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‘The Journey’ – (Exploring pleasure) – (Part 2)

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Having recognized my desire for sex, I began to explore ways to pleasure myself.

Jennifer and I took our first step together into the unknown world of erotica, yet I was seeking more. I was twelve years old at the time. My whole perspective on life was centered around seeking pleasure.

Girls my age were whispering their discoveries and sharing advice with others. The ‘art of masturbation’ was at the top of the list in terms of topic. I was intrigued by some of the rumors. ‘I use the handle of my hairbrush,’ one girl stated. Another claimed the best device to use was her electric toothbrush, bananas, hotdogs, I heard it all.

One afternoon I took a bath in my parents master bathroom. It was a jacuzzi tub. When I rested my knee against the water jet it triggered an idea. I placed my hand in front of it to absorb the pressure. ‘I wonder what that would feel like against my pussy,’ I said to myself.

I shifted my body to the side and draped my calves over the side of the tub. My eyes popped when I felt that jet thrashing my pussy. ‘Oh my!’ I said. ‘Ohhh myyy goddd’, followed soon behind. I was captivated by the powerful sensations I was feeling. I began adjusting my position, rocking my hips. I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt, truly.

That was the day I discovered where my clitoris was located, and fast. My body shuddered when the water jet found its target. I squealed with joy. Feeling that water blast my crotch was divine. I began to suspect that my mother had a secret as well. I took a jacuzzi bath, every day.

I was quick to share my discovery with the girls at school as well. I began thinking of other techniques that would bring pleasure too.

One afternoon, I discovered a package of kielbasa in the refrigerator. I gazed at it for a second or two. ‘That would feel like a penis,’ I said to myself. I waited until my mother left the kitchen, then I sliced a piece about seven inches long and snuck it into my bedroom. The only privacy I had at that age, was the bathroom. I waited for the right time, then I crossed the hall.

I took off my clothes and unwrapped the kielbasa I stored in a washcloth. I placed a towel on the edge of the tub and sat down. I held it in my hand and imagined that it was a penis. I slid it into my mouth. I was aroused by its girth. I twisted that sausage around in circles in my mouth, ‘mmm’, I said to myself. I slid it deep in my mouth, ‘wow,’ I thought to myself, I didn’t even gag.

I spread my legs wide, my heart was thumping. I struggled to gain entrance, it was so thick. I kept trying, it felt so good against my pussy. I lubed it up with coconut oil. I twisted it in circles until it slipped inside me. ‘Ohhhhh,’ I whispered. My little pussy was stretched to capacity. I froze in place. A slight pain arrived yet briefly. I was gasping with excitement though. As I continued to twist it deeper inside me the sensations increased. My pussy hugged it like a long-lost friend. My pussy was rocking with spasms.

Visions of those penises I saw in those magazines flashed in my head. I was so turned on. ‘This feels incredible,’ I said to myself. I was warming about four inches of it, my head was spinning. It was long, spongy and parked inside me. Twisting it in circles was fucking incredible! I must have spent thirty minutes doing ‘the twist.’

I still had yet to achieve my first orgasm, hindered by age. I wasn’t sure what to do with it after I was done. I snuck back into the kitchen. I panicked and slid it back in the package. I spent that evening under the covers wearing a pair of pantyhose and became more familiar with my body.

Sometimes I would baste my fingers in coconut oil and thrash my pussy under the covers. I was amazed by the sensations my pussy could provide. It became habit forming. I also found myself becoming aroused in public. A sexy pair of legs triggered me quickly.

I was riding with my mother one afternoon in downtown Columbus Ohio. We were at a busy intersection, stuck at a red light. I saw a beautiful woman about thirty -five years old approach the crosswalk. She paused on the corner to wait. As my mother turned her way, she had to pause for traffic. That woman was now right next to my passenger door. I looked at her and gazed at her legs. She stared back at me. I licked my lips in a sexual way, my mother shifted forward, and we were gone.

My body trembled with arousal. I knew she saw that. I remember that like it was yesterday. Bold, daring, and incredibly arousing.

I was a voyeur at a very young age indeed. I was surprised by what I witnessed when paying closer attention in public. That ‘leggy’ exit from a car was my favorite. It looked so,…alluring.

While sitting in a waiting room one day, I saw a man in a suit with a large erection in his pants. I gazed at it. I could see the outline in his trousers. I wish I could have seen it. Those jacuzzi baths were becoming more frequent.

A few weeks later I noticed a moving truck parked a few doors down the street. I got on my bike and rode in that direction. I noticed a girl about two years older than I standing with her father outside. I waved as I rode by, they waved back.

About a week later I saw her outside riding a skateboard. She was good. I befriended her and we became buddies. I had a crush on her immediately. She was two years older than me, at fourteen. She had brown shoulder length hair, big brown eyes, sexy tanned legs and her ass was,… perfectly round. Her name was Amber.

She and I began hanging around Melody Lake. It’s a man-made lake that has a beach and playground. It was right behind her house. One afternoon she invited me to go swimming at the lake. I couldn’t wait to see her in a bikini, so I jumped at the chance.

When she peeled her towel off, I was impressed. Her body was more developed than mine. Her breasts, her legs, everything about her was more alluring. She caught me in a stare several times, she just smiled.

A few months into our friendship, I noticed that she seemed equally interested in my figure as well. I caught her gazing at me as I hung from the monkey bars. She was staring right at my pussy. That surprised me greatly. ‘Could she be bicurious too?’ I thought to myself.

One afternoon while swimming at the lake she motioned for me to climb on her back. ‘I’ll take you for a ride,’ she said. When I climbed onto her back, I felt her hands holding my ass to support me. I was instantly aroused. ‘She’s holding my ass!’ I said to myself. As she walked around, I could feel her squeezing my cheeks and repositioning her grip, constantly. It was driving me crazy. ‘Hold on,’ she said as she strolled around the beach area. I was melting with desire for her.

One afternoon I saw her setting up a tent in her backyard. I decided to ride over and see what was going on. ‘I’m going to camp-out tomorrow night, would you like to join me?’ she asked. I was surprised by the idea. After some begging, my parents agreed. That tent provided the privacy that girls our age weren’t privy to. It was an opportunity I couldn’t resist.

I was stealing peaks as soon as we entered the tent that night. She wore some really small shorts. I was captivated. I purposely crawled to reach for something, placing my ass in the air for her to see as well. When I looked back, I saw her wet her lips. ‘Is she pursuing me?’ I asked myself.

Just after midnight she said, ‘Let’s go skinny-dipping.’ ‘Okay, let’s go,’ I replied. I couldn’t believe I was about to see her NAKED! The night air made the water feel warm to our bodies. We swam around for a while still wearing our bikinis. We were now standing a few feet away from each other in waist high water when I saw her reach under the water. When she raised her hand I saw her bikini bottom in her hand, then she tossed it up on the beach. ‘Oh my,’ I said. She smiled, ‘it feels amazing.’ ‘You’re not chicken, are you?’ she asked. I reached under the water and tossed mine on the sand too. A few seconds later she peeled off her top! I stared at her beautiful young breasts. I followed suit. ‘Doesn’t that feel sexy?’ she asked. ‘It sure does,’ I replied. ‘Is she seducing me?’ I asked myself.

We bobbed in the water nervously smiling at each other. Suddenly she turned her back to me. She looked over her shoulder and said, ‘climb on, let’s cruise’, she said. I didn’t hesitate one second. I climbed on her back and wrapped my legs around her waist, then I felt those hands upon my ass.

‘Oh my,’ I whispered into her ear.
‘Hold on,’ she said.
‘Do you like this?’ she asked.
‘Yes,’ was all I could muster, as I held on to her naked body.

She began adjusting her grip, replanting her hands on my ass. She strolled around in the water for a while. ‘That feels nice,’ I said over her shoulder. ‘It sure does,’ she replied, then I felt her squeeze my cheeks. A few seconds later she released me, and I slipped off. When she turned around, I saw her tits.

‘Wow,’ I whispered.
She looked down at her chest, ‘you like?’ she asked.
‘You’re so beautiful,’ I said nervously.

She swam close to me, face to face, ‘you are too,’ she said with a smile.
‘I like you Carrie,’ she said rather affectionately.
‘I like you too,’ I said while blushing.
‘May I hold you?’ she asked, as we bobbed in the water.
‘Okay,’ I replied.

She reached out and pulled my naked body to her. She was now holding me in the water. She placed one hand around my waist and the other was cupping my ass. We were inches from each other’s face. The tension was undeniable. Those nervous stares were close.

‘I wanna kiss you,’ she said, as she held me so lovingly. ‘I don’t mind,’ I replied so nervously. Oh man, she tilted her head and kissed me so affectionately. I shyly reciprocated. Suddenly that kiss became rather heated. When she introduced her tongue in my mouth, I offered mine in return. There I was, skinny dipping with a fourteen–year-old girl while exploring each other in the dark waters of Melody Lake.

It was on. We were plunging our tongues in each other’s mouths so feverishly. Holding her ass was divine. During a kiss I felt her hand slide right up my crotch, several times. I sighed. ‘Does that feel good?’ she asked. I shook my head while panting in her ear, ‘yes.’

Suddenly,… a spot-light shined in our faces. ‘The beach is closed,’ we heard in a stern voice. It was a Sheriffs deputy, ‘Oh shit’ we said, as she dropped my body in the water. Our bikinis were on the beach! ‘What should we do?’ I asked her. She didn’t respond. ‘Out of the water now girls,’ we heard.

When we walked up on the beach, he could see we were naked, yet he kept that spot-light on us as we scrambled to get dressed. I was terrified that we were in trouble. We grabbed our towels and walked away. By the time we reached the tent, we both began to giggle.

As soon as we entered the tent, it was on. I melted into the arms of an older girl. We tossed and turned while thrashing each other with passionate kisses. It was INCREDIBLE! She was more assertive than Jennifer. She was cupping my crotch with an open hand, ‘OMG’, I whispered. I was exploring her ass with my free hand. She was the girl I was looking for.

During a kiss I felt her hand on my pussy. Suddenly, I felt her slide a finger inside me. ‘Ohhh,’ I yelped out loud. ‘Relax,’ she said. I clenched my hand so tightly on her shoulder. ‘You’re so wet,’ she whispered. ‘Feels good, doesn’t it,’ she asked. ‘Ohhhh yes,’ I replied in return. She began twisting her fingers deep inside my soaking pussy. I squirmed uncontrollably. ‘That’s it,’ she whispered. ‘Ahhhh,’ I sighed.

I was resting on my back. She was leaning on her elbow beside me. She was fucking me with her fingers and sucking my titty. I was incapacitated under her spell, and she knew it. ‘Take it Carrie,’ she whispered. ‘OMG Amber!” I cried out. ‘SSShhhh’, she whispered, ‘keep it down,’ she added. She was working me over indeed.

‘How does that feel?’ she asked.
‘Please don’t stop,’ I whispered, gasping for air.
‘Don’t tell anyone,’ she said clearly.

Then I heard, ‘I wanna eat you.’
‘May I?’ she asked,
‘Please Amber,’ I whispered in return.

I was trembling with arousal, trembling. She slid her body towards me feet. I was so ready for this, so ready. My first. She slid her hands under my knees and pressed my legs to my chest. ‘Look at your beautiful pussy,’ she whispered. I was gasping with anticipation. ‘A natural blonde’, she said. I didn’t know what that meant, ‘a natural blonde?’ I thought to myself.

I was sooo eager to feel my first tongue, so eager. She dragged her tongue up my pussy in a singular stroke. My body immediately convulsed, then she did it again. My body shivered with excitement.

She handed my legs off to me and rested on her belly, between my thighs. Amber wasn’t shy. She opened her mouth and completely engulfed my pussy. Her warm wet mouth felt incredible. She drew my juices into her mouth, sucking so gently on my youthful pussy. ‘MMM’, I heard from below.

When she started smashing my clitoris, I was bouncing off of the tent floor. ‘OMG,’ I yelped, over and over. ‘Amber!” I cried out. My entire pussy was in her mouth. She spent the whole evening eating my tender pussy. I rested on my back and absorbed every second of it. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. The sensations were beyond my grasp. I remained in that position, all night long.

She didn’t stop till I don’t know,… 4am? I don’t recall falling asleep, but we both did. We woke up around 8am, exhausted. We just looked at each other and giggled. ‘That was fun,’ she said, and pinched my side. ‘Omg Amber,…wow’, I replied. I gathered my things and rode my bike back home. My one-minute ride home was riddled with joy, truly.

‘Hey, how was the camp-out?’ my mother asked. ‘That was so good,’ I replied. She tilted her head. ‘I mean, it was fun,’ I said, as I staggered towards my bedroom. I collapsed on my bed and celebrated silently. ‘Amber loves eating me’, I said to myself, over and over.

I woke up about two hours later, my mother was standing over me. ‘What time did you girls get to sleep last night?’ she asked. ‘I don’t recall,’ I replied.

I was disappointed that I wasn’t given the chance to taste Amber too. That was my ultimate goal. I wanted to tell Jennifer about our new neighbor, but I promised not to.

The following day I saw Amber ride past on her skateboard. I waived her into the driveway.

‘Hey Carrie,’ she said, with a smile.
‘How ya’ doing?’ I said while blushing.
‘That was fun,’ she said, as she gazed at my body.
‘Amazing,’ I whispered shyly.
‘You didn’t tell anyone, did you?’ she asked.
‘Of course not,’ I replied.
‘Good,’ she replied.

We stared at each other silently. She was wearing shorts. Her legs were so distracting to me. ‘You really like legs,… don’t you,’ she asked. I blushed. She smiled, ‘I’ll call you later,’ she said, and sailed away on her skateboard. My heart was pounding so fast. About 8pm my mother handed me the phone, ‘it’s Amber,’ she said. I was trembling.

‘Hello?’ I spoke.
‘What are you doing Sunday afternoon?’ I heard.
‘Ummmm,….nothing, why?’ I asked.
‘My parents won’t be home all day,’ she said.

I didn’t know what to say. I was nervously aroused by her forwardness.

‘Lucky you,’ I replied, and we both giggled.
‘I’ll call you as soon as they leave,’ she said, and then hung up the phone.

I woke up Sunday morning,… so excited. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was becoming more familiar with the state of arousal, a new sensation indeed.

About 9am, the phone rang.

‘Hello?’ I said,… there was a brief moment of silence…
… ‘would you like to come over and feel up my legs?’ I heard.
‘I’m wearing pantyhose,’ she whispered.
‘Come on over’,…………… / To be continued, …


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