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So horny for a man

It was a Friday afternoon my wife and I just had our nails done and painted our eyebrows waxed and went shopping. She and I bought heels and stockings and ect. Since the mall was kinda... # # #

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True story k-9 love part 2

I fell asleep also but I was woke up by him licking my neck wear his head was. It was turning on very much. Then I said something to him he quit licking my neck and licked my lips for... # #

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True story k-9 love

I had gone way for a few days completely dressed as Paula as always. Well I had to get a motel room for couple of nights due to my car had issues. I really didn’t know if motel... # #

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A date turns into more Part 1

Well friends of my wife and mine were over one night. Of course they know I am completely smooth except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and hair long hair. I was dressed as Paula that... # #

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Craving bbc part 2

To my surprise my wife was still awake when he took me home. My boi pussi full of his seed. When I got in she asked me how everything was. I told her that it was so amazing and wonderful.... # # #

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Craving bbc

Now Since I was living and dressing as Paula full time 24 7 and my wife and I had a very open relationship. We just got done taking a long bubble bath and got dressed for bed. After... # # #

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Ran away from home

I was 15 an ran away from home my parents where drunks and mean. I didn’t have only the clothes I had on which was shorts and thank top an holey sneakers I was thin and completely... # # #

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