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Never Trust The Guy Best Friends

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Just a horny girl with her 3 equally horny guy best friends, what could possibly go wrong?

Completely true story with a few name changes. Tried to make things as accurate as possible to memory and some parts obviously enhanced for the story.

Started back when uni and I happened to be doing the course with 2 good mates from high school. For the sake of the story we’ll call my mates Jack and Liam.

We were all 19, in the first year of our degree and starting the first semester off in the same subject. We were handed a group assignment for it and it required a minimum of 4 people in a group, and so we needed one more person.

It just so happened that the teacher paired us up with a girl we’ll call Katie. Now we were doing a course that barely had any girls and so to get paired up with one was a big surprise. But Katie was something else, like that girl you see once in an airport and never again, someone you instantly fall in love with even though you have no idea who they are. Put it simply, she was insanely attractive, way out of our league.

And so she joined the group and for the first week or two of the assignment we were very awkward around her and did our best to show her that we weren’t just another dumb group of boys. Throughout the next couple of week however we got comfortable and we started hanging out with her outside of uni/study hours too, sometimes getting dinner, maybe a drink or two.

By the second semester the she had become one of us, and we hung out quite often and me and the guys were super comfortable around her as was she around us. Although non of us admitted it to each other or to her, we all still had the biggest crush on her but knew non of us could do anything about it becuase she had a boyfriend (we can call him Connor), who we had met once or twice as well.

By this time, with a little bit of financial help from our parents and from our part time jobs we rented out a house that the three of us could live in that was closer to uni and our jobs and to celebrate we invited Katie over.

The night started out as it normally would any other time we hung out, ordered some pizzas, broke out some alcohol and watched a movie. By around 11pm we were all quite tipsy and I was craving some dessert and suggested the idea to the others. Having just moved in we hadn’t actually bought any real food so Jack and I walked down to to the convenice story just down the road to buy a tub of ice cream.

We got back and walked through the entry into the living room to see something that made my stomach drop if I’m honest. Katie and Liam were on the couch making out with each other rather ferociously and I will not lie for a good minutes I felt everything from cunfussion to straight up jealousy.

Jack made some comment like “holy shit Liam, you scored big time mate,” to which finally broke the pair up. Katie got up off the couch and paced herself over to where Jack and I were standing before throwing herself onto me and kissing me. I had kissed a decent number of girls to that point but non like the way she kissed me.

I felt her warm, slobbery lips on mine, her tongue, what I’d describe as dancing around in my mouth all whilst her right hand rubbed eagerly on my crotch. That kiss felt like heaven and I could’ve died happy right there.

But just as it had begun, she broke off and flung herself onto Jack who was standing to my left. I watched the pair kiss eagerly just like she had done with Liam and I, feeling my cock grow achingly hard in my pants.

She broke off the kiss and took mine and Jack’s hands, pulling us over to the middle of the living room where the couch and the matress we had setup for the night was.

She crawled on the matress and took off her oversized tee and her shorts and just sat there in her underwear.
Jack said, “Katie are we seriously gonna do this?”
Katie replied, “I know you three all want this.”
Liam jumped onto the bed and began making out with her whilst I started taking my shirt off.

“What about Connor?” asked Jack.
Between kissed Katie replied with a, “fuck him!”
I didn’t wait for Jack to make up his mind, I jumped on with just my breifs and a raging boner to get in on the action. Seeing the two of us mindlessly making out with Katie probably made the decision for him becuase seconds later he jumped on with just his breifs.

She made her rounds, kissing the three of us whilst frantically grabbing at our hard ons, pulling our underwear down one by one. I was close friends with Liam and Jack but I’d never done anything like this and so naturally I checked out how big they were compared to me. Jack was definitely the longest out of us three (around 7 inches if I had to guess) but Liam and I had more girth (both around 6 inches), regardless I think Katie was well satisfied with what she saw.

She wrapped her lips around Jack’s cock whilst stroking Liam. I took the opportunity to go behind and slide her panties to one side, spat on my cock and rubbed it on her slit. I hadn’t even go in but I could already tell she was tight. Just as her mouth left the tip of Jack’s cock, I pushed my cock head into her warm tightness.

I could clearly remeber the moan she let out as I sunk into her just as she went to suck Liam’s eager cock. I was groaning as I thrusted as hard as I could, slowing down every few seconds in order to not cum.

“Let me have a go,” said Jack making his way around to me. I slid out and watched Jack cover his dick in spit before pushing it into Katie’s hungry pussy. It felt so wrong to be fucking our girl best friend like this but I don’t think anyone of us cared a single bit. I crawled to Katie’s mouth and offered my slimy cock to Katie who took it into her mouth.

Her tongue glided and danced along my shaft as she slobbered all over my dick. Fuck it felt so good. She kept sucking me, giving me the hottest eye contact I’d ever had whilst Jack and Liam swapped in and out of her pussy, taking turns to thrust into her little fuck hole. I assume the both were pulling out in order to not cum too early, easier said than done.

I bent over to Katie level and kissed her slobbery lips and said, “fuck you’re amazing Katie.” She gave me a slutty little smile and went back to eagerly sucking my cock whilst moaning to the thrusts of Liam who was pumping furiously into her.

Katie released my cock after another few seconds as Liam pumped even faster.
“Oh fuckk I’m cumming!” squealed Katie half collapsing onto the sheets.
“Me too Katie!” groaned Liam mid thrust. “Where do you want it baby?”
“Inside, please just cum in me!” moaned Katie. “Whatever you do don’t stop, fuck!”

I looked at Katie’s face, now gone completely red.
“Jeez Katie, are you on birth control?” I asked hotly.
“No,” murmered Katie as she shook her head and let out another series of moans and squeals. I looked over at Liam and he didn’t care.

Liam didn’t stop and Katie squealed, shook and shivered as she came all over Liam’s cock. Liam also caved in and blasted his load deep into Katie’s tight pussy with loud groans.

“Holy fuck Liam!” said Jack, watching him pull Katie’s hip all the way onto his crotch, his balls resting against Katie’s skin. He let their orgasms subside before slowly pulling out, then weakly collapsing onto the couch.

“Fuck that was amazing,” he uttered throwing his head back. Jack’s focus went from Liam back to Katie in a split second as her grabbed her spent body and flipped her over to face the ceiling. Katie was breathing hard, her chest raising and lowering rapidly. She was flustered after that.

Jack spread her legs open and watched Liam’s cum begin to flow out of her slit, but just before it got it’s chance to escape he pushed his cock into her which caused Katie to moan once more. Jack long cock went deep into Katie used pussy, using Liam’s cum as lube to glide smoothly into her.

I placed my own cock on Katie’s face, my cock tip tapping on her lips, urging her to open her mouth and take me, and she did. She weakly brought one hand onto my cock and opened her mouth, taking me into her slobbery mouth. I took fistfulls of Katie perfect tits and slowly pushed my cock into her mouth as she gagged and moaned.

Jack thrusted hard and fast and he didn’t last much longer than a minute or two inside Katie’s slimy fuck hole. He began grunting and groaning and muttering our “ohh Katie!”. Katie released my cock and wrapped her legs around Jack’s back, willing him to cum deep inside her. He didn’t fight it and he groaned hard as he pushed himself as deep as he could go just as his cock exploded.

I felt myself almost cum watching Jack blow his load into our best friend. My pent up load was begging to be released. Jack pumped his softening cock a few more time into Katie, pushing his load deep before slowly pulling out.

Katie’s massaged her used pussy as attention went from Jack to me. “Your turn now” she said with a slutty little smile. I wasted no time and crawled over to her pussy which was now a sopping mess of Jack and Liam’s cum as well as Katie’s own sex juice but that just made it so much hotter. I didn’t bother lubing my cock up as I used Jack’s fresh cum to slide easily and gently into Katie’s slippery pussy.

She moaned and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as I entered. “Fuuuckk that’s so fucking good” I uttered feeling the warm wetness of her insides. She was still nice and tight even after taking two cocks. I thrusted slow at first but I couldn;t help myself. My thrusts became faster and faster, the sound of my balls slapping wildy against her along with the slick sounds of our sex fluids filled the living room, not to mention Katie’s moans.

I brought myself onto her and kissed her hotly as I pumped, muffling her moans into my mouth and feeling her slobbery lips on mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and her legs around my back, hooking me onto her.

“Ughhh, you’re so good Katie!” I groaned, planting kisses on her lips, cheeks and neck. “I’m so close baby.”
“Fuck, please cum in me!” she uttered between her sexy moans. “I need your cum in me, fill me up please.”

Katie’s eyes were watering as she begged me to explode inside her hungry slut hole. I didn’t want to have it any other way. I pumped as hard as I could, my body was a sweaty mess and so was hers. I felt the tingles in my legs and my dick ached to release.

“Ughh god Katie I’m cumming!” I screamed.
“Yesss please give it to me,” she squealed back. And just as she said that I felt her pussy quiver and tighten as she came just seconds before my own orgasm took over, screaming and moaning hard. I pushed and buried my cock as deep as I could and exploded inside her.

It was rare that I did massive loads but it felt like I was cumming for an eternity, just rope after rope, throb after throb as I emptied what felt like a months worth of cum into her unprotected womb just like Liam and Jack had done.

I collapsed onto her and we both lay there breathing hard, both a sweaty mess. After a few minutes, I regained some strength and lifted my head to look over at Liam and Jack on the couch. Liam looked like he had passed out and Jack was just staring at Katie and I on the matress, chuckling to himslef.

I looked to Katie now and kissed her warm lips, and she kissed back as best she could.
“Katie you’re a flithy little slut you know that?” I said chuckling.
“I’ll take that as a compliment,” she whispered in a joking manner, her voice raspy.

I slowly pulled out my soft cock and laid next to her and that’s about all I remember from the night before drifting off into sleep. She stayed at our for the next week and half and we fucked like rabbits for the whole of it, one way or another forgetting or putting off buying her Plan B.

Three weeks later she broke the news to us that she was pregnant and it was scary but hot at the same time. Of course no one knew who actually got her knocked up but we told ourself it was a group effort jokingly.

Being the age we were there was no way we could handle having a baby and so she got an abortion within a month. As for her boyfriend, she broke up with him becuase she decided three guys were better than one.


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  • Reply nice neighbor ID:3ywnlf2hl

    reminds me of my neighbor she came over drunk wanting some mixer told her sure take these home and have fun, told her she owed me she said ok. she came back later very drunk and wanted to pay me back i said i was only kidding her she says how about sex then i told her ok but come back sober so she would know what she is doing she told ok again. i thought thats that and its done about a week later she stopped over and said to me did i offer you sex for the mixers i said yes she said lets do it now i said really your serious ,thats how it started great sex.

  • Reply Cappy ID:n2ahpc2d9j

    Wow! A Very very hot experience. She will make some lucky guy a delightful Hotwife someday.
    Hopefully you all can be at her wedding, that would be a fun wedding night.
    And you know she is never going to marry some man who isn’t into sharing her.

    • hubdo ID:36tkque7d9c

      she would make the perfect hotwife, hopefully to one of us

  • Reply Just here ID:bh5p84jb09

    Type shit