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How i lost my virginity at 15

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3 years ago i lost my virginity to a 37 year old man.

So I was on a local kik group for gays in my area. Where I found a 37 yo man. I started to chat with him he asked me to show him my ass and I showed him, and after he sent a dick pick to me he was so much bigger than me. I got so turned on by it, i replied with a video of me fingering my boy pussy. He told me i was so sexy and that he wanted to fuck me. So i asked him when we could do it. He said that the day after. So next day I bicyckled to the adress he sent me the day before. I messaged him that i was outside his apartment when he arravied he told me to come inside. So I did what he said and open his door i went inside and into his bedroom. He was in his bed naked and jerking his 37yo cock to porn on a tv in his room. He told me to undress and start sucking his big cock so I did he forced my head down on his cock so i got it deeper in my throt and we continued that for a while i was sucking him he started to finger my boy pussy with lube it felt so nice. Then he told me it was time to take my virginity and he turned me around and put me on my stomach and laid himself ontop of my 15yo body and started to enter my 15yo boy pussy with his big hard 37yo cock and it hurt alot in the start but then I stretched out and he started to fuck my boy pussy and i moaned and cried untill he came deep in my boy pussy. After he came he just rolled of me and told me to go before his wife got home. So I bicyckled home with my boy pussy filled with cum. When i got home I just jumped into the shower and let his cum run out of my hole.

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  • Reply Bekki ID:2jouti1iqm

    Part 2. So I light up and he pushed me back and put my legs on his shoulders and then felt his big cock pushed inside me and Instantly started moaning out loud then he thrust really hard and I was shouting for a few minutes as took my hymen and soon as he had he said that’s better and started fucking me savagely rough and hard and after 10 minutes he said do you like it I just took a drag and said I fucking love it don’t stop he pounded me for another 15 minutes and as he said was cumming he put 2 fingers tickling my ass hole and then suddenly I was shaking and started to orgasm and was screaming out in pleasure and as I was about to cum he rammed fingers up my ass and made me scream house down…

  • Reply Bekki ID:2jouti1iqm

    I lost mine at same age!!!

    I was a typical rebellious girl as a teenager. I dressed like a slut I was going pubs and clubs at age 13/14 I dressed looking much older and guys certainly gave me attention.

    I moved schools and started hanging around with group of popular girls and I started smoking at age 13 and guys really seemed to find it hot and sexy from the reactions I always got..

    I was at a party with my group of friends and drinking and smoking etc and was group of older guys that were flirting with us and t h we all fancied the same guy. The other girls were pretty shy so when I got a new drink, I asked him for a light he said sure let’s go for a cigarette outside we did …

    Then I light up took a drag and blowing smoke out he was starring at me with big smile and he said how old are you I was honest I was just turned 15 and he said really, you don’t look or act it..!!!

    And I said it bother you he said no.. and asked me if I got high, I said had smoked weed , he said this is way better and he made up a big line of coke and sniffed it up.. and then said thats yours so i wanted look cool so i sniffed it up and then as it kicked in felt amazing and was throbbing in pussy and my ass hole..

    Had a slutty Desire raging through me and suddenly so horny too…

    He knew this and so back inside he brushed up against me pressing his hard man size cock against my ass cheeks and I just smiled and he said, you gunna suck it for me and so I just took it out and started giving him a BJ all my friends were shocked but I enjoyed it so much.. and after he cum in mouth I swallowed it all and he and mates all cheered me.. and then gave me another line and after his mates said I bet your still throbbing aren’t you, and I said I’m gagging for it, but I’m a virgin and one just took my hand and led me to sofa and he said get your knickers off then and I did all excited and then I sucked him off and he made me deepthroating him gagging and after I was gasping for a cigarett

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Beautiful! Keep showing that boy pussy online. Pull your bumcheeks wide open and finger your farthole! You’ll meet up with so many pervs!

    • GayBoy2006 ID:1eo38f4ypthg

      I will do that.

    • Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

      good boy!

    • guy ID:5h7fpc43

      love hot boi pussy