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Girls for my brother

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This a story of married my brother and females babies her future sluts

My name I Daniela. When I was 12 my brother David he 19 spend 5 year in jail because of me. I shoplifting a store for new Snickers. Cost like 200 hundred dollars and I took 6 pairs and put it in my bag and took it home. I was in my room trying the shoes. My brother came and ask me that the reason we having polices car in front of our house you stole all this. They can put you in adolescent jail for this. I cry and said please I’m sorry don’t let them take me. Well remove your panty and bend down and hold the side of the bed with your hands. I hear he unzip his zipper felt his crotch inside me. I say what you doing I’m your sister. He was a fat guy like 300 pound with a beard. I was skinny my breast was very small like tamarind size. He started fucking me doggy style and grabbing my small tits.

I scream loud OOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOH OUCH is to big take it off. And screaming at me slut shut up and take it or I will send you with the polices. I was a virgin I have my period last week. My brother talking to me he saw blood in his cock. Fuuck I just took your cherry. That mean your are mine. He keeping humping me harder and harder. I was moaning Ooooooooh fuuuuck ooooh don’t dare to stop. My brother Yee slut ohhhhh yes. He keeping fucking me. Oooooooh my Goood I was screaming I’m going cuuum. Oh fuck sis you cum like a slut. I was screaming yeeees I’m your sluut fuck this slut. Then I hear him saying oooooh I’m going cumm. Fuck don’t cum inside me I’m not in a pill. Let me swallowed. No bitch you having my babies. I hear him oooooooh fuuuuck I’m cumming oooooooh a huge load inside me. Than he force clean his cock in my mouth. The police was knocking the door to take my take me away. My brother open the door told them that it was his idea and he Iforce me to steal that I didn’t want to steal and I he was driving the car. They gave him 5 year because we were black. I wrote my brother in jail that I was pregnant is going be a baby girl. I name her Stephanie. My I told my parents that David my brother is the father. My dad got mad your slut you let your brother fuck you. He took me to his car bring me to the prison where my brother is and force me to married him. And we got married my dad took our daughter to the car until me and my brother fuck again in a room that prison guard let us use. But he wasn’t alone. He came with 4 more prisoner was there for life it being years they don’t fuck a girl. A 49 black guy accused rape a mom and her twin 9 old daughter. A 78 old white guy accused rape her daughter and killing her. A 35 bald white guy accused rape more than 6 collage girls and stinky bump guy accused raping a undercover cop and kill her.

My brother he fuck me 1st and cum inside me. My brother told this guy going play with you. Let then do what ever they want. They 49 old put his 13 inch inside my mouth start fucking my mouth I couldn’t breath. Than he carry me start fucking me harder than my brother. I was screaming Oooooooooooooooh fuuuuuuck oooooooh shhhiir and cum all my face They all took turn and did the same thing. They shower me and I left. When I went to the car my dad was naked waiting for me and fuck me in the car. When I was 13 I have another twins girl and boy. I told my husband my brother and he force me to give the boys for adoption and keep the girl. I told him why he told me because my daughter going be my slut and I want all the pussy. ( This stories continue)

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    This is sick asshole u need to get a needle in yr arm asap

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    Wow i want this to happen to me so bad
    My email is [email protected]

  • Reply Rapeacat ID:61jw16s8l

    When will there be more?

  • Reply 4fingaz ID:bo2qeothm

    This is fuckin gross

    • Devin ID:7pqjf5vxi9

      Yes sick fuck

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    What a great story I want to know more made my cock really hard how many more babies did you have is your dad or your brother as husband fucking any of the little girls how old are your children now

    • 4fingaz ID:bo2qeothm

      You should have you penis removed you sick fuckin chomo.

    • 4fingaz ID:bo2qeothm

      This is fuckin sick! What the fuck is wrong with you you sick piece of shit. You should be locked up just for thinking these things. I hope justice comes swiftly for you.

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5oothl

    tell me how do you feel about it now?