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Wife’s first time with much older men

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My wife and I got married at 18 years old. We had grown up in a very small conservative town. And though I’d had several hot sexual experiences over the years starting back when I was only 10 Lynn hadn’t had any at all. Her father was the local preacher in our little town and her mother was very strict. Though Lynn had a great body few knew it since she always wore baggy unflattering clothes and her long red hair was always pulled up. Also, she hadn’t been allowed to wear make-up. So to most, she seemed quite plain just as her mother intended. Once we got married she’d managed to let loose a little when we were at home. But around town, she still dressed and acted the same. But all of that changed after one night I’d taken some nude pics of her in a sexy outfit one of her cousins had given her for our honeymoon that included some make-up. After seeing the photos and how sexy she looked in them she wanted to show off her sexy body.

While still dressing the same around our small town she started dressing in sexy outfits in front of my friends and when we were out of town. We were taking nude pictures of her every week and she was ordering lots of sexy lingerie to wear in the pictures. It didn’t take long before we took a much bigger leap and started having threesomes with some of my closest most trusted friends and soon after got into wife swapping and more. My wife had gone from shy, ultra-conservative preacher’s daughter to hotwife and swinger in only a matter of months. It was around this time that VCR’s first came out. But the closest place you could buy x-rated movies was about 50 miles away at an adult bookstore. On a couple of trips there, I’d noticed the same car there with a city strip from our small town. On one of those trips I got to talking to the guy whose name was Bill and was in his 50’s about the price of the movies and the long drive we had to make just to buy them and we eventually decided to meet up and maybe swap some movies. A few days later he came over with a box of movies. We had to do it at my house because his wife hated that he owned movies like that. But when it came right down to it we both hated getting rid of any of the movies we had while seeing movies the other had we’d like to have.

We ended up reluctantly swapping a couple but had started talking about how great it would be if we could just copy them and not have to give up any of our movies. We decided to give it a try and he came back the next week and brought his VCR. We were surprised that not only could we make copies but that they were coming out at just as good quality as the originals. You had to play the movie all the way through while making the copy with the second VCR. So each week he’d come over and we’d watch the movies as we copied them. From the start, he was telling me about a friend of his named Jerry who had a lot of movies and was going to try and get him to come over and copy some of his. I felt comfortable with them because like us they required discretion. We’d been doing this every week for over a month when one day Lynn got home before Bill had left. He was concerned Lynn would get mad if she saw what kind of movies we were watching but I told him not to worry and that she watched them too.

When she came into the room it was clear he liked what he saw but he was very polite when I made the introductions. But once she left the room he couldn’t say enough about how beautiful and sexy my wife was. And how lucky I was to not only have such a hot wife but that she was OK with me watching porn movies. Every time he came over for the next few weeks he’d be telling me how lucky I was and talking about Lynn. I’d always tell her what he’d said and she loved hearing it as she got turned on when guys got excited looking at her. And the one time he’d seen her she was dressed very conservatively for work with no make-up and her hair pulled up. So we decided to let him see even more of her and worked out a plan. And she scheduled the day he always came over where she’d be off work that day. I was surprised at how excited she was on the days leading up to when he’d be there. But neither of us knew just how hot it was going to turn out to be.

The day arrived and Lynn laid out what she was going to surprise him in and the make-up she was going to put on. A little while before time for him to show up she left wearing one of her really conservative dresses with her hair pulled up and no make-up. But underneath all she had on was a sexy black garter belt & stockings and she was wearing a pair of spiked heels. She rode around until she saw his car there then waited another 15 minutes. She came in as normal but said she’d got off work early and came to the family room where we were and stuck her head in to say hi. But got a surprise when she saw a third guy in the room. It just happened that the friend he’d been telling me about had finally come over with him. He introduced them and said isn’t she as pretty as I’d told you. Lynn liked the fact he’d been telling his friend about her. I wasn’t sure what to do now. I was supposed to say she’d gotten a package but with the new guy there I figured we wait until another time. But to my surprise when I didn’t say anything Lynn asked if she’d gotten a package. So I said she had and that it was in the bedroom. As she went up the steps I asked if it was what she’d shown me in the catalog. After her saying it was I said to let us see it. As planned she paused and asked if I was sure. I said yea we’re all adults and they won’t tell anyone.

She was busy putting on dark eyeliner and bright red lipstick we jokingly called prostitute red and she’d already painted her nails. She let her long red hair down and replaced the dress with a very sheer red housecoat you could see right through that didn’t have buttons or a belt so stayed open in the front. During this time I had been telling them that I wanted them to picture her in the outfit she was going to bring down and show them and said I couldn’t wait until that night when I’d be able to actually see her in it. A few minutes later she came down. As planned I’d sat in a chair with my back to the door so they’d see her a while before me. When I heard her come into view of them I thought their jaws were going to hit the floor. When she finally got to where I could see her as we planned I acted surprised and said I figured she’d just bring it down and she said sorry I thought you meant wear it. Then she said though she had been surprised by that. I smiled and said well that’s OK I’m sure they won’t tell anyone and said in fact it was kind of exciting for someone else to see her dressed like that.

She kind of strutted around and let them see her in various sexy poses. Then she looked over at me and asked if I remembered what we’d talked about a few nights before while watching a movie. I thought for a minute then said you mean and held up three fingers and she said yea. Then said we might not have a better chance. I said it was up to her but it sounded good to me. At that she went over to where they were sitting on the couch and took on of their hands and placed it on each of her legs moving it around saying doesn’t that silky material feel good as their hands glided over her smooth stockings. They both said yes and she moved their hand above the stocking to the inner part of her thighs and asked how that felt and they both said great. I’m sure they thought they were in a dream with this hot 19 yo standing in front of them basicly nude with every inch of her 5-8, 120lb, 34DD-24-35 body on display to them. Her long red hair cascaded down her back. And her bushy red cunt only inches away showing she was a natural redhead. She had kind of an innocent look but with a touch of hot slut thrown in with those full pouty lips covered in red lipstick.

She moved their hands up to her bush and moaned as on their own they let their fingers explore. Then as one played with her pussy she moved the other guy’s hands up to her big but firm young tits and let out a childish-sounding giggle when his fingers ran over her hard nipples. At this point, they didn’t need any prompting as one was fingering her pussy and the other started sucking on her tits. Soon both of them had one of her tits in their mouth as their hands moved over her body. That’s when she started to rub their cocks through their pants and finding them nice and hard started undoing their pants. They didn’t hesitate in helping her and they were soon naked. She took this opportunity to slip off the sheer housecoat leaving only the garter belt & stockings. She sat down between them and while one went back to sucking her tits the other moved down and started eating her pussy. By now I’d pulled my own cock out and was slowly stroking it.

When the one eating her moved back up on the couch she moved to the floor on her knees and started sucking them off, going back and forth between their hard cocks. After a while saying she needed a cock inside her. One guy moved behind her and started fucking the 19 yo-hottie who was over 45 years younger than him and the age of his granddaughter. As he fucked her she was taking the other guy’s cock balls deep into her throat. This went on for a while then the guys swapped places. They took turns fucking her in different positions as the other fucked her hot mouth or big tits. Then she surprised them when she said she wanted them to do like the guys in the movie we’d watched. They said OK not having a clue what she was suggesting. But smiled from ear to ear when she said she wanted one of them in her pussy while the other fucked her ass at the same time. She got some lube that was conveniently in the end table. In no time they were pumping their cock in & out of her in unison as they filled both holes. I couldn’t resist and moved over and put my thick 9 1/2″ cock in her mouth.

When she sensed we were about to cum she told us to shoot off on her tits. She laid on her back as we stroked our cocks and shot three huge loads of cum on her big tits. We watched as she lifted each tit licking off the cum she could reach them and scooped the rest up on her fingers licking & sucking it off. Both Bill and I were surprised when Jerry started licking & sucking her tits which still had a glaze of cum on them. Finally, Lynn went and got some warm soapy washcloths and cleaned each of us up. Then she went upstairs to clean herself up. But no one was as surprised as me when Bill went to the bathroom and Jerry moved in front of me taking my cock in his mouth. I pulled back and said I wasn’t into that, which under different circumstances and we’d been alone I’d have probably let him suck me off. I mean I’d had guys sucking me off since I was 10 but at the time Lynn didn’t know about that. The guys all got dressed but Lynn stayed naked while we copied a second movie and as she’d bring us something to drink and such she got her ass & tits groped by all of us. And whenever she left the room they’d start talking about her hot body or how good she was at sucking cock or fucking and especially how much they enjoyed fucking her ass & pussy at the same time while she sucked my dick.

I got so turned on between seeing her walking around in front of them naked and listening to them about halfway through the movie I got her to suck my cock again and shot a hot load in her mouth. She leaned back with her mouth open so they could see my cum going in her mouth then she swallowed it. As they left they thanked us again for the hundredth time and especially Lynn, and they took the opportunity to feel my hot young wife up again. She never had a threesome with them again and Jerry only came over once after that. But she did suck Bill off a couple of more times over the next few months. I was surprised at how things had gone because our original plan was just to let Bill see her naked that first time. So the threesome was all her idea. But I must saw I really enjoyed it. I got to learn over time that Lynn got especially turned on exposing herself to much younger and much older guys because they seemed to enjoy it so much more. And having two old guys seeing her naked and the excitement in their eyes she just couldn’t resist taking it further. But when it came to girls she preferred between 12 and 30’s unless they were just way hot then she’d go a little older. I think her youngest was 10 or 11 when she let our paperboy and his friend see her naked and the oldest probably in his mid-seventies and she let him see her naked and feel her up.

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    I like some elements of this story. By the time our 3rd child appeared our sexlife was almost non existent. before i fell pregnant with my 3rd, my mother in law passed away and i got close to father in law during the grieving process and i was surprisingly horny during my 3rd pregnancy and by the 3rd month my father in law was desperately after my pussy. Started slowly but by 6th month he was fucking me regularly. And a similar thing started happening with few other older men in the family who are widowers. It work well and i get more than enough pleasure whenever i need and they all treat me like a princess and keep their mouths shut and spoil me rotten