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BBC fuck two hot teenage girls

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Delilah and her best friend Sadie get fucked by man bbcs.

Delilah was a fourteen year old girl. She was a very curvy girl with large breasts and ass and long brown hair. One day when Delilah was 10, her friend Sadie came over. Sadie taught her the routes to sex by showing porn vids and teaching her how to masturbate. Ever since that day, Delilah has been yearning to be fucked.

One issue arised though, Delilah wasn’t very brave. Yes she had an amazing physique but she also didn’t lack brains. She wanted to be respected among her teachers and student body. But one day, two months after her 14th birthday, the light switch came on and she only wanted to be a slut.

Once she had made her mind, she came to Sadie after school and asked her if she could sleepover. Sadie agreed and was happy that her best friend had become a whore. She wanted Delilah to be deflowered that fateful night.

Sadie who had lost her virginity many years ago, called up some of her bbc hookups. She loved big black cocks and have been fucking some of them for years. During the calls she made without Delilah’s knowledge, she had mentioned she had a virgin teenage friend that will moan their names.

When the black burly men arrived, Delilah was confused why Sadie was inviting them in so welcoming. Then Delilah realized these men were here to fuck her. She felt a wet tingly sensation in her pussy and had a lusty fire in her dark brown eyes.

One of the men ordered her to be naked and she obeyed. She stripped down and left her body to display. The man introduced himself as Mike and started complimenting her juvenile body.

All of a sudden another man came near her by the name of Jamal. He was naked and told her to suck his cock. she did. Mike started fingering her pussy and Delilah moaned loudly. She felt tears in her eyes and was cumming, screaming “Mike” into Jamal’s penis.

Delilah still in the waves of pleasure looked over to see Sadie being fucked doggy style and a cock in her mouth by another man. She was also having a threesome with hot black men. Her pussy became more soaked and she realized that Jamal and Mike switched places. She felt her herself nearing an orgasm and let out a muffled scream.

Then the men who were fucking Sadie now came over to watch Delilah. Mike lined his large dick to her tight vagina and slammed in. She screamed into Sadie’s fuckbuddy’s hand. She felt pain and regret that she had done this but all of a sudden it became waves of pleasure. She was moaning and came quickly. Then the man who now identified himself as Zander who was fucking Sadie just minutes ago started pounding Delilah’s ass. She felt immense pleasure and was soon orgasming. The men and Sadie and Delilah had sex all night switching positions leaving Deliliah’s pussy fully stretched by the morning.

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