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Little Alice is a pedo loving girl 6

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Alice’s real daddy finds out and join in

“Hi sweet pea, l’m home!’ Having been at a work conference for 4 days it is a relief to come home. My wife is going to be away for work event for a week and we agreed once l am back I will take a few days off to look after our daughter Alice.

Alice is our only child and she is growing to be a beautiful young woman. She is mixed race – I am Caucasian and her mother’s Asian, and Alice inherited best features: long silky black hair, snowy smooth skin, a pouty mouth perfect for kissing (lately I fantasise about her lips wrapped around my cock). Her body is growing – she is going through puberty and it shows: on her petite 5 ft frame her ripe firm perky 34b tits stand proud and l can see her hard nipples under the tee shirt, she hasn’t started wearing a bra as my wife need to take her bra fitting. She has an amazing tight round bubble bum that needs squeezing and slapping. I am not ashamed to say my own daughter makes me horny. I am constantly rock hard watching her, wishing in my darkest mind that l could use and make her my fucktoy.

“Daddy! You’re home!” Alice come rushing into my arms from her room and gave me a tight hug, and l can feel her delicious titties pressed against me. My wife also greeted me and together we decided to go out for dinner, before my wife leaves for her work trip.

After my wife left, l spent time catching up with a Alice before she went to bed at 10pm. All through the evening and dinner, l couldn’t help but got rock hard for my little girl. Alice wore a tee shirt and skirt, and l could see how tight fitting it mould to her body. And it turned me on watching noticing other men watching Alice and raping her with their eyes when we were at the restaurant. One of my fantasy is to watch other men use Alice like a cocksleeve and her submit to them accepting cocks in all her three holes….l have a raging hard on so decided to have a quick shower to cool my head and body.

After I stepped out of the shower, l heard moaning from Alice’s room. I tiptoed to her room and l could see through the gap of her unclouded bedroom door she is talking to someone on her phone and calling this person daddy. “Daddy?!?” Who is she talking to?!? What’s more, she is naked on her bed with her legs spread wide, her right hand stroking her pussy as she moan to an unknown man on the phone. “Yes…..daddy Henry, l am soaking wet for you. My real daddy came home today so l can’t come round. I miss having you filled my pussy. Yes, l am stroking my pussy for you…mmmmm…..l need your hard fucking, daddy….” As she speak she is stroking her young pussy, and moaning like a slut to this man called Henry….wait?! Is this the same Henry as in our next door neighbour?

I quickly and quietly went downstairs, who is this Henry? Has he been fucking Alice? My Alice? She is behaving like a little whore and it made me super hard. I wanted then and there to go into her room, shove my cock in her horny pussy, fuck her until she cum, and l empty my heavy load of cock juice inside her. But l decided I need proof so I knocked on Henry’s door and he opened the door, saw me and his look confirmed my suspicion. I went inside to his house and he hang up his phone.
“Are you fucking my daughter?”
He wouldn’t answer so l asked him again, adding that l am not going to be violent, l want the truth.
“Yes, l have”, “Tell me how it started.” Henry began to tell me and the more details he provided the more l am in lust. Hearing him described the sex he had with Alice, and that she loves being a fuckdoll has chipped away my resolve and all l could think of was l need to taste her body now, and unload my cum inside her. Henry was somewhat wary of what my reaction will be, but seeing my face and the fact my eight inch cock is rock hard has provided him confirmation.

“Alice is phenomenal. Let me show you the vids l made”. There are videos? He quickly showed me his laptop of a video. In it Alice was filled in her 3 holes, and all three men were using her body for sexual gratification. My little girl was deep throating cock like a pro, and begged for cum, while she is being DP. I can’t believe how willing and submissive she is, my 11 year old sweetheart being used like a cocksleeve, just like how l fantasised her.

“Do you want to fuck her now? You didn’t had a chance today due to me so l want to see you fucking my daughter, and l want us to DP her.”
Henry was eager and he knew then and there Alice’s dad is like him, a man who is lustful of loli slut. He can’t wait to see Alice getting fucked by her real daddy. Together they went back to the house, and to Alice’s bedroom. Alice was deep in heat playing with her slit where she saw both her daddy and daddy Henry in her room.

“Sweetheart, Henry has told me what you have got up to. I am not angry. In fact, you made daddy very happy. I have been thinking about using your body, sucking your young juicy titties, and breeding you with my cum. Now that l know you are a pedo slut as Henry described you. We are going to fuck you tonight….oh fuck! Look at you, such an hungry little whore.” Both Henry and I took our clothes off and got on the bed. “Tell me, what do you need, my little girl?”

“Daddy, l want to suck your cock. I want to make you feel good with my mouth and taste your cum, while daddy Henry can watch us. After you cum in my mouth then l want you to fuck me hard in my pussy, and fill my womb full of your cum, then daddy Henry can join in.”

She took my thick 8 inches cock with her hands and began stroking it, while looking up at me “you have no idea how much l think about having you in my mouth, my real daddy using me as his own personal fucktoy, and fuck me till l cum and cum again.” She bend her head and took my cock into her mouth. Dear god! It is heavenly! My sweet girl is sucking my raging hard cock and taking it deep into her mouth. Her tongue sliding and licking my shaft, coating it wet with her saliva. In and out she suck and lick my hard cock and l put both my hands on back of her head and start to use her mouth pussy hard

“That’s it, little slut. That is your real daddy’s cock you are sucking. Look how hard he is for you! Suck it good, suck it the way you do with mine, Father John, daddy Mike and daddy Ian. Make sure he cum hard into your throat. Such a perfect little fucktoy, always eager for grown men’s cock. She is the best and it’s so filthy watching father fucking his little girl’s mouth….” Henry is frantically stroking his cock and spewing nasty words at Alice. It made me even more hard and l now brutally fuck my sweet little whore’s hungry mouth. I looked down and saw my cock piston in and out of Alice’s mouth while she looks at me with lust, pleading me with her eyes that she submits to her real daddy.

“Oh fuck…oh dear fucking god, Alice, you are the best…..daddy loves you so much…..that’s what l always wanted, to use and ruin you with my cock. I am so close….mmmm…that’s it….fuccckkkk…..you fucking little slut, you are a sex toy for me, do you understand? Your place is to let me and daddy Henry to use you, and fill you up with lots of baby making cum….good girl, yesssss!!! Take it, my little whore, take it!” I grabbed her head tight and held it against my balls as I release my super load of cock cream into her mouth as Henry also cum.

I let go of her head and she release my cock, showed me her mouth, filled with my cream, and said “Daddy, please fuck your little girl now.”

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