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I was a hypnotist and used it for sex 5 (Lelia 11 years old )

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This young girl had been sent down for shoplifting 75 cases against her and I wanted sex

This new criminal/patient was Lelia she was 11 a prolific shop lifter who had been caught 75 times and now was getting punished by a term locked up, she had never told why she did this from her file I knew she lived with her mother who was a drug user so that’s part of the problem so she came in she was small about 4ft 7 she had blonde have quite long and was wearing a grey prison tshirt and shorts and trainers.
She sat down and we started chatting for her age she was quite grown up and stubborn all she would say is she was guilty and she had been doing since she was 9, so I was going do my hypnosis on her she went under straight away and I asked for her shoplifting story which she came straight out with.

It started when she was 9 a girl at school who was a bully had befriended her and she felt good as she didn’t have friends and after school they would go to this girls house and on the way they would go into a supermarket and put sweets down their panties and walk out, she was told they can’t check down there, so they did that every day and never got caught and she liked the idea of having sweets.
After school she went to Georgia the bully’s house and her dad gave them tea and drinks and they played in her bedroom and everyday Georgia would go downstairs when her dad shouted of her telling Lelia stay in her room shebwas gone for about 15 20 minutes, she had no idea what she was doing and she didn’t tell her till a few months later, I’m Georgia’s bedroom her dad come in and sat on the bed between them and was watching them play on the games machine and he put hid hand on Lelias bare leg and rubbed it also his other hand on Georgia’s moving it around, she liked it and felt wanted with him talking to them but then he told Georgia it’s time and Georgia put the controller down and reached to his shorts and put her hand over the bulge in the middle She said she was wide eyed as she watched her friend reach in his shorts and take out his cock, she had never seen one and this was hard then she realised his hand was now up her skirt rubbing her panties as Georgia wanked her dad.
Wow she though as she watched and she felt his fingers on her private parts she had a weird feeling as he moved around her panties and she watched Georgia wank away, she was scared to say anything as she had just gotva great friend and her dad had been nice to her but he was touching her privates , he shouldn’t be then Georgia said Lelia you try it’s fun , she didn’t say anything then her dad go on Lelia and if you do good I will get you a games machine to, she hadn’t had anything good before so she thought why not as she reached it felt warm, hard but soft and so big as her little hand went around and Georgia put her hand on top of Lelias and moved it up and down.
She felt funny/ scared knowing she shouldn’t be doing this or let Georgia’s dad do this but she was more excited about getting a games machine and it’s feeling good as she moved her hand and Georgia’s dad was saying yes that’s good faster faster Lelia as his hand was rubbing her privates he started to shake and his cock was throbbing as all of a sudden stuff come out the end and shot over her hand , well done Georgia said to her your first wank and cum shot as her dad just got up and walked away .
The next few days the same happened and on the Friday she was given a PlayStation new in a box, how does your dad afford this she asked and Georgia replied he takes them like us with sweets but he’s better can get anything, Lelia all excited ran home with the parcel no idea hiw to do anything so the next day she asked Georgia if she could butvshe had no idea butvssid she would ask her dad to come over to Lelias if it was alright she said yes.
The next day they headed home after school and they did the usual shoplifting and went to Lelia home waiting for Georgia’s dad, Lelias mom was in but was her usual drugged self and asleep on the sofa as Georgia’s dad came he was setting up the PlayStation on the tv with lelias mom a sleep on the sofa he told the girls to go to the shop get him some stuff which they did when they come back Lelia noticed her moms panties were missing not being bothered she was just so pleased to have a games console .

This was her life and why she started shop lifting and doing sexual things with Georgia’s dad she said this happened for about a year her wanking him and he fingered her and sometimes it was the 3 of them.
All this had turned me on and I asked her if she would like to give me a wank she nodded still under as I told her to come over to my seat and stand next to me as I pulled my trousers down her hands were small and warm as she grabbed my cock and started to wank me I pulled her shorts down to reveal a small pussy with a couple of pubes randomly grown as I open her legs I pushed a finger in she felt it and gripped me harder as her legs closed on my hand and she wanked faster it must of only been 5 minutes before I shot out my cum , the excitement of a 11 year old doing that made me cum so quick and all this recorded as she crumbled to the floor as I made her have a orgasm and her legs gave way.
I did the usual telling her to remember nothing from today buy I put a thought in her head that she fancies me and wants me to have sex with her but can’t tell anyone but if she sees me she would feel all giggy and love me.
I cleaned her up and made her dress herself I had noted her size 34a bra and age 10 to 11 shorts I was going to get her to dress up and would buy some clothes and make her a dark Internet babe..
I had to make a report from my questioning and I have to be careful what I write as under hypnosis it and be made up
as the person is not awake and stories become truth so I put down about her meeting the bully Georgia and her dad and was taught how to shoplift ,but left out the part about the wanking.

So roll on the next session.

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