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Forbidden Pleasures with Mia

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It all started innocently, I say innocently, “Mia’s a total slut”.

I found out how much of a slut Mia could be around a year ago, when she let me have my way with her in the lounge of my ex-girlfriend’s house while her daughter was upstairs, who just happened to be my girlfriend (See Saving Grace Chapts 1-15).

I met with Mia a few times after that, we met up, fucked then went our separate ways, but remained in constant contact. Mike from work (Fake) was very talkative.
This is all present and continuing, real names are again mentioned, mine is withheld for obvious reasons!


It’s October 2023, I’ve been single for around 5 months ever since my partner/s of 5 years left to move to Scotland to pursue dreams.
I took time to (cliché) work on myself and make sure that I was happy enough to get into another relationship. I knew I was, so it was time to act upon it.

For months now I’d been avoiding Mia, I’d been replying to her messages and calls, but I didn’t meet with her, I was sitting at work when I opened my phone and messaged her.
We made small talk when the text I’d been hoping she’d send came through, simple yet effective.

“What you up to? Got many plans for the weekend? X”

“Seeing you if you want? X” was my reply.

My phone started instantly ringing. I looked at it shocked for a second before answering, to an extremely excited Hispanic girl screaming down the phone “what day, time and where?”
It was agreed we’d meet on Saturday, and we’d meet in town at Starbucks. I didn’t want to pressure her into anything. A text came through a few hours later as I was leaving work.

“I could always come to your house, and we could go from there, it’s just an idea, am happy with starbies aswell tho xx.”

“But you don’t know my address, I’ve never told you, xx.”

She promptly replied with my exact address, and even sent me a street view screenshot of my house. Did I tell her and just forget? Who knows?

“It’s up to you darling, what you up to anyway? Xx.”

“Nothing, wbu? Xx”

“About to drive home, just finished work, I could come get you but if you’re busy doing nothing I won’t disturb you xx.”

My phone started ringing instantly.

I parked at our agreed location; it was different from before. It wasn’t long before I saw her strolling down the road, it was mid-October and here she was dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a t shirt. She saw my car and flashed me her radiant smile. She looked as beautiful as she did the last time I saw her.

She greeted me warmly, I say warmly she leaned over to me and kissed me passionately like it was her ever last kiss, well that’s what it felt like. It took a few seconds for me to gather myself, I wasn’t expecting her to be so forthcoming.

I drove home to change, halfway through the drive, she grabbed my arm and placed her hand inside mine and just held it, nothing more than that, I didn’t say anything.
We went inside my house and promptly started kissing. I kept thinking I only came to change.

We moved to the lounge where we just cuddled like we’d been dating for years. I stood up and went off to change. I returned to her sitting in my computer chair looking at rough drafts of Saving Grace and going through my Spotify playlist.

I approached her silently, making her jump.

“Having a good snoop I see?”

“I wasn’t snooping, I was looking for music, and it was just open.”

We sat back on the sofa with Hysteria by Def Leppard softly coming out the speakers and I told her everything that happened with me and Grace. Some bits she’d been told and some that were new. she shocked me with her question.

“what’s the plan for us then?”

I was not ready for that, but I gave an honest answer that while I’d happily date her, I wasn’t ready for a relationship but I’m not and would never say no to her.

She turned to me and kissed me, just like she had when she got in the car, I didn’t stop her, and I didn’t want her to either.

I ran my hands all over her olive-skinned body well, the top half anyway, she took it further when she took her t shirt exposing her purple bra and 34C boobs. She didn’t stop me when I took her bra and took her nipple in my mouth. Her soft moans filling the silence.

I had her boobs draped over my face and my hands were caressing her perky bum, she rolled off me on to the floor, stood up and removed her shorts very seductively. She was fully bent over allowing me to have a perfect view. Her black underwear was just begging to be ripped off.

“I still have your underwear from that night at Burrator you know.”

“that’s fine, wouldn’t have given them to you otherwise”

She turned and stood over me, her petite body looking as delicious as anything you could imagine.
She began to caress my raging cock in my shorts, it wasn’t long before it was out. She smiled and dropped to her knees and started licking the tip of my raging erection sending me into a frenzy of elation and desire for more.

She placed her lips on my cock and started to kiss it. It wasn’t long before she had my cock in her mouth and she was bobbing up and down on it, her black hair obscuring her motions, but I certainly felt them… her tongue swirling round the tip in regular intervals.

I wasn’t expecting what I was getting but I certainly wasn’t complaining, I sat up and started caressing her butt even more, while she was trying to force more of my cock down her throat. Periodically pausing to catch her breath before carrying on.

I lifted her off the floor and slipped her black thong off, kissing her stomach whilst doing so. I pulled my shorts down to my ankles.

She laid beside me with her head on my stomach and went back to my cock, I found her tiny 15-year-old pussy and worked my finger around it, her soft moans telling me she was enjoying my touch.
I slid my middle finger in, her moans grew stronger, my cock went a little cold from her intake of breath.

I slid my finger in and out of her, her moans growing stronger with every thrust of my finger.
I changed positions, it was my turn to be on the floor, her legs draped over my shoulders, I buried my face in-between her legs and licked her teenage pussy furiously like it was my last night on earth.

Her moans were rampant, her ankles digging into my shoulder blades, I pushed underneath her legs and pushed them back up into her boobs that she was now rubbing and went back to my task.
A few moments later she went rigid and came right there on my tongue and lips.

I didn’t care that I didn’t cum, it was enough that she did.

We both got dressed and went back to cuddling on the sofa, I had missed a call from my dad. She had a message from her mum.

Unfortunately, I had to drop her home for 9pm, but I would see her a few days later…
I dropped her off to the location I picked her up from and kissed her passionately.
She got out the car, came round to the driver’s side, and whispered in my ear.

“See you soon daddy”

More memories to share 😊

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    I had heard parts of this … but reading the filled in portions… well written I might add … niccccccce…
    Looking forward to more and hearing Mia’s input too… hehe… Pirate out!