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Someone’s watching – part 3

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Forced to go out of the house, the 12 year old and the man have fun outside. Promise for more!

The weekend took forever. It was weird being dressed after being almost completely naked the whole time, for the entire week. And just the thought of what had happened without my parents knowing sent delicious shivers to my little cunt. I had seen the curtains move from time to time, but he didn’t linger. He saw my parents and my brother. He saw me being clothed. So all I had were the moments in my bed, where I was fucking myself with the dildo. I didn’t want to turn it on, because I didn’t want my parents to find out. I was just hoping time would go fast, and Monday would be here.

And it finally came. I heard the front door close and I slipped out of bed happily, walking naked to the bathroom. It wasn’t until then that I heard a sound. My brother was apparently still home and I quickly ducked in the bathroom. Fuck! I was hoping for another round in private, before the man would get here. I quickly rinsed off. Just the thought of later already made me wet. With a towel wrapped around my small body, I made my way back to my room and put on a short, summer dress. With my brother around, I didn’t take any risks and put on some panties. I then made my way to the living room.
“Mom wants you to do some groceries,” my brother said as a greeting, not taking his eyes off the television. He had dragged his xBox out here, this TV was much larger than the one in his bedroom. Which also meant he would be home all day. I rolled my eyes.
“I’m pretty sure she asked you, but fine. I might be out for a while though. Going for a walk. Get out of the house.” He just quickly waved his hand, indicating he heard me, but not wanting to respond. It was now just before 9 and I nervously glanced outside. The man had obviously seen something was going on, because he was standing in front of his window. Waiting. So I took the grocery bag in my hand and stood in front of the window again.
“Anything you need?” The curtain moved and the man disappeared. My brother shook his head, laser focused on the game. Fine. I grabbed my purse and the money my mum had left and walked outside. In the stairway I quickly ditched my panties and shoved them in my purse as well, covered by the grocery bag, feeling giddy.

When I came outside I walked to the park, which would cross the entrance of his apartment complex. It wasn’t too long before I noticed the door open and close and heavy footsteps followed me. I didn’t glance back, but kept my leisurely pace. The streets were busy, but the park was surprisingly empty. Especially when I chose one of the side paths, that would wind through a little patch of forest. Most people were out in the grass, picnicking and sunbathing. This would be quiet. We walked for a few minutes and I knew he was following me.

Suddenly he grabbed me from behind, his arm curling around my waist, lifting me off the ground and he pulled me into the thick bushes, one hand clamped over my mouth. A low voice spoke softly in my ear, the voice that had haunted my dreams and caused me to wake up a shivery, horny mess.
“Stay absolutely silent, you don’t want anyone to hear you, do you?” I shook my head and he released my face. He didn’t lower me to the ground, but instead his hand traveled up my legs, under my dress. He hissed when he came in contact with my wet little slit.
“Hm, naughty naughty little girl, are we?” I moaned softly when he quickly pushed two fingers inside me. Even if I wanted to fight him, I couldn’t. He started to move quickly, and not before long the air was filled with wet, sloppy sounds coming from my pussy. I held my breath to try and keep quiet as my head rested back against him. This time, he didn’t edge me. He pushed me to a hard and fast orgasm. I bit my hand not to scream out loud at that point. And then he removed his hand, slowly lowering me to my feet. I held on to his arm so as not to lose my balance and turned around to him.
“I missed you,” I confessed softly, and my cheeks flushed. The man chuckled.
“Did you miss me, or did you miss me fucking your brains out?” My flush deepend and I grinned up at him. As a response, I pulled the dress up and away from my body. Being naked outside felt delicious and the thought of someone randomly coming across us only made it more interesting. Carefully I placed my dress on my purse.
“I’m glad you understood what was going on.” I stepped closer and slowly unbuckled his belt.
“Yeah, when I saw your brother, I knew we had to figure something out. You gave me the perfect opportunity.” I glanced up at him and smiled as I pulled his jeans open. I had researched some porn this weekend and there was something I wanted to try. Carefully I pushed his jeans down, along with his boxers. His already hard cock sprung out and I curled my hand around it. It didn’t fit, I had to use two hands to encircle it completely. He was bigger than I remembered. Now, how did these girls do it?

I kneeled in front of him and took the tip of his cock between my lips. Immediately I heard him gasp and I sucked softly, letting my tongue slide over his head. He was too big for my mouth, but I wanted to try this. I licked the sides of his cock, coating him completely in my saliva, before going back to the top. I spit on it, before I locked my lips around him again. This time he went in easier, being slippery from my saliva. I pushed down until he hit the back of my throat before quickly moving up again. This was hard work. Harder than I anticipated. But the soft moans and groans coming from his throat made it all worth the while.
I sucked harder, trying to push him deeper and move faster. Until I suddenly felt his hand on the back of my head.
“Slow down, princess. Do you want me to take control?” I just nodded and he grabbed the sides of my head, keeping me in one place. He then angled my head up a little. He was much taller than I was and at this angle, it was easier for him to slide in. Holding my head firmly, he pushed in deeper than I was able to do myself. I blinked as tears formed in my eyes, trying not to choke or gag. But I held on. Allowed him to slide in my throat, until his cock was coated in a thick slime. He then pulled back.
“Turn around. I’m going to fuck you.” Like a good little girl, I turned around. His hand gently pushed me down and I placed my hands on the forest floor. Following his movements, I hollowed my back and pushed my ass towards him. Even though his hand moved away from my back at that point, I lowered further, so my face was resting on the warm forest floor.
“God, you really are a piece of art, you know that. You are so beautiful.” I felt him kneel behind me and shivered lightly when I felt the tip of his cock slide over my wet pussy lips. He moved slowly. Up and down. Over my clit, moving over my entrance and even up to my ass. He pressed down softly there. The gentle touch made me so hungry for him and I hollowed my back even more. Right now, I was so horny I would let him do everything to me.
“One day I am going to claim every bit of you, but not yet.” He chuckled and then moved down, back to my pussy. There, he pushed his cock in and we both had to suck in our breaths hard not to make any sounds. It was then that I heard footsteps. Voices, not too far away. He had heard it too, but he didn’t seem to care. His hands grabbed my hips firmly and he started thrusting. Hard in and out, relentlessly. My eyes rolled back as he hit the exact right spots. This was it. Oh fuck, I had missed this. The voices came closer and passed us just on the other side of the bushes. He shifted just a little before continuing his fucking. Feeling my naked chest rub on the forest floor, my ass in the air and the gentle wind rushing between my legs was amazing. I wanted to scream out. Fuck harder. Be dragged into the wildness and claimed completely. Be fucked over and over and over again. Not just by him. By every man that I laid his eyes on me. I really was a whore. Those thoughts, that fantasy was the thing that pulled me right over the edge and I cummed hard on his cock, in the middle of the forest. He didn’t last long either, before he cummed too and sent his warm seed deep inside me.

We both needed a minute before we could move. He pulled out his dick and stood up, I heard him adjust his clothes again. I didn’t move, except for tensing my muscles, pushing the cum out. I wanted to show him what I had done before. So when I felt a thick glob of cum slip out of my pussy, I quickly caught it with my fingers, scooping up as much as I could. I then turned around, still on my knees and slowly licked my fingers clean. Moaning softly. He was watching intently, licking his lips.
“You are going to be the death of me, young lady.” I just smirked, finishing my little treat before getting up, wiping the sand and leaves from my knees and face. Luckily it was all dry, so no stains were left on my skin. I had no idea how to explain that.
“You’re welcome,” I giggled as I put on my dress again. “I need to get some groceries done, though.”
“Yeah, I need to get back to work.” We started walking at the same time and emerged from the bushes without anyone seeing us.
“What do you do for a living?” I asked, curious now. I had seen him during the day multiple times and I didn’t know enough jobs to guess what he was doing.
“I own my own business. So I get to decide my own hours.” I just nodded. That made sense. All too soon, we came to the point where our paths would split.
“I need your phone number, baby girl, so we can arrange something if needed.” Feeling my cheeks flush, I gave him mine and we parted with a chaste little kiss.

It felt weird walking to the supermarket. I could still feel the cum inside me, slowly dripping down my legs. If I bent down too much, people could easily see up my dress. See my naked pussy. My naked, freshly fucked, cum filled pussy. I shivered lightly as I made my way down the aisles. A man passed me from behind as I was looking for the right pasta sauce, a hand sliding over my ass. As I glanced up, I noticed a familiar frame walking away. Okay. Two can play that game. I grinned and moved to the next aisle. I could see an unknown man at the end of this aisle, but I didn’t care. All I saw was the man that had just pumped me full of his seed. So I bent down to look at the rice, feeling my dress hike up a little.
“Slut,” the man mumbled, as his fingers probed my sensitive pussy hole for just a second. When I glanced to the side, I saw the stranger just stare at us for a second, before looking away. My already wet pussy moistened immediately. I liked this game.
The last aisle was yet again deserted, except for the man and I, and I bent down again. This time, however, I was caught off guard. He came closer, spread my pussy lips with one hand and pushed something in with the other. It was small and round, and it felt very very cold. Two more of those round things were pressed inside. I gasped, feeling full, but before I could react, the man walked away. When I looked up, I saw him talk to the stranger who had spotted us before, but they left before I could get a good view.

My phone buzzed as I arrived at the checkout. An unknown number who could only be one person.
> Go home. Enjoy your treat there. It’s good for you.
I didn’t react, but paid and carefully made my way home, my pussy muscles tight to hold the little round balls inside. At home I quickly cleared the groceries and then slipped in my bedroom. There I quickly undressed, grabbed my phone and started to film myself. Using the front camera, I opened my pussy and carefully pushed down. I could see what he had pushed inside of me. Three, perfectly round tomatoes. With a small smile, I licked on the first one before popping it in my mouth. Slowly I chewed, before swallowing it.
“Thank you,” I whispered to the camera, before getting the second and the third, licking them before eating them too. I then closed the camera and sent him the video. The response came quickly.
> My little whore. Tomorrow. Same spot as today. Be there at 9.30.


There’s at least one more part coming. However, depending on you, I might add more. Feel free to send some inspiration in the comments!

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    I would love to have a next door neighbor like you.

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    Maybe one day she gets to his apartment and maybe never comes home and lives with him and the toys

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      Not a bad idea.

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