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I sold my sister to the devil! The continuation

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The continuation of the story. Read my other stories to get the context and also give feedback on what you’d like to read

This is a continuation of the story of how i sold my sister to devil in exchange of limitless youth n powers. It’s been nearly a year since devil rapes Ayushi to death in hell everyday whereas I’m enjoying life like nobody else could. I’m now so rich even though girls gift me everything I cant get ill or sick i dont sweat or even as much as have a bad breath on top of that im immortal i cant even get a scar. I can walk through fire n have flawless skin. So after I sold my sister to the devil and magically having the power to attract young pretty girls and they all turn out to be virgins and I started having this effect on my female cousins too and I mean extra effect. Even after I had sex with all of my cousins, they’d still come back for More so I made my security keep them out of the door but then I had a notorious idea. I called in my youngest cousin Akriti and my bouncers. Akriti rushed inside naked and although she’s just 10 her gigantic tits n ass bouncing all over as she ran towards me n sat infront of me to suck my dick i stopped her and told her to lie on the bed an told my bouncer to fuck her. My bouncer was like 6 feet 6 inches tall bodybuilder on steroids. Akriti said “no I’ll not let him please no” so i went behind near her and spread her legs by my hands to let the bouncer have a clear view of the pink little cunt he was gonna penetrate with his black 12 inch dick and he did. That’s when i left the legs and watched as this giant bangs my 10 year old cousin. Then i told for all the guards to take her away n bang her. I too joined but ojust watched watched Akriti’s gangbang by huge black men she was a cock sleeve there was no tine when she didn’t have 3 gigantic black dicks in her and hands all over her body. So i leave then and get to enjoy the best of the best.
5 years later. I haven’t aged a day. I’m slim n athletic n sharp. I’m like a rockstar n girls faint at the sight of my pics. I’m enjoying life thoroughly and then one of my gf says to me “would you like to go see Akriti it’s her birthday.” I thought as i let her get gangbanged i should check on her. I’m then told that i can see her on the internet as she’s now a black cock gangbang whore who’s always getting fucked. I switch on the net n she was getting fucked by huge group of black men. The most interesting thing here is she didn’t age too! N then I looked at my other female cousins and none of them did! It was unusual but interesting! I enjoyed watching her choke on black dicks while getting to enjoy more aspects of my power and getting licked and sucked by the prettiest faces on the planet (other men now have turned gay!)!

In next parts ill tell how i torture the girls who once hated me and now i have many marriages and my wives are devoted to me and I marry one of my cousins too and her I pimp out for fun and she is my wife who i role play with by making her a whore or cheater or anything I’m in mood for and watch her get fucked and hear her sex stories or rape stories while i fuck her.

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