometimes they would head for home with 10 plus loads in both holes from all the guys and how their parents never found out I have no clue. Those girl reeked of cum from then until 16. If they enjoy it in their ass then doing DP they usually cum so hard they pass out or darn near it.

  • Reply Skimojo ID:5wwo09l3k0k

    Sorry he raped your ass. He should of been more gentle so that you learned to like it. Hope you go into sucking cocktail so you could pleasure many other boys and men.

  • Reply Anon ID:1eesarmnnl00

    So hott

  • Reply Mei lin ID:2px1ogouh8z

    He should brutaly rape her vagina bloody

  • Reply Richard K. ID:1v4n6s520k

    Funny how similar yet different things are that happen to different people. In your story, butt fucking was avoided for a while yet with my uncle when I was 12, there was no cock sucking, jerking him off or anything else. He talked me into letting him stick his cock in my butt, “just the tiniest bit” for “just a second” (which was bullshit) and the next thing I knew, I was laying there with a cock pumping into my ass. At first, he was talking like it was a “game” between us, then soon he was more telling me than asking me. He told me to lie face down on his bed and to put my face into a pillow. When he had it my ass about halfway he asked me if it hurt and when I said yes, he said “You can cry if you want to”. That was insulting. I determined that no way in hell was I going to cry. He had some kind of weird thing going on with this fantasy or fetish of his, like he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do and what he didn’t. For example, he stopped at one point and took his cock out and said it wasn’t right to cum inside me then, after he jerked off for a couple of minutes, changed his mind and told me to turn back over, he was going to cum in me after all. When he put it back in, it didn’t hurt as bad as it had the first time, so there was that, at least. Anyway, yeah, my uncle used my butthole first and foremost, no fucking around with anything else to lead up to that.

    • Jellygirl ID:1d9jpyqiyugo

      My dad used to say that kinda stuff to me! “Just for a little bit” “I’ll pump it 3 times then stop” “Lemme just put the tip in for a minute” it always ended up with him holding me down and fucking me until he came inside me

    • guy ID:5h7fpc43

      mmm hot, i want a nice young hole

    • Richard K. ID:5sowhxud0

      Yup. My uncle seemed to think that if he convinced me was going to fuck me in the ass for a short amount of time, then I’d say “Well, in that case, go right ahead then”. Once he had me pinned face down on the bed with his cock pumping in my ass, he might as well have fucked me for 4 hours as for 1 minute. And that “Just put the tip in” shit, too. He told me that at my grandmother’s house one time in the bathroom. I don’t remember if that was his exact words but he implied it was just going to be real quick. Bullshit. He intended to cum in my ass all along, I knew it and he knew it.