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Cat: Cheating

How I fucked my older sisters bf

My story starts late one night I was awake watching porn with the volume off ( also I’m 12 and he is 21) when my older sisters Bf walks past me with his shirt off he looks at me and... # #

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Finding a sex partner

I’ve been in a dead-end marriage for a decade. It was satisfying for the first two or three years, and then we started having sex less often. We did the whole thing – got married... # #

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Cheating wife

So a little different story here Me and my wife has been married 4 years now Our marriage is for the most part good . We are booth in good shape . She has a nice body about 5 ft tall... #

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For Love or Money

My family was divorced, so I went to see my dad on the weekend, and he had to get me a #babysitter while he went to work. # # #

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